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This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Penis Enlargement System

By Alexis

This narrative is a letter from a close friend who
asked me to publish it for her. I cannot authenticate
the story but I have never known her to deliberately
give me false information. I shall call her Debra for
the purpose of identification. She is 39 yrs old and
has a daughter of 17, Lena who is studying at a
college near to the family home.

A few days ago, Lena went away with another girl on
her course, Francine Renshawe, to study their subject
within the industry. She asked me to pick her up on
the Friday evening about 4.00pm from this Francine’s
home. I had the address and had telephoned Mrs.
Renshawe to ask her directions which were freely
given. I explained to Mrs. Renshawe that I would wait
in my car by her drive, as I knew that on Fridays the
menfolk usually finished in the office quite early.
My husband was usually home by 4.30 on Friday, but
this particular weekend he had to attend some
symposium or suchlike.

Mrs. Renshawe would not hear of it and told me just
to continue on up their drive. Apparently there was
no Mr. Renshawe, well not in residence anyway!

I arrived earlier than I expected, parked the car in
the drive and rang the doorbell. There was no answer
so after trying again I wondered, as it was such a
glorious day and me being early, if Mrs. Renshawe was
perhaps in the garden. I walked around the side of
the house and found myself looking at quite a large
garden. I heard a woman’s voice, “No you are a
naughty boy and mummy is cross, mummy has a guest
coming and you must behave.” I walked across the
grass, there being no discernable path, towards the
area from which I thought the voice came thinking
that perhaps Francine had a much younger brother.

There was a woman about my own age sitting on a
lounger with her back to me, I was about to speak
when I saw that it was not a child to whom she was
speaking but a dog. I was surprised that the dog had
neither heard nor sensed my approach but I realised
that there was a slight breeze blowing towards me,
the reason I had heard the voice so clearly and part
of the reason the dog had not sensed me. I literally
stopped in my tracks. It was a male dog and his
maleness was very evident. A very large red cock was
protruding from his furry sheath and what held me
back was the fact that a female hand was gently
massaging it. I was not sure if I was appalled but I
was mesmerized. I know that I should have turned away
or made my presence known. “You be a good boy,” she
said, “and mummy will give you a present but you are
to stay out here until you can behave.”

What I had seen of the woman, her back view, had led
me to believe that she was dressed but in fact she
was only wearing a blouse. As she stood I could see
that she was naked from the waist down. Still facing
away from me I watched her spread her legs and bend
at the knees. Immediately the dog put his head
between her legs and it was obvious that he was
licking her cunt. I felt myself immediately moisten;
I knew my panties were already damp. I knew that I
was fortunate to be standing on grass so I retraced
my steps to the front of the house. I sat in the car
for a few minutes to compose myself and then noticing
that it was almost 4.00pm got out and rang the bell.

The door opened and there she was dressed in a light
wrap around skirt and the same blouse she had been
wearing in the garden. One glance told me that she
was braless.

Taller than me she was an elegant woman; a light
makeup highlighted her natural features.

"Hello, You must be Lena’s mother, please come in. I
believe you are Debra, and you must call me Heather.
Come in and sit down. I am afraid the girls are going
to be a little later than planned. The Managing
Director has taken them out for the afternoon as
apparently both girls have done very well, it was a
surprise and Francine suggested to Lena that she let
you arrive here at 4.00 as apparently your husband is
away for the weekend and I am alone in any case.”

I was rather surprised at the assumption made by this
woman’s daughter and indeed Lena that I might need
company but there was no point in driving home just
to return in a couple of hours.

I realised that Heather was asking me a question.

She smiled and repeated, “Can I get you a drink, Gin
and Tonic, Vodka, anything and by the way Lena said
if you did have a couple of drinks not to worry she
would drive home as the outing was not a drinking
session with this MD”

I had to smile and asked for a gin and tonic with
plenty of ice. Heather opened a drinks cabinet for
the gin and I was quite surprised to see that the
matching cupboard below was in fact a refrigerator
for the ice and the tonics. As she bent over I found
myself wondering if she had put on panties as well as
the skirt. My unasked question was answered

Heather closed the door of the fridge with her hip at
the same time turning towards me to ask if she had
given sufficient ice. Her skirt was caught in the
door and was no longer wrapped around. I found myself
staring at an obviously aroused cunt devoid of hair.
The lips were engorged and even across the room I
could see them glisten.

Heather pulled her skirt free and glanced at me
giving me a half smile. She was aware that I had seen
her condition. After adding tonic at my direction she
sashied across the room allowing the now disarranged
skirt to open as far as mid thigh with each step. As
she paused to hand me the glass she stood much closer
than was strictly necessary and I detected the faint
but unmistakable smell of an aroused woman. Without
conscious effort my nipples reacted to the smell and
hardened and even though I was wearing a bra. My
nipples which, as you dear Alexis already know, are
rather large, they became very obvious indeed I
hadn’t had sex for some time, Edward always being
busy and I found myself reacting, not only to this
sensuous woman, but also to what I had seen earlier.
I was by now quite wet and knew that I too was very

Heather asked if she could freshen my drink, I nodded
'yes' and as she moved to fetch my glass her skirt,
which she must have deliberately loosened still
further, opened as far as her crotch and I was seeing
her cunt as she walked.

When she returned my glass I asked if I could use her
loo’. Instead of directing me she told me that she
would show me. She indicated a door just off the
hall, a downstairs cloakroom. As she stood in the
hall I deliberately left the door open as I lifted my
skirt, lowered my panties, and sitting with my legs
wide open, I had a pee.

"Oh wow Debra, I think I need to take a pee too." she
said, and loosened the skirt allowing it to fall to
the floor and then unfastened her blouse and allowed
that to fall too. She was naked except for her shoes.

I didn’t speak, but continued to sit with my legs
open wide; I too unfastened my blouse and my bra. I
then unfastened my skirt. Standing to let it slip to
the floor, I slipped my panties off too and pushed
the four items into the hall. I had not felt so horny
and reckless for years. I felt myself prepared to do
anything this sexual woman wanted to do. I noticed
that the floor was tiled; in fact the cloakroom
sported a shower. Heather came and stood right in
front of me. I put out my hand and cupped her cunt
pushing two fingers into her very wet channel

"Debra, I really need to pee, if you don’t stop I may
find myself peeing onto your hand.”

"Then pee" I said and immediately felt first a
trickle of warm liquid then a gush as she emptied her
bladder. She leaned forward and kissed me her tongue
probing my mouth as I fingered her spread cunt; I
felt her fingers seek out my swollen clit.

"God Debra, you are so horny, what has done this to
you? The sight of my cunt when my skirt caught in the
door?” she asked.

"Partly", I nodded, "but principally it was the sight
of you wanking your dog and then have him lick your

"Oh you saw, why didn’t you join us? I would not have
minded and I think Bruno would have loved it. Do you
fancy having him lick your cunt?”

"Oh yes I think so" I retorted, "I have never tried
it but the sight was exciting. I think I would love
to wank him off too.

"Hmm" Heather hugged me," that might be arranged, but
why do we two not enjoy each other first, I should
love to make you ‘cum’ and believe me darling I could
do with a good ‘cum’ too. I want to lick that
delicious cunt of yours myself before I let Bruno,
after all you may be so excited you will want that
dog of mine to put that big cock of his up your cunt
and fuck you.”

"Oooh" I said aghast," You mean he fucks you, oh gawd
heather I think I would have ‘cum’ on your lawn if I
had seen him fucking you.”

"All things ‘cum’ to she who waits" she said, "or
something like that, Bruno is quite capable of
fucking us both.”

Then I remembered that Lena and Francine would be due
home in a hour or so.

"Heather, What about the girls?" I asked, "They will
be back soon.”

"Oh, he will be ready to fuck them too by that time."
she replied, and then she laughed as if at her own

I wondered though if she was joking!!! I wondered how
I would react if I saw my own daughter getting
fucked. Sad to say the thought excited me but it was
the fucking not the idea of the dog…I thought!

Heather took me by the hand leading me out of the
cloakroom where we each had enjoyed a golden shower.
I was expecting her to take me back to her lounge but
she stopped at another door. She crossed the hall and
removed a key from the back of a desk drawer, then
returning she unlocked the door to a room and ushered
me in. We had to descend four or five steps, there
being just enough light from the hall for us to see
by and then she flicked a switch at the bottom of the
stairs. Hidden lighting illuminated the room and what
a room. There were photographs and drawings on the
wall and even at a distance I could see several if
not all were erotic. The floor covered in a deep red
pile carpet and two low long couches were in black.

In the centre of the room was what looked like a long
narrow table but it was padded and it stood on a
square of thick polythene. I noted that the table was
much higher at one end and pillowed at the other. My
eyes strayed to a strange contraption to find in a
house. It looked like a mediaeval pillory but it was
padded and oddly enough the yoke was supported from
the ceiling. Silk like cords were hanging from the
wrist holes in the ends of the yoke and immediately
below was a wooden board also with silken ties but it
was obvious to me that should anyone be fastened to
the foot ties there legs would be very much astride.

I asked Heather why she had this ‘pillory’ although I
fancied that I knew the answer. She told me not to
bother about it, as really it was an aid to friends
of hers. The table like contraption was the object
she wanted to show me and perhaps demonstrate she

She seated me on one of the black couches and then
poured me, without asking, another gin and tonic from
a similar cabinet to the one in her lounge. The lower
half again providing the ice.

"Well, Debra, I don’t have a skirt on this time to
catch on the door and show my all.” She said laughing
and indeed she didn’t but still the naughty madam
crouched with her knees apart giving me a clear look
at her still engorged labia and clitoris.

