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Authors name: Carol (Address withheld)
Story title : Doggy Cum
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This work is copyrighted to the author (c) 1996.
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Moroccan Oil

Well, I am sitting here thoroughly drained! I just
finished cumming about 8 times.

It started out with me watching Sally giving head to
Robby, and Kathy sucking off Chris. The guys were
sitting watching football on TV and the girls decided
that they wanted to get their attention. I had been out
in the back yard feeding the dog, Thor, and walked in
to see both girls sitting at the guys’ feet with their
cocks in their mouths. Nice sight!

I probably told you that we go around the house nude a
lot and it turns out everyone was that way this Sunday
morning except I had put a light robe on to go outside.
I watched from the doorway as my two girlfriends
brought the guys to orgasm by sucking their cocks and
alternately massaging their balls. I had opened my robe
and started rubbing my pussy with one hand while I
caressed a nipple with the other. I decided that I
would like to have a nice hard cock to suck on too, but
we were one cock short! :(

After the girls had made each guy cum in their mouths,
they kept sucking to keep them hard and then jumped up
on their cocks to get a nice morning fuck. I thought to
myself that I could probably have a little fun with
Thor while they were busy and wouldn’t have to worry
about anyone seeing. They don’t know about the dog sex
as far as I know, unless they have found some of the
tapes Chris has taken of me.

I slipped back out and took Thor into the garage. He
could smell my rich aroma of pussy juice since I had
just had three fingers up my cunt, and he was soon
growing a hard on and whimpering. He was hot for his
girl! We have this old recliner in the garage.

I took off my robe and sat down with my butt on the
very edge of the seat. I patted my pussy and soon Thor
came over and started sniffing me. I reached down and
spread my shaved pussy lips and put one finger in to
scoop out some of my nectar to spread it over my mound.
He got the idea right away and lapped that beautiful
long tongue up and down my slit.

After only a little of this I really wanted his doggy
dick inside me so I grabbed the fur around his
shoulders and pulled him up so his forelegs were on the
chair. He was soon humping air trying to find the mark.
I reached down and grabbed his thick, long Akita cock
and aimed him at my hole. On the third thrust he had
hit the target and was really fucking away. I love the
way his tongue lolls out the side of him mouth when we

Like all dogs, he was fucking away like there was no
tomorrow. I was getting ready to cum quickly also. I
usually don’t do this with friends around, and the
thought of them fucking in the house was a turn on.
Meanwhile, Thor just kept humping his cock into my
super wet pussy like a freight train.

Soon I was cumming. I know I moan loudly when I cum and
caught myself when I started, so as not to draw
attention just in case one of the crowd had come out
back to look for me, if they had finished. Thor started
cumming and I felt the first shot of dog cum shoot into
my pussy. I felt him shoot rope after rope of doggy cum
into me and had a second orgasm. Mmmmmmm!

Thor finished his duty and jumped off the chair. (I
held his knot this time, cause I didn’t want to get
caught stuck to him, if you know what I mean?) I sat in
the after-glow awhile watching him lick himself clean.
I was flooded with a combination of our cum and slowly
ran my fingers around my pussy lips then licking them

I got up and walked back to the house still full of our
cum. I could feel some start to trickle down my thighs
as I walked into the house. There I found Robbie on his
back with Sally on top of him riding his cock. Kathy
was between Robbie’s legs licking out Sally’s ass as
she took Robbie into her used pussy. Chris still sat in
his chair and was slowly jacking his cock as he watched
our friends.

I walked over to them and told them that they looked
beautiful and like they were having a lot of fun. Kathy
pulled her tongue out of Sally’s ass and turned to me,
still on her knees and went for my pussy. I started to
stop her, knowing that I was full on doggy cum, but
just couldn’t. She started to lick up and down my slit.
She pulled back and told me that she had never known me
to be so wet! She must have thought it was all me and
that she was having a hell of an effect on me, so she
went right back to work with even more vigor.

The thought of my girlfriend licking doggy cum out of
my pussy was too much and I started cumming right away.
I slumped to the floor and Kathy climbed over me in a
69 position. We licked each other to another beautiful
cum. I just couldn’t get over the idea of her eating
the surprise Thor had left and not knowing about it. I
think I came about three more times very quickly as she
drenched me with her juice flowing down my throat. I
did not even notice the other two fucking right next to

Later I was alone with Chris in bed and as I was
jacking him off, I told him about Kathy eating Thor’s
cum from my pussy. He got so excited he grabbed my head
and shoved his thick cock down my throat and came in no
time! Yummmy! It really turns Chris on to watch when I
fuck or suck, Thor and now I know that he would love to
see Kathy do this too.

I wonder what Kathy would say if she knew?


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy.  The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form.  Anyone tempted to act out any of
the scenarios in this story;  should seriously consider
seeking professional help.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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