Handing me the large drink she pointed at the table.
"This darling is where my naughty boy Bruno satisfies

"You kneel on that table?" I asked a little

"Oh no, doing it ‘doggie fashion’ is ok but I can
assure my way the clitoris is exercised as well. I
lie on my back with my head well supported and as you
see at the opposite end to the padded pillow the
table is somewhat higher. This allows me to present
my mound at quite a suitable height for, first of all
Bruno to excite me with his tongue and then to mount
me. It places my cunt at the correct angle to take
Bruno’s dick and later my dear if you like I shall
show you.”

I noticed what looked like very small mitten to one
side of the table and when I asked what they were
Heather told me that Bruno’s forepaws had to be
covered otherwise she, heather would get scratched as
the dog fucked her.
"There is no slowing down you know, once he is in he
just fucks and fucks and fucks at speed until he cums
and when he cums he comes gallons which is why I have
the sheet on the floor.”

"Oh yes Heather, the very thought is making me horny,
I should love to watch.” I said.

I eyed the ‘pillory’ again and Heather walked over to
me. “Hmm that contraption has your attention too, I
can see. Well, Debra, as I told you I wanted to
sample you for myself before we had Bruno in, so come
on. I will demonstrate and please, don’t worry you
will not be hurt I promise. I am not into pain.”

With that she took my hand and led me over to the
pillory. She lowered the yoke a little and invited me
to put my head in, which I did. Then she fastened my
wrists with the silk cord to the ends of the yoke and
then instructed me to place my feet in the restraints
on the floor.

It was only after she had fastened me into the
pillory that I realised that the yoke and the base
were offset to the extent that my head and arms were
forced back, not too much to be painful, but enough
to lift my breasts and at the same time throw my
mound forward. My ankles being fastened with my legs
astride opened me very wide indeed.

Heather then picked up what I took to be a whip. “Oh
God no NO Heather you can’t you promised not to hurt
me, please Heather PLEASE”

Taking no notice of my pleas she flicked at my
nipples which under the lash hardened and lengthened.
I suddenly realised that I was being lashed with the
gentle strokes of a silken whip. She changed
direction of the strokes and was attacking my
clitoris. My pleas for release from the pillory
changed to pleas for her to make me ‘cum’ the feeling
was indescribable. I wanted desperately to ‘cum’ and
was then pleading for her to tongue me to orgasm.

Instead she walked behind the couch on which I had
been sitting and opened a small door I had not seen.
Then she came back to me and deliberately placed two
or three fingers in my cunt. She then held it to my
nose and I inhaled the musky smell of my own loins.
It was at that moment that I noticed that Bruno had
entered the room. Heather held out her hand to him.
The hand that had been between my legs. I saw him
sniff it and lick it. He looked around the room as if
searching for something and then he bounded over to

Before I realised what was happening his tongue shot
out between my legs and the hot rough wetness almost
made me cum, I groaned with pleasure…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form. Anyone tempted to act out any of
the scenarios in this story; should seriously consider
seeking professional help.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Tiffany Limos / Ken Park 2002

real 3some sex

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Das paßt schon !!!


Das paßt schon !!!

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This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Maximize It System

Rosa’s Lover

A story by D. Jay

Rosa stood at the edge of the dusty road and gazed

off into the distance. The unforgiving South Texas
sun baked the landscape and buildings, and brought
out beads of perspiration on Rosa’s arms and forehead.
She had no idea why she continued waiting by the road
each afternoon, Jimmy wasn’t coming home. Not today,
not tomorrow, not ever. The slender, young woman
turned to see Pablito, a young pitbull, standing in
her shadow. She wiped her forehead with the back of
her hand, and brushed back her long, dark hair.

"Come on cachorrito," she said to the dog, "it’s too
hot today, let’s go in the house.”

Rosa had given Jimmy the dog for his birthday about
a year and a half earlier; she noticed how much he had
always admired pitbulls that belonged to his friends.
Whenever he saw people walking them on the street, he
would remark that he was “gonna get me one of those
dogs.” Rosa smiled briefly as she remembered the
expression of utter delight on Jimmy’s face when she
had plopped the fat, gold-and-black brindled puppy into
his lap. It was Jimmy’s twenty-first birthday, and his
friend Pablo had stopped over with a couple of six-
packs to help him celebrate. Pablo offered beers to
Jimmy and Rosa, and spotted the pup in Jimmy’s lap.

"Hey, you guys got a puppy! What kind is it?"

"It’s a pitbull. I’m gonna train him to bite you if
you come here when I’m not around!,” Jimmy joked.

"Aww, I wouldn’t do that, Jimmy. Rosa’s all yours,
and she don’t even like me! That reminds me, when you
guys gonna get married anyway?”

"Next year… maybe June, we’re thinking."

"Cool. You could name a kid after me, maybe."

Jimmy grinned. “I think I’m gonna name the dog after
you instead, Pablo.”

"Hey that’s OK, too. He’s gonna be a tough guy like
me, and not one of those wimpy li’l Taco Bell dogs!”

"Ohh, he won’t be too tough," Rosa chimed in. "And
he ain’t gonna bite nobody. We’re gonna raise him

Pablo nodded. “Yeah, I know. Like the one my brother
Santo has. He’s just a big baby… the kids ride him
like a horse.”

The three jokingly, at first, called the pup Little
Pablo or Pablito, and the name stuck.

Pablito grew very quickly over the next several
months, but he didn’t outgrow his friendly, outgoing
temperament. The neighborhood kids all knew him by
name, and they would stop to pet him as they walked
home from school. One evening after dinner, Jimmy
was sitting on the floor with Pablito, rubbing the
pup’s chest and belly.

"Pablito’s getting to be a big boy, eh?," Jimmy

"Yeah, the vet said he was 85 pounds when he was
there last time,” Rosa added.

"No, I mean a macho guy. You know…" Jimmy pointed
to Pablito’s substantial undercarriage.

"Maybe he’s gonna make you jealous someday, Jimmy.
And he’s culeco, just like you!”

"I know, he’s pretty horny. He tried humpin’ my leg
the other day.”

"We should have him fixed, no?"

Jimmy scowled. “No way! That turns him into a pussy.
He’s a teenager now, but he’ll learn some manners when
he gets older.”

"You didn’t learn any manners, Jimmy."

"So you’re gonna have me fixed too?"

An evil grin came to Rosa’s face. “Only if I catch
you with another woman!”

Jimmy clasped his hands over his crotch in mock
horror. “Oh, no! I married Lorena Bobbitt!”

Rosa’s mind wandered again. Some months later, Jimmy
had called her from work. He was meeting some friends
at a bar for a couple of beers, then he would be home.
He was late. Maybe a couple of beers turned into a
couple too many. Around midnight, a knock came at the
front door. Rosa got out of bed and opened the door
slightly. A deputy sheriff stood outside with his hat
in his hands.

"Señora Ramirez? I’m afraid I have some very bad
news. Your husband has been in a terrible car

Rosa struggled to keep calm. “Is he… all right?”

The deputy bowed his head slightly and fumbled with
the brim of his hat. “No… I’m sorry…”

The whole awful scene replayed itself in Rosa’s mind
almost nightly, as if it were a movie that she just
couldn’t walk away from. The call from Jimmy. Waiting
for him to come home. The deputy at the door. Identify-
ing the body. The funeral. Even after more than a
year, the nightmare was still as vivid as if it had
happened yesterday. The doctor had given her some
pills…Klonopin, he called them…to help her with the
anxiety. They did nothing for the emptiness she felt,
but they at least let her sleep. She put one of the
blue-gray tablets under her tongue and lay down, trying
to think of happier times.

As the drug took effect, Rosa drifted into a fitful
state somewhere halfway between asleep and awake. She
tried remembering how wonderful it felt when she and
Jimmy made love. He was always so gentle yet so satis-
fying… He would first kiss her softly on the lips,
then as they both became more aroused, they would share
more and more of the mouth, the tongue. He would gently
fondle her small, firm breasts, and slowly walk his
fingers down her chest, her stomach, across her navel,

Rosa could feel herself becoming moist, and cupped
her hand over her mound and began massaging her clit,
as closely as she could to the way Jimmy had done for
her. As her fingers pressed and circled, she drifted
further into a dream. The lover of her memories
continued his gentle ministrations as her tongue
explored the inner recesses of his mouth, as he did
hers. She caressed his growing member and guided it
into her, their coupling eased by the combined juices
of their arousal. He began with slow, gentle strokes,
which gradually increased in both speed and intensity
as she tried matching them with her own movements.
Faster and faster, as her insides squeezed and pulled
at him, and Rosa felt a burning shudder building deep
within her. The lovers simultaneously exploded into
a beautifully intense, gloriously wet and heart-
pounding release, though fleeting it seemed to possess
more energy than both bodies combined could produce.
A mind-numbing, tingling-all-over sort of feeling.
She’d had a few other men, but Jimmy was the only one
who had ever made her feel this way.

This dream somehow seemed more real than usual, the
feelings of fullness, the caresses, the movements, the
wetness… In fact, Rosa began to think in the back
of her mind that she had never felt quite so filled
before, even when Jimmy was here and made love to her.
She opened her eyes a little, as she had done many
times before and had seen Jimmy’s familiar, smiling
face with an expression of utter ecstasy. The grinning
face she saw before her now had that very same
expression, and while it was a very familiar face, it
was NOT Jimmy’s!

"Pablito!," Rosa screamed. "What are you doing?
You are a very bad dog!”

She tried pushing the dog off her, but the more she
struggled with him, the more tightly he became lodged
in her. Rosa had seen dogs mating a few times, and
she was aware that they frequently were locked together
for a considerable amount of time. She had also seen
the enormous bulge that Pablito got sometimes when he
was rolling on his back, and he was feeling especially
good about himself. She decided that the best thing
to do was not to panic, but just wait it out and not
risk injuring herself or the dog.

The woman and the dog remained tied for over a half
hour, and though she told herself that she must not
enjoy this, Rosa found herself orgasming again and
again. They eventually separated, and Pablito padded
off to clean himself. Rosa lay there in the chair,
battling conflicting feelings. Everything she had
been taught told her that what had happened was wrong,
a mortal sin. But it felt so wonderful! No, she had
done nothing wrong, and Pablito was just an animal,
driven by instinct and hormones. It was just an
accident, a mistake, he doesn’t know any better. She
had read in the Bible about ‘laying with beasts.’ By
rights, she and the dog should both be killed… But
the beast had taken it upon himself to do this! Rosa
considered talking to the Padre about it, but decided
she would be too embarrassed and ashamed to admit to
such an act.

"¡Dios mio! I guess I’m going to go to Hell, then,"
she thought.

No, she wouldn’t tell the Padre, or anyone else; she
would simply keep it a secret. After all, Pablito had
probably just taken the opportunity to mount her when
she was both aroused by an erotic dream and under the
influence of the tranquilizer… he wouldn’t try it
again, would he? He was a good dog most of the time,
a very good dog…

Morning came rather quickly, and Rosa got up and
took a shower, then fed Pablito and took him outside
to relieve himself. As the dog raised a hind leg to
pee against the corner of a retaining wall, Rosa
caught herself looking at…no, admiring…his under-
parts. She winced and shook her head a little in an
effort to put the nasty thought out of her mind.

"I am crazy," she thought to herself. "No, I’m
just culeco, horny. It has been too long since I have
had a man.”

She simply dismissed the incident as leftover
feelings from what had happened the night before.
She let Pablito into the house and left for work.

Rosa worked in a small but very busy office with
one other woman. Anita also happened to be one of her
best friends. With customers, the phones, and paper-
work, Rosa didn’t really have time to think about much
else, least of all feeling sorry for herself. But
during a short break, she found herself thinking once
again about what had happened between her and Pablito
the previous night. The whole incident seemed unreal,
almost like a strange dream. She had very mixed
emotions about it; the thought of copulating with an
animal was disgusting and perverted, yet the physical
sensations associated with the act were undeniably
some of the best and most exciting she had ever
experienced. The thought of it brought a smile to
her face, though she hoped no one would notice.

"Rosa, you seem very happy today," Anita observed.
“Happier than I’ve seen you in a long time. You got
a new boyfriend or something?”

"No, I’m not seeing anyone yet. I was just thinking
about a real strange dream I had last night. It was
so weird it was kind of funny!”

"What was it about?"

"I dreamed I was making love with Jimmy, and then
he turned into a dog.”

Anita made a face. “Eeeww! That’s gross! I hope
he turned back into a man. You know, I heard about
some girls that really did that, with a dog, I mean.”

"Yeah, me too. They say there’s nothin’ like it,
but it’s still pretty crazy, no?”

Anita shrugged. “Whatever floats your boat, I guess.”
Rosa didn’t give it much more thought until several
weeks later, when she was getting ready for bed.
Pablito jumped up onto the bed as he did almost every
night, and Rosa petted him and talked to him. The dog
rolled over onto his back, and Rosa began rubbing the
short, white fur of his chest. She playfully tickled
him, and Pablito rolled from side to side, waving his
legs and sneezing as he did.

He accidentally swatted Rosa’s hand, sending it away
from his chest and toward his lower belly, her finger-
tips landing on his sheath… Rosa was a bit shocked
at first, and was about to snatch her hand away, but
the soft, warm skin of Pablito’s belly and sheath felt
surprisingly pleasant to the touch.

Somehow, the sensation was very familiar; almost like
touching Jimmy in the same area, although somewhat
warmer and drier. As she caressed him, Rosa noticed
that Pablito had become very still. She thought at
first that he might be annoyed, but when she turned
around his face told her a different story. He was
lying quietly, his head tipped back slightly, his eyes
half-closed, and his front paws crossed on his chest.
His massive jaws gaped open a bit, and his tongue hung
out sideways.

He looked so silly that Rosa couldn’t help but
giggle! This is a bloodthirsty, killer pitbull…
right? Pablito raised his head briefly and gave her
a rather indignant look, but lay back down…and very
deliberately pushed her hand back down to the area
that he wanted her to rub.

Rosa did not understand why, but she felt a strong
desire to continue gently stroking the dog’s intimate
parts. A slight bulge began to form at the base of
his sheath, then quickly increased in size. She
cupped her hand around it, marveling at the odd shape
and texture of the knot. A glistening finger of pink
appeared from the opening, and a droplet of clear fluid
formed at the tip. Rosa became aware of a tingling
feeling and a warm wetness between her thighs. Her
body was preparing itself for a man, but the only male
nearby was this dog!

Pablito looked up and sniffed the air. The bulge in
his sheath shrank very quickly, and he rolled over and
jumped to his feet. He nuzzled Rosa, and placed a
front paw on her shoulder, wagging his tail briskly as
he looked at her with a peculiar expression on his

Rosa struggled with her conscience; she knew that
what she wanted to do was wrong, but with her animal
desires… she desired this animal! She had not been
thinking clearly the first time she’d coupled with
Pablito, she was in a drug-induced state and he had
simply taken advantage of the situation. This time
she had taken nothing, nor had she been drinking, but
contrary to everything she had ever believed or felt
before, she wanted him!

"Oh, what the Hell…," she muttered to herself, as
she moved over to the big chair and sat down on the

Pablito jumped off the bed, trotted over in front of
Rosa and stopped a short distance away, as though he
was unsure of what was expected of him. She raised
her nightgown and spread her legs, and beckoned to the
dog to come closer.

He lunged forward and pushed his cold, wet nose
between Rosa’s legs, causing her to jump a little.
Pablito licked at her, tentatively at first, then more
boldly as he became aroused by the smell and taste of
her. A few drops of precum dripped from his sheath
and he began humping the air. Rosa gently lifted
Pablito’s front legs so his paws rested one on either
side of her chest while his hind feet remained on the
floor. She reached down and wrapped her hand around
his sheath, stroking it rapidly as she guided the
exposed tip of his penis into her.

The dog gripped her tightly around her middle with
his front legs and thrust into her with a speed and
intensity that no human male could hope to match. He
continued pounding away for several seconds until his
knot expanded to the point where it locked him inside
of her. At about the same instant, Rosa’s body was
wracked by powerful waves of orgasm, as though it had
been building up inside of her for the year or so that
she had been alone. Rosa wrapped her arms around
Pablito and hugged him tightly against her body as she
felt the hot spurts of his juices splashing over her
insides. The throbbing bulk of his knot stretching
her slightly, and the short, bristly hairs on the end
of his sheath tickling her clit combined to bring her
to climax repeatedly.

For the better part of an hour, the strange couple
were locked together in the chair. Eventually, the
contractions and the passion ofthe physical and
emotional release the woman and the dog had shared
trailed off. When they finally separated and Pablito
had finished licking them both clean, Rosa held him
for a very long time, gently stroking his short, soft
coat, kissing him on the forehead and muzzle, and
talking softly to him. She had never had a human
lover who could satisfy her like this, not even Jimmy.
Though she meant no disrespect to Jimmy’s memory, she
very much needed this release.

She no longer thought of it as nasty or dirty; it
had been wonderful, but she would have to keep it a
secret. Such things did happen, but they were only
whispered about. Rosa had no idea how her family and
friends would react, but if Anita’s reaction to the
description of the “dream” was any indication, she
didn’t want to find out. Perhaps some day she would
take another man, maybe even remarry. But she would
never forget Jimmy, of course, and his memory was
still much too strong right now to even consider
another man. So for the time being, Pablito the
pitbull would fill the physical part of the role of
Rosa’s lover. And he would do it very well.

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material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Max Size System

Honeymoon by H. Kuntz *** Barton had been treating the kid with contempt from the moment they met. And no one knew how to show contempt better than Barton. John Barton. The terror of Wall Street. Thirty-eight years old, and officially worth three billion dollars. Some people said it was more like twenty times that, that he could buy and sell Bill Gates and Warren Buffett with his spare change any time he wanted to. And he had made every penny of it himself, by out- toughing the other tough sons of bitches on Wall Street. Hundreds of mergers he had forced down their unwilling throats. And he made them wallow in their defeats. Hundreds of former top bananas had been forced to accept Barton's deals on Barton's terms. And Barton's terms always included two things: enormous profits for John Barton, and the loser kissed John Barton's ass. Literally. And not just on the buns. The former CEO's on Barton's payroll had two things in common. They had tasted Barton's shit-lined rectum. And they had begged for the privilege. They had seen plenty of execs just like themselves go down to ruin for displeasing Barton in the slightest way. Now John Barton was starting on his honeymoon. It was his second marriage. He had dropped his first wife, Fran, who had begun showing signs of middle age. Fran had hired one of the best known divorce lawyers in the country. Barton had toughed him out the same as he toughed out every other son of a bitch who tried to cross him. Now the lawyer was nursing his wounds, Fran was living on $30,000 a year, and Barton was enjoying his billions. He had married a babe. An incredibly beautiful Asian girl named Kim. Just looking at her straight black hair, her incredibly soft, smooth skin, her beautiful features, her willowy body, drove him crazy. She was 22 years old, sixteen years younger than him. And it wasn't just that she was a babe. She had brains. She had graduated first in her class at a top university. She had been engaged to an Asian American boy who graduated a year ahead of her, the only boy friend she had ever had. Then she had received an internship to work one summer in the executive offices at Barton's Wall Street headquarters. After one look and a few conversations, Barton knew he had to have this girl. He went ahead and got his divorce from Fran, something he had already decided to do anyway. He just blew away Kim's fiance, dazzling her with what he could buy for her, the places he could take her, the people he could introduce her to. What impressed her more than anything was the force of his character. She could see his strength in his every movement. And she saw that the most powerful people in the world cowered before him. John Barton always got what he wanted, and Kim loved him for that. The fiance was history, and John Barton and Kim were man and wife. There was just one fly in Barton's ointment, one that he could never completely put out of his mind, though almost no one knew of it and no one knew how much it preyed on him. Sexually, the great John Barton was a grade A wimp. Maybe that was what drove him to out-compete everyone who crossed him, to prove that he had more balls than everyone else. Because in fact, he had less. Much less. His tiny prick could hardly be seen in his pubic hair when it was soft. When it was "hard," it was barely three inches long, was thinner than his index finger, and, in truth, was not very hard at all. His balls were tinier than marbles. He had trouble coming more than two or three times in a week, and when he came, only a few drops of thin, almost water-like cum was ejected. Whether it was Fran or Kim or any of the other women who were attracted by his money and his power, whenever he fucked them they always had to ask if it was "in" and whether he had cum. Barton wanted an heir and Kim wanted a baby. But he had tried to get Fran pregnant for years, with no success. The best medical specialists in the world had been consulted. There was nothing wrong with Fran. It was just that Barton's undersized testicles produced such little sperm, the odds were against him. Following his doctors' advice, Barton had abstained from all sex for over a month prior to this honeymoon. The wedding had been timed so that Kim would be at the peak of her fertility cycle. And she was taking fertility drugs. The doctors told them that with these steps, Barton had a reasonable chance of making Kim pregnant. But things weren't fated to turn out that way. * * * * So now he and Kim were on their honeymoon. The island resort in the Caribbean she had selected was probably the most exclusive and the most expensive in the world. They had the most expensive villa--$40,000 a night it would cost him. The resort consisted of the whole island. Each villa was isolated. Theirs was more than two miles from any other habitation. It was huge and breathtaking, spectacularly furnished, and located on their own private pearl of a beach. There was a whole staff of servants and cooks assigned to their villa alone, but the layout was cleverly designed so that only the Guest Services Officer assigned to them would have any contact with them. He would deal with the rest of the staff. They would have complete privacy in unparalleled luxury. The Guest Services Officer was a twenty-year-old named Rod Powers. Rod was as perfect a specimen of the male of the human species as Kim was of the female. Short blonde hair; a face that had classic, masculine beauty; a broad, strong chest that was muscular but not muscle-bound; narrow hips; a perfectly trim ass; long, powerful legs-- he had the whole package People said he had movie star looks, but no one could ever think of a movie star who looked as good as he did. And he had an enormous bulge at the crotch of his faded jeans. Barton noticed that bulge immediately, and was stung with envy. But he figured the kid must have some cloth stuffed in there. He must have! Rod greeted them at the airport. The men who could afford to stay at this resort were the richest and most powerful in the world, and they brought with them the most stunningly beautiful and most pampered women in the world. Rod had seen hundreds of them, but he had never seen the equal of Kim. For her part, Kim didn't miss any aspect of Rod's manly attraction. When he shook her hand, she looked in his strong, clear eyes, caught a whiff of his male scent, and became dizzy with a sensation she had never felt before. But Kim had been strictly brought up as a Catholic and adhered to a strong moral code. The idea of being unfaithful to her husband could never have entered her head. She could be interested in a man as hunky as Rod, but she could not be tempted. But to Barton, any decent-looking man was a rival and a stud like Rod was dangerous. Barton was painfully aware that his beautiful trophy of a wife was much closer in age to Rod--the "kid" was what Barton insisted on calling him--than she was to himself. Barton's reaction was instinctive. Confronted with any kind of a rival, Barton set out to humiliate him, to emasculate him. This kid was going to be the only person he and Kim would see for the next two weeks. Barton was going to show him who was boss. He'd have Rod kissing the famous Barton ass early and often--figuratively at least, and maybe even literally. Kim wouldn't be attracted to a kid, no matter how much of a stud he looked, once she saw him kowtowing to her all-powerful husband. Just the opposite. Once she saw him subjugate this handsome kid, his own god-like power would be more firmly established in her adoring eyes, the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. He looked into those eyes as they drove in the limousine to the villa. God, he loved her. He actually thought he might be able to fuck her twice today, something he had never before accomplished. * * * * Rod was pissed. He'd dealt with assholes like this before, guys who thought they could use their money to put him down. But Rod always had his revenge. He loved this job. The most beautiful women in the world came here, and he fucked them at will. He particularly loved honeymooners. There was nothing like seducing a woman on her honeymoon. Rod had plucked plenty of cherries, and there's no doubt about it, he thought, fucking a virgin is sweet. But that other virginity--the wife who's never given her cunt to a man other than her husband since she's been married--plucking that cherry was an even greater thrill. And the cr'me de la cr'me was getting them on their honeymoons. Especially when they were as gorgeous and sophisticated as the brides who came to this posh resort. The job of "Guest Services Officer" at this resort was a coveted one. While the guests were on the island, the GSO arranged everything for them. He was the only human contact the guests had with the resort while they were here, unless they wanted specialized services such as a tennis coach. The reputation of the resort--and its ability to charge sky-high prices--depended on the flawless service the Guest Services Officers could provide. Their salaries started at $250,000 a year, and they made at least that much in tips. Rod Powers had only been on the staff two years, but he was already the top-ranked assistant on the staff. He was permanently assigned to the most expensive villa, catering to the most extravagant guests. His salary was $750,000. He made many times that much in tips. He was invaluable to the management of the resort. Did they know that his enormous popularity with the guests derived from the special service he was able to provide between the outspread legs of the wives? Probably. So what? So long as the customers were happy.. Usually, it was no problem for Rod to seduce the brides on honeymoon. His sexual power was too much for the human female to resist. But sometimes, if he got annoyed by their snooty attitudes, he raped them. He might force them the first time, but they always begged for it the second time. And the third. And the fourth. And so on. John Barton was getting Rod angry. Ordering him around in an arrogant way, finding the most degrading things for him to do. Three times before they had reached the villa, Barton had found some task for Rod to do that required him to kneel down on the ground. And then Barton had always positioned himself so that Rod was staring right into Barton's ass, just inches away. And there was always a suppressed smile on Kim's face. It was Barton's ability to dominate others that made her love him. When Rod got mad, he got even. He was going to fuck Barton's trophy bride all right. And he wasn't going to seduce her. He was going to rape her. He'd do it right in front of Barton's eyes. He'd use the Asian babe to humiliate Barton. Rod could see that Barton really did love her. Good. Barton would get paid back for his little stunts. With interest. Rod wasn't worried about getting into trouble with his employers. Once he fucked Kim, she'd be so attached to him that she wouldn't let Barton harm him in any way. And she could control Barton, that was obvious. The bosses would never find out about what he did. * * * * When they got to the villa, there was plenty of luggage for Rod to carry inside. Barton found as many tasks for him to perform, as many things for him to move around, as he could think of. Then he dismissed him: "Look, kid, if you want a tip at the end of this gig, stay out of our hair. You do what you're told and you show respect, you understand? You can start by calling me sir, and thank us when either one of us gives you an order." They were in the living room of the villa when Barton said this, a room the size of a football field. But Barton did not get the groveling response he expected. Moving suddenly, Rod smashed his fist into Barton's stomach. Barton doubled over, gasping for breath. "No, you arrogant son of a bitch, you're going to do what I say." Rod said these words with an icy determination that was more impressive than anger would have been. Barton was in greater pain than he had ever experienced, still trying desperately to find his breath. Barton had done some boxing, and he had done it as competitively as he did everything else in life. He had been a semi-finalist in the intercollegiate boxing tournament in his weight range, and had competed against talented competitors who could hit hard. But he had never experienced anything remotely comparable to the blow he had just received. Rod had moved as fast as a cheetah and with the power of a jet engine. "Let's see if you understand, bozo," Rod continued, after several minutes, when Barton finally seemed to be able to breathe. "Take off all your clothes." "You must be crazy," Barton murmured through his rasping gasps. The second blow to the stomach was even harder than the first. Barton was on the floor, doubled up in incredible pain. His internal organs! Barton didn't think he could survive another blow like that. He was on the ground in agony for ten minutes. Kim, cowering in a corner, was terrified. When Rod judged that Barton finally could move, he said, "I'll give you one more chance. Get up and get all your clothes off." Slowly and in great pain, Barton got up. He unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, then his undershirt. He removed his shoes and socks, then his trousers. He was left in a pair of jockey shorts. He paused, but Rod gestured for him to go on. Barton blushed. He hated to expose his undersized cock to another man, especially this young stud. Plenty of men had seen Barton's rosy asshole, a lot closer up than they wanted to. No man other than a doctor had seen his dick. The jockey shorts went down, and Rod let out an explosion of laughter. "You call that a dick! Oh, man, I've seen women with nipples bigger than that." Barton was burning with humiliation. That he should have to suffer this, and with Kim watching! "All right, Nipple-dick, carry that wooden chair into the bedroom. Put it down facing the bed, nice and close." Whether because of the humiliation of being naked before Kim and this stud, or because he could still feel the injury Rod had inflicted with those two sledgehammer blows from his fist, Barton had no thought of resisting. He picked up the chair. The blow to his chin came lightning fast. This time, Rod had pulled his punch, but it was enough to make Barton see stars. "You call me SIR when I give you an order, and thank me," he bellowed. Humbly, softly, Barton replied: "Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!". "That's better. Now carry that chair over to the bed and sit down." Barton did as he was told. Rod signaled to the petrified Kim to follow. She did, and Rod followed her into the bedroom. Barton was seated, close to the bed and facing it. The bed was enormous, more than half again the size of a king-sized bed. Earlier, when all the moving of luggage was going on, Rod had brought into the bedroom unnoticed a bag of his own. He now opened it and handed Kim some lengths of rope. "Here lady, tie your limp dick of a husband to the chair. Tie his ankles and his wrists." Kim was in tears. "No, please don't make me," she whimpered. He slapped her face. Hard enough to cause serious pain. "Look, bitch," said Rod, "if I have to hit you as hard as the old fart, I'll do it." Barton almost panicked. Rod would kill Kim if he hit her nearly that hard. "Do as he says, darling," he said softly. So Kim tied her new husband to the chair. "Now, you get your clothes off and get on the bed," Rod said to her. "NO," screamed both Kim and Barton simultaneously, as they suddenly saw where this was going. Rod removed a knife from his belt and held it to Barton's neck. "Do you want me to cut your husband's throat," he said. Kim immediately began to undress. Her fingers were shaking, but with difficulty she got her dress off. Then her bra. Her breasts were a little bigger than average for an Asian girl, and perfectly shaped. She saw there was no chance of Rod's relenting, so she went right to her panties, pulling them down and stepping out of them. God, she was magnificent! Both men felt it. Her skin was so perfectly soft and smooth. Her body so firm and perfectly shaped. Her waist was tiny, but her hips curved out gracefully. Her cunt was covered with a large, thick triangle of jet black fleece. Barton couldn't help himself. His dick was enlarging. Rod was dazzled by Kim's naked perfection, but he noticed Barton's loins stirring. Another bellow of laughter. "That's your hard-on? I've seen six year old boys with more than that, Nipple-dick. Come here bitch!" Fearfully, Kim went over to the chair. Rod gave her face another hard slap. "Thank me when I give you an order, bitch!" "Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!" "Hold that tiny thing and wiggle it around," Rod told her. "Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!" With her thumb and index finger, she held her husband's tiny hard-on, which was thinner than either of her fingers holding it. She wiggled it around. There was only a little stiffness. Rod couldn't contain his laughter. Finally, he said to Kim, "Seriously, bitch, no matter how much money he's got, how could a babe like you marry this limp dick?" Kim said nothing. She was burning with humiliation. For herself and for her husband. Physical paragon or not, she hated this young man as she had never hated anyone in her life. Rod shoved her to the bed, sitting her down on the edge, facing him. He told her to open her knees wide, giving him a clear view of her luscious cunt. "Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!" She obeyed. Barton gritted his teeth, helplessly, not willing to object and risk another blow. "Fortunately, for both of you, there's a man here who can consummate this marriage for you," he said. He began removing his shirt. Kim was panicking with fear. "Please, please don't do this to me!" she pleaded. Rod gave her another slap, harder than before. Kim was burning with pain. She couldn't take another blow like that! Rod had his shirt off. Kim was in a turmoil. She had very conservative views of sex, and the idea of being raped was absolutely horrible to her. She'd rather die. But the pain in her jaw was making it hard for her to think clearly. And her body was reacting to the sight of Rod disrobing. That chest! His eyes! She had fallen in love with Barton's power. It seemed to her so manly. But Rod was showing power--raw, physical power--that put Barton to shame. He was manliness in the flesh. She had never been so affected. He was close to her, and with every breath, unknowingly, she was inhaling his pheromones. Invisible hormones that slipped beneath her consciousness, and caused electricity to flow out from her cunt and her tits to her whole body. She was in panic over the prospect of being raped, and yet she could feel the liquids flowing in her cunt. Rod quickly removed his sandals and was unbuckling and dropping his jeans. He stepped out of them, covered only by an oversized pair of boxer shorts. Despite their looseness, they were tented out by an enormous bulge. Slowly, Rod lowered his shorts, exposing first a thick cloud of fluffy, light brown pubes. Then the root of his manhood became visible. It was incredibly thick, stretching four inches across. Rod was standing so that both Kim and Barton had their faces within a foot of his crotch. Barton's own dick was in plain view. None of them could miss seeing the contrast. Rod's soft dick was thicker than Barton's hard- on was long. The difference in their manhood was a painfully obvious fact for Barton and for Kim. Rod enjoyed the sensation as he could see their faces, seeing them looking at the two dicks and at each other.. Then he resumed peeling down his shorts. The enormous length of his soft penis went on and on. Finally, when the top of the shorts had almost reached Rod's knees, the ridge came into view betokening the appearance of the enormous, circumcised head. The head mushroomed out, and added another two inches of length. Rod dropped his jeans to the floor. His dick softly swayed, all twelve incredibly thick inches of it. The huge dick did not hang straight down, because it was projected out away from his body by the equally incredible testicles that supported it. Half again as large as jumbo eggs, they sat tightly in an enormous, downy sac. The seat of his manhood, these giant testicles produced a surplus of hormones. From their close proximity, Kim and Barton were hit with a blast of pheromones. These hormones worked with irresistible power on both sexes. Neither Kim nor Barton had ever been hit by such raw eroticism. For the first time in his life, Barton's hard-on, still microscopic, was actually hard!. Kim's cunt was sopping wet. Involuntarily, the words came out of Barton's mouth: "It's unbelievable! You're enormous!" Ever since adolescence, Barton had envied men who were well-hung. His dream, his wish, was to have the man's equipment that would make him as dominant inside women's cunts as he was in the business world. But in his wildest dreams, he had never imagined being hung like this. Despite his humiliation, Barton could not stifle a feeling of the profoundest awe. Kim was not consciously aware of the pheromones that were playing with her brain, but she was acutely aware of the visual shock. Her fiance had been possessed of a five- and-a-half inch dick. His and Barton's were the only two penises she had seen in her life. She knew Barton was small, but she hadn't thought it made any difference. She had supposed her fiance had been exceptionally large. And she didn't think the size of a penis mattered at all, except that men seemed to get all excited about it. That was then, this was now. The sight of Rod's dick took her breath away. She was incredibly turned on. She was also frightened. That monster would tear up her insides! And she had not lost her morals. She did not want to be raped, she did not want to have sex with anyone but her husband! She begged again. "Please, please, let me go. We'll give you anything, more money than you ever dreamed of. Don't rape me. PLEASE DON"T RAPE ME!" "Shut up, bitch, and lie back," was his only response. She tried to roll up in a ball and protect herself, but it was no use. He enjoyed her struggles. He laid her out on her back, so that her hip was at the side of the bed, only inches from Barton's chair. He wanted Barton to have a good close-up look when his own manhood-- manhood that Barton could only envy--penetrated Barton's gorgeous bride. He slapped her again, not as hard as before, but painful enough to keep her still. Barton was desperate. He couldn't move his arms or legs, which were tied to the chair. Even if he could, he knew from bitter experience that he was no match for this virile young athlete. "Please, he said, I'll give you anything. You can be a billionaire. You can have all the women in the world. Please, please don't touch my wife." The last sentence was a wail. Tears were washing his cheek Tears were also running down Kim's beautiful cheeks. But her cunt was even wetter than her eyes. Rod laughed as he spread her legs and inserted two long fingers through the soft, ebony fur and into her beautiful vagina. "Listen, Barton," he said. "Can you hear how wet your wife is, Listen to the slurp as I move my fingers in and out of her pretty swamp." Every word was like a whiplash across Barton's back. Rod removed his soaking fingers and put them under Barton's nose. "Smell that, Nipple-dick," he said. "I'll bet you've never seen your wife this excited. I'll bet you've never smelled so much cuntjuice in your life." Barton's tears flowed. It was true. He had never seen Kim nearly this aroused. By now, the sight and feel and fragrance of Kim's cunt had been more than enough to make Rod hard. His dick had grown even thicker and longer. He stood up. "Here, Nipple-dick, I'll loosen your hand. You want to feel what a real dick feels like?" Barton could not resist. He put his large hand on Rod's penis, the first time he had ever felt another man. His fingers were outstretched. Thumb and fingers could stretch no more than two-thirds of the way around Rod's girth. The penis was as hard as stone and incredibly hot to the touch. Barton tried to wiggle it. It was too hard. He couldn't move it the slightest bit. Kim saw this. "Oh, God, you're much too big for me. You'll kill me. Please let me go, please!" "Don't' worry, bitch," Rod replied, as he got back down on top of her. "You'll take what I've got, and you'll thank God for every inch of it. You're about to find out what a real man can do for a woman. And look at your excuse for a husband. He's harder than he was before. It looks like it takes the sight of a real man to turn him on. All right, Nipple-dick, jack yourself off while I give your wife the kind of fucking she'll never get from you." With that, he lined up the head of his dick against the fleecy exterior of Kim's beautiful cunt. It seemed like an oak log lined up against a key hole. But he pushed forward. Thanks to the overflowing liquids in Kim's vagina, he was able to get the head in. Then, with slow, easy strokes, he gradually went in an inch at a time. At first, Kim panicked, as she felt herself being stretched beyond imagination. But her cunt quickly accustomed itself to a stimulation she had never known. Neither her earlier fiance or Barton had ever been able to turn her on with their penises. She had thought she had just been born frigid. At best she had experienced a few mild orgasms from their fingers or tongues. But what she was experiencing now was bringing her into a new world. Pleasure nerves she never knew existed were being stimulated as her cunt was stretched for the first time. Only a couple of strokes after Rod inserted the head of his cock, when only about four inches were in, Kim experienced an orgasm far more intense than anything she had ever known. But Rod was going deeper. Rod looked at Barton. "Oh, your bitch's cunt is hot, man," he said. "I'm already in deeper than you'll ever be, Nipple-dick. So take my word for it, this is world- class cunt." Barton's humiliation was indescribable, as he watched another man fucking his wife as he would never be able to. Then a thought flashed through his mind. This rapist wasn't using protection! "Look, please!" he said. "At least pull out before you come. We timed this honeymoon so she'd be at peak of her fertility cycle. And she's been taking fertility drugs. Please don't make her pregnant! You can give us that much of a break." Rod smiled at Barton, still probing deeper into Barton's wife, never missing a stroke. He was about eight inches in, now, almost halfway. "I can see why your wife would have to take fertility drugs, limp-dick. And if she had to rely on her husband, I doubt if they would work. But she doesn't need to worry. She'll be carrying a real man's child in her belly when she leaves this island." Rod knew he had fathered dozens of children in this very bed, many of them planted in the bellies of pretty, young honeymooners. But none as beautiful as this one. And he had two weeks! There was no way she'd get away from here without carrying his baby. Barton thought he had already descended as low as he could, but this comment just deflated him. His wife--the great John Barton's wife--would be carrying another man's child. And he knew that with Kim's religious convictions, there was no point in even suggesting an abortion. Rod had gone back to full concentration on raping Barton's wife. Barton wanted to look away, but he couldn't. He was hypnotized by the sight, only inches from his eyes, of Rod's enormous piston going deeper and deeper into his own wife's cunt. He could smell the strong fragrance of sweat and sex from their steaming crotches. With each thrust, more of Rod's enormous shaft disappeared beneath the thick dark curls that marked the portal to Kim's love channel. Then Rod would pull out almost to the limit, and then slowly plunge back in, descending another inch. Eleven inches! Twelve inches! Thirteen! There were still several inches of hard cock to go, but Kim was going crazy. She had never dreamed of being penetrated this deeply, she had no idea of the pleasure centers inside her that had never before been plumbed. Now these pleasure nerves were all going off, and Kim thought she was losing her sanity. Orgasm after orgasm hit her, each one bigger than before. Finally, one more plunge, and Rod's hot iron penis was fully lodged inside Kim's stretched vagina. At thirteen inches, Rod had felt his tip touch her cervix. The next several strokes had stretched it back. Finally, he had penetrated the last barrier. His shaft filled her love canal to its stretched out capacity. The head of his cock was in her womb itself. Now Rod began fucking Kim in earnest. Her orgasms continued to build, each one coming on the heels of the one before with greater and greater intensity. This went on for ten, fifteen, twenty minutes. Barton, tied to his chair, sat absorbed in the close-up view of the spoliation of his bride. Unconsciously, his thumb and index figure were rapidly stroking his own pathetic weenie. He came. Just a few drops of nearly clear fluid oozed from the tiny hole at the tip, which quickly receded beneath its nest of public hair. That left Barton free to concentrate solely on the humiliating sight of his wife being fucked by this stud. And by now, her orgasms were so intense and coming so close together that they had run into each other. She was in a continuous state of orgasm, electricity running at unimaginable voltage through her frame. She thought she would die, she had no control of herself. Perhaps without realizing it, she was moaning, "Oh God, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Take me! Fill me! I can't stand it, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Never stop! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Kim may not have known she was saying these words, non- stop. But Rod heard, and relished every word. And Rod knew that Barton was hearing every word. Hearing his own trophy wife expressing the uncontrollable urge to be fucked by her rapist! This was just the beginning of payback! Rod loved it. The sight of Kim's fierce passion as this most beautiful of women was utterly overcome by Rod's own sexual power, and the thought of the humiliation Barton was suffering, finally became too intense. Rod felt his climax coming on. He thrust faster and harder, and brought Kim to an even higher pitch. She was screaming now, a piercing scream that knifed right into Barton's heart. Then the moment came. Rod's mammoth engine began bucking with incredible force. Kim's pelvis was whipped violently around by the first bursts. Then she felt the red-hot pellets, fired directly into her womb. Rod and Kim held each other closely, lips locked and tongues entwined in a passionate kiss, each simply overcome by the force of what they were feeling. Barton watched. He had never felt this forlorn, this abandoned, in his life. As they descended, Kim was in a new state. After the fierceness of her innumerable orgasms, she now felt a tranquility and contentment that she had never known. She held tightly to Rod. He was her rapist. He had violated her person, stolen her dignity, trampled on her most deeply felt moral beliefs. And it didn't matter. She hated him, fiercely. But so what. She would do absolutely anything for him. He was her master. He was her man. He and only he could give her what she now knew she needed as a woman. No love for her husband, no moral beliefs, no belief in her own self meant a thing compared to-- well, she might as well be truthful with herself. Compared to his penis. She lived for this man's phallus. She would do anything for it, and for what it could do to her. When Rod finally pulled out, his penis was "shrunken" to its soft state of eight inches long and four inches wide. He got up and thrust it in Barton's face. "Clean me off," he said abruptly. Barton had no resistance left. "Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!" Meekly, he used his tongue and his lips to clean every bit of cum and sweat from Rod's crotch. Seeing that Barton was defeated, Rod untied him. He then ordered Barton to get down on the bed and lick every bit of Rod's cum from his wife's cunt. Barton obeyed. The quantity was enormous. Those enormous testicles had blasted a cupful of potent sperm juice into Kim's cunt. Barton swallowed every drop. He had never tasted cum before, and almost vomited. But he quickly got used to the taste of Barton's sperm. The two-week honeymoon was sheer humiliation for Barton. He had to watch Rod and Kim fuck almost continuously. Rod shot load after load into her cunt, her mouth, and even her bowels, several times a day. Barton had to swallow every drop. He also became their toilet. They didn't want to bother walking to the bathroom to pee, so they just used Barton's mouth. He had to swallow all of it. Rod took a little mercy on Rod and decided they wouldn't shit into his mouth. They used the toilet for that. But Barton had to clean their assholes with his tongue. As the two weeks went on, Barton grew accustomed to his role as a sex servant, thoroughly subordinate to his wife and to their joint master. He began to like the taste of Rod's sperm, and did not even mind drinking their piss and licking their shitty assholes. At the end of the two weeks, Rod gave a little surprise to Barton. He, Rod, was going back to New York with them. He was going to live with them as the head of the house. Gradually, there would be property transfers from Barton to Kim. When everything belonged to Kim, she would divorce Barton and marry Rod, at which time the property would be transferred to Rod. Rod is now the terror of Wall Street. Kim was his main woman, though of course there was rarely a day when he didn't fuck at least half a dozen others as well. And Barton... well he was on welfare. He spends most of his time skulking around adult movie theaters, looking for young guys who will let him suck their cocks. He'll do anything for a big one, but he's never found one remotely as large as the one he craves... END

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material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Kathy’s Party
by P Sugden

Kathy was really pleased the way the party was going. It was her husband Pat’s 35th birthday party, but it was also a welcoming party for Nailene and Ben, even though they had lived in the neighborhood for the last six months.

Ben was an ex-football player and had the stature to go with it. All the neighborhood women would stare at him when he mowed the front lawn, those broad shoulders, the narrow waist, the tight butt and those massive thighs, the black skin glistening with his sweat …

Kathy made herself stop. Fantasies were fine but she was a married woman. But the last fifteen minutes dancing with the Negro had left her breathless and excited. The four rum and cokes she had drunk did not help; she was definitely feeling a bit tipsy. And this last drink Paul had mixed for her was half rum!

Now Sue was dancing with Ben. Wendy and Murray were also dancing in the living room. Kathy watched Ben and Sue for a few moments, a little bit jealous. Sue and Harry lived next door to Kathy. She had blonde hair which flowed in cascades of curls to her shoulders. Though the same height as Kathy, her bust was larger and barely contained by the short, red, strapless dress she was wearing.

Sue was not hiding her intentions. The way she wriggled and pushed her body against Ben was unseemly, especially in that dress. It was just as well Sue’s husband Harry was not there to watch her wanton display. Or Ben’s wife Nailene. They were in the games room using Pat’s new pool table, his birthday present.

Kathy unconsciously pulled on the hem of her short, black dress. That was a birthday present for Pat, too. When Pat had bought it for her she was a bit shocked; it was much too short and low cut for her taste. It showed much too much leg and bosom. And the underwear he bought to go with it! Black push-up bra, tiny panties and a matching garter belt; she had been scandalized.

She had never worn stockings before either, and, at first, found them uncomfortable. Four inch black high heels completed the outfit; Kathy had had to practice walking in them. Pat was always trying to make her wear sexier and more revealing clothes. For his thirty fifth birthday party she had finally acquiesced. After four strong drinks and nice comments from the men at the party about her legs, she was beginning to feel more comfortable and a little bit sexy.

Picking up the empty peanut bowl from the dining room table she pushed through the swinging door into the kitchen. She was surprised when she saw Harry in there, looking for something. She liked Harry; he made her laugh and was a terrible flirt.

"Looking for something, Harry?" she asked while putting the bowl on the counter.

"Oh, hello, beautiful, you’re looking good tonight. I like your legs."

"Thanks," she said, pulling on her hem again. The dress barely covered her butt.

"My lighter’s run out and I was looking for some matches."

"In the second drawer down." Kathy advised.

"Thanks," said Harry after retrieving a pack.

Kathy eyed him. She had definitely had too much to drink and must stop. She took another sip.

"You know, my darling, I haven’t kissed you tonight, yet," he said. He always kissed her at these parties. Kathy had come to accept it and, almost, to look forward to it.

"No time like the present," she said, trying to sound flippant and urbane.

He came right up to her, took her drink from her hand and pressed against her until her back was against the kitchen wall. Leaning on her he lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. It happened so quickly that Kathy had no time to do anything but raise her arms in anticipation of his normal assault on her tits. She was taken completely off guard when she felt his tongue invade her mouth. She hated it when Pat did that but this seemed to be different and she allowed it with little struggle. And instead of her tits being mauled, she felt a gentle finger stroke the black, silky material between her legs.

No, no! her mind said, but her legs turned to jelly. Finally gaining control of herself, she pushed the softly probing hand away and broke off the kiss.

“No, Harry, you mustn’t,” she said. But she could still feel where the finger had touched her.

"Didn’t you like it?" he asked.

"Yes - no- yes, oh, it’s not right. I’m a married woman.

"So? I’m a married man. That makes us even."

Harry leaned down and kissed her again. She couldn’t stop him, or herself. The finger attacked her again, tracing the lips of her cunt through the thin material. Her head swam and her legs opened involuntarily.

After about a minute, Kathy pulled her mouth away from his.

"This just isn’t right. Someone might come in and catch us," she said, breathily. She found her hips were moving in time to the finger running the length of her slit.

"Where can we go where it’s more private?"

"We mustn’t, Harry. We’re both married."

"Where?" asked Harry again, concentrating his finger movements to the fabric over her clit.

"No, Harry, please," she pleaded. A moan escaped from her lips.


"In the laundry."

As he took her hand and led her through the back kitchen door into the laundry room, Kathy wondered how she had managed to get herself into this. It must be the booze. And the clothes, she thought. Her cunt ached.

In the laundry, Harry picked her up by the waist and put her on the washing machine. He kissed her again. Sucking on his tongue, she moaned when she felt the hard lump in his pants rub into the cleft of her cunt.
“Quickly,” she said, “before someone discovers us.”

She leaned back on the machine and raised her hips to allow him to pull her panties off. She watched as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. It was bigger than Pat’s. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she gave a little yelp when she felt the head gently rub up and down her slit.

"Put it in," she said, her voice deep and husky.

Again she moaned as she felt the length of his cock slowly push its way deep into her hole. She imagined she could feel every bump and wrinkle on it as it stretched her cunt and filled her. Harry slowly rocked back and forth, his penis moving in and out of her. Kathy could not remember being so turned on.

Harry’s hands were busy on her tits, squeezing and rubbing them as he fucked her. The next thing she knew, her dress was being unzipped down the back.

"No, Harry, no. Someone might come in." Being caught fucking in the laundry was one thing; being caught fucking and naked was quite something else. Harry zipped her up again.

Leaning back a bit, Harry took her arms from around his neck and looked her in the eye, still gently moving in and out of her. Suddenly Harry’s hands moved very rapidly and he held up her bra for her to see. Kathy was surprised and amazed.

"How did you do that?"

"Family secret," he said, tossing the silky black bra into a corner where it landed in a bag half full of potatoes. Kathy only found it again three days later.

Harry’s hands returned to her now braless tits. He pulled and rubbed her nipples as he continued the slow fucking. Kathy felt her orgasm building and wrapped her legs around his waist. Harry sped up the pace when she kissed him, forcing her tongue into his mouth. Kathy moaned into his mouth as her orgasm hit, racking her body with its intensity. Within seconds, Harry tensed and moaned, releasing his sperm deep into her cunt.

They had no time to luxuriate in the afterglow, though. As soon as they had finished, they heard someone moving around in the kitchen. Kathy jumped off the washing machine and quickly pulled her panties on over her dripping cunt.

"Stay here," she whispered, "and I’ll get rid of whoever it is." She walked into the kitchen and found Janine there.

Janine was Kathy’s other next door neighbor. She was the oldest of the women at the party but only two years older than Kathy. She was tall and, for her height, had quite a good figure with full breasts. She and Frank had no children but still seemed happy enough. She had a nose for scandal and was an incorrigible gossip.

"Hello, Kathy," she said. "Doing some last minute washing?" The woman tried to look into the laundry but Kathy blocked her view.

"No," Kathy chuckled, "I was looking for something, but forgot what it was as soon as I walked in. That ever happen to you?"

"All the time. I find it best to return to where you were when you thought of it. Works every time. I remember what I was looking for, though. Pat said there was more tonic. We’ve almost run out."

"In the fridge," Kathy said.

Janine got out two bottles of tonic. Again she tried to look into the laundry but again Kathy blocked her view.

"I’ll walk to the bar with you," Kathy said. She picked up her glass and drained it, forgetting it was nearly neat rum. "I need another drink, anyway."

As they entered the games room, Kathy looked back at the kitchen door in time to see Harry quickly slip out and head towards the bathroom. Pat had arranged a game of pool involving three couples. The partners were Pat and Nailene, Frank and Judy, and Neville and Janine. Neville was Judy’s husband. Kathy was not surprized Pat had chosen the tall and voluptuous Nailene as his partner. Ben’s wife was very dark and quite beautiful with the best of Negroid features. She was very tall and had huge breasts. Her hair was curly and so black it had a bluish tint.

After getting a refill, she decided she had better go to the bathroom and clean herself up. Anyway, she was dying for a pee. She climbed the stairs and headed for her bedroom and the en suite bathroom. Guilt about what she had done was only beginning to creep into her mind. It fought with the ecstasy of the apres sex glow still raging through her body.

She was not paying much attention when she pushed the door of the bathroom open and walked into the little room. Looking up, she froze. Paul was standing there in front of the toilet, his cock in his hand.

At thirty two Paul was the same age as Kathy. They had gone to high school together. He was tall and very handsome with dark hair and wickedly dark eyes. Kathy sometimes liked to be in the same room with him just to stare at him.

"Oh! Sorry, I should have knocked."

"That’s all right. You can watch if you want."

"What?" Kathy had been too busy staring at his prick and had not quite heard him.

"I said, you can stay and watch if you like."

Kathy hesitated.

"Well, hurry up. I can only hold it so long.."

"No, I’d better not."



"Come closer."

Against her better judgement, Kathy moved closer to him. She had never really watched a man pee before. Oh, she had been in the bathroom many times when Pat had had a pee but she had never really watched.

"Just one condition," Paul said as he gently stroked his prick. "If you watch me, I get to watch you."

Kathy finally managed to pull her eyes from Paul’s cock and looked at his face. He was grinning.

"Ok," she said, in spite of her mind telling her to get the hell out.

"You want to hold it?" Paul asked.

"No, you hold it. I’ll just watch." Her voice seemed to be coming from far away.

Kathy felt mesmerized as she watched the thick stream of urine squirting from the hole at the tip of Paul’s cock. She felt her juices, which had never receded after the fucking Harry had given her, roil in her body. Paul had his arm around her shoulders and she had her arm around his waist as she watched him noisily piss into the toilet. All too soon he was finished. He squeezed out the last few drops, but did not put his stiffening cock away.

"Now it’s your turn," he announced, flipping the toilet seat down.

Kathy backed up to the toilet, raised her short dress and pulled her panties down to about mid-thigh. Half in a dream, she sat on the toilet seat. She had never peed in front of anyone before.

"Hey, not fair," Paul objected. "How am I going to see you pee if you sit there with your legs together?"

"Sorry," Kathy said, her mind not quite in the same universe as her body.

She watched Paul pull her panties down to her ankles and raise her left leg to pull them free. He scooted her back on the seat and spread her legs.

"There," he said, "that’s better."

Leaning back the way she was, she knew she was sitting at the wrong angle, but she released her bladder muscles anyway. Piss squirted from between her cunt lips and splashed everywhere, into the bowl, on the seat and over the top onto the floor. She had drank too much and her bladder was full. She knew Paul was staring at her cunt and the piss pouring out of it. Looking down she saw the vestiges of Harry’s orgasm caught up in her cunt hair. She knew Paul would have noticed it too and, in some perverse way, it made her hotter. She almost felt as if she were on the verge of an orgasm. All she could feel was the heat in her body caused by Paul watching her piss and all she could see was him stroking his stiff cock.

The urine finally reduced to a trickle and them stopped, the last few drips running down the crack of her ass. Kathy made no attempt to close her legs or get up but instead put her head back and moaned. When she looked forward again, Paul had moved up between her legs and was standing inches from her, his prick in his hand. He touched her lips with the tip of his cock. As if it was the most natural thing she had ever done, she opened her mouth and let it in.

When they were first married, Pat had always been on her to suck his cock and she had steadfastly refused. After several years he had given up and she had never thought much about it since. Now, instead of her husband’s, she was sucking on the cock of a man who lived across the street. She did not understand why, but she was enjoying it.

Paul must have noticed she was not very experienced as a cocksucker but, to her relief, never said anything. Instead he gave her encouragement and mild suggestions on what might feel better for him. He lightly held the top of her head as she sucked on his penis and he gently moved it in and out of her mouth.

Kathy found herself doing something else she rarely did. Her hand had found its way to between her legs and she stroked her cunt with her fingers. For the second time that night she perceived her orgasm building. When she felt Paul’s cum squirting in her mouth her orgasm hit. Her fingers were a blur on her clit as she moaned around the cock in her mouth, semen escaping her lips and dribbling down her chin.

Reluctantly, Kathy released the softening cock. With her mouth still full of his sperm, she looked up at Paul. He smiled down at her.

"Proper etiquette suggests that a lady swallows a gentleman’s cum," he said. Kathy swallowed.

Suddenly the door flew open and Mary burst in.


Mary was the same age as Kathy and Paul and had also gone to the same high school. She was several inches taller than Kathy and had a slim build with smallish breasts. Kathy had known her for almost twenty years. She had a pleasant face and wore her brown hair short. She almost never wore dresses or skirts.

"Quick!" she said in a panic, fumbling at the fly buttons on her tight jeans. "The downstairs bathroom was busy and I’m just about to piss my pants."

Kathy jumped up and stood next to Paul. Stunned, they watched the intruder trying to remove her pants, but the harder she tried to unbutton them the more her long tee shirt got in the way.

"Oh, no. Oh, shit. Oh, god!" she yelled. Kathy and Paul watched as a dark stain grew on the hapless woman’s pants, starting at her crotch and working its way down her legs. "Too late," she wailed, "too fucking late."

The damage was done and her pants were soaking. Resigned, she finally looked up at the two staring at her.

"Hello," she said, a mischievous sound in her voice, "what have you two been up to?"

Paul had tucked his prick back in his pants when Mary had burst into the room, but there was no mistaking the black panties around Kathy’s right ankle or the drops of cum on her chin. Kathy quickly stepped out of the panties, picked them up and wiped her chin with them.

Not expecting an answer, Mary asked instead, “What will I do with these wet pants?”

Ever the gracious host, Kathy said, “Take them off and toss them into the tub. I’ll find you something else to wear.”

Finally managing the buttons, Mary kicked off her shoes and, without a thought that a man was in the room, pushed her wet pants and panties down to her feet. When she had stepped out of them, Kathy picked them up and dropped them into the bath tub. Meanwhile, Paul had wet a cloth and was on his knees, wiping Mary’s bare legs and crotch with it.

"How gallant," Mary observed. "But don’t expect a blowjob as a reward." Kathy felt her face go red.

"Now, about those clothes," Mary said. She pointed to the panties in Kathy’s hand. "Those will do nicely."

Kathy let the woman take the underpants from her hand, watching in shock as Mary put them to her nose and sniffed them.

"Yes," she said, "these will do very nicely."

Stepping into them, Mary pulled the tiny panties up and adjusted the tee shirt to cover them. Then she slipped her shoes on and walked out of the room.

Still shocked at what she had just seen, Kathy turned and looked at Paul.

"She is truly a disgusting lady," he said grinning. Then, changing the subject a bit, he said, "Say, now that we’re alone again, why don’t we …"

"No!" Kathy almost shouted. "I’m in enough trouble as it is. I have to go back downstairs before people start to notice I’m gone. I’ll go and you follow in a few minutes." With that she left, ignoring his protests.

When Kathy reached the bottom of the stairs she realized she had forgotten to put on another pair of underpants. Next time I’m upstairs, she thought to herself. The living room was empty but there was a lot of noise coming from the games room. Music also emanated from the room suggesting that the stereo had been moved from the living room. Pat’s favorite record of classic R&B hits was playing.

Kathy walked into the room and stopped short just inside the door. Somehow the pool game had degenerated into strip pool. Pat was down to his singlet and underpants and Nailene only wore very brief pants and bra. Janine and Neville, a boyish looking young man of twenty five, were almost fully dressed, Neville missing his shirt and Janine her blouse. Frank and young Judy, though, were obviously the heavy losers. Mary’s husband Frank, The oldest of the men at the party by one year and quite tall and rugged looking with a hairy chest, only wore a skimpy pair of under- pants and his partner Judy was topless. Neville seemed to be enjoying his wife’s slight embarrassment.

Mary, with her tee shirt and bare legs, and Harry were acting as spectators, making smart cracks about the players and their lack of skill. Wendy and Murray were also in the room watching. They were in their late twenties, both short, shy and reserved, and, some said, not God’s brightest gifts to the world. They had only been married for two years and sometimes still acted like school children. Kathy had heard, from Mary of course, that Wendy had still been a virgin when she married Murray.

Murray seemed uncomfortable with the situation, wanting to leave, but Wendy, who had probably had too much to drink, watched with keen interest.

Kathy’s first reaction was to get angry but, upon reflection on what she had just been doing, she toned her anger down. She watched as Pat helped Nailene line up a shot, wondering if the way he rubbed her huge, black tits helped in any way.

The song that had been playing finished and the seminal R&B classic Bad to the Bone blared out. To everyone’s surprise, Wendy jumped off her bar stool and scrambled onto the pool table where she started dancing.

"No, not in your shoes!" she heard Pat yelling desperately. "You’ll rip the baize! Take your shoes off!"

Obligingly, Wendy kicked her shoes off in Pat’s direction. Wendy danced with wild abandon. Another victim of the demon drink, Kathy thought to herself. She looked over at Murray who sat watching his wife with his mouth hanging open.

People started clapping and shouting “Get your clothes off” to Wendy. To Kathy’s astonishment, Wendy did. First her dress came off which she kicked into Frank’s face, then her petticoat. She struggled a bit with her panty hose but soon got them off. Now wearing only bra and panties she was really gyrating and doing a good imitation of a bump and grind. Kathy wondered where she had learned that. From the expression on Murray’s face, he was wondering the same thing.

Wendy reached behind her back and unfastened her bra which she let slip to the table. Kathy was a bit puzzled. The twenty eight year old Wendy was a short and slightly built woman with an almost child-like body. Kathy had seen her last year in a swimsuit and her tits were quite small. Now they looked quite bloated, the nipples stretched to near bursting point. The puzzle was answered, though, when Wendy squeezed on her tits just behind her nipples. A stream of milk squirted from each nipple onto the watching crowd. Of course, Kathy thought, Wendy’s just had a baby and was breast feeding it.

The crowd cheered at this unexpected turn of events as Wendy milked herself dry. In the meantime someone had reached up and pulled her panties down, revealing a small brown patch of pubic hair. After the song finished Wendy dived into the crowd. Two of the men caught her and quickly whisked her away to the nearby couch.

Kathy looked over at Murray who was watching Frank working his cock up Wendy’s cunt while Wendy giggled. Murray did not look pleased at all and was clenching and unclenching his fists. Oh, shit, there’s going to be a fight, Kathy thought. To avoid it, she rushed to Murray’s side, grabbed him by the arm and dragged him from the room.

"Come with me, Murray," she said, "I want to show you something."

Murray was reluctant to leave but followed Kathy anyway, looking back at his wife being screwed by Frank while the others looked on and, probably, waited their turn.

Outside the room, Murray turned to Kathy. “What did you want to show me?” He was nervous and upset and kept glancing at the door.

Kathy did not have a clue what she wanted to show him; it was the first thing that popped into her head when she knew she had to get him out of the room.

Murray looked at her again, rage starting to appear in his eyes. “Well?” he demanded.

Kathy leaned against the wall by the doorway and raised the front of her short skirt to her waist It was the only thing she could think of at such quick notice.. “Take a look at this.”

Murray looked down at the curly brown hair between her legs. Kathy pushed her hips forward to give him a better look. Murray licked his lips. An incident had been averted.

Murray placed his hand on her bush. Kathy spread her legs a bit more and rotated her hips. She felt a finger slide up her hole. Kathy continued to rotate her hips.. The finger felt good.

While he fingered her, Kathy bent over and unzipped Murray’s pants to pull out his cock. She gasped when she touched it; it was huge. With one hand still on her pussy, Murray used the other to help get the monster out. It was over ten inches long and very thick. Kathy wondered how the small framed Wendy could accommodate it. Then she wondered how she would.
Murray stroked it a few times until it was at its full length. “Take your dress off,” he commanded.

"Unzip me," Kathy said.

Once the dress was unzipped, Kathy pulled it up over her head and dropped it on the floor beneath her. After unbuckling his pants, Murray pulled them and his shorts down to his ankles. Grasping her behind her right knee, Murray lifted Kathy’s leg to gain better access to her wet cunt. He stooped, placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her hole and slowly pushed it in.

Kathy grunted as Murray’s prick stretched her like she had never been stretched before. She felt like he was driving a train up her cunt. He worked it in and out, lubricating it more with each stroke. Kathy was glad she had had sex with the other two men before attempt- ing Murray, otherwise she would never have managed the enormous cock.

Murray still had three inches to go when he hit her cervix. When he tried to push it further, Kathy said, “It’s in as far as it will go.”

Murray gave her a puzzled look. “Wendy takes the whole thing,” he said.

"Wendy must have a deeper cunt," she suggested.

"They come in sizes?"

"Just fuck me. But carefully."

After a few strokes, Kathy found herself completely lubed up. It felt wonderful; at the angle they were screwing she had at least six inches of cock rubbing directly on her clit as it went in, and six more inches as it went out. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he slobbered on her tits.

After a few minutes, Murray announced, “It’s all the way in, now.”

"Oh, shit," was all Kathy could say.

"Hello, darlings. Having fun?" It was Janine. "I’m just off to the bathroom. Ooo, Murray, where have you been hiding that? Don’t go away, I’ll be right back."

Kathy did not pay her much attention; she was too busy being royally screwed. Whoever said that size doesn’t matter, she thought, must have been a man with a small prick.

Murray sped up and she could feel her orgasm building. It was going to be a big one. Suddenly Murray grunted and pushed his cock up as far as it would go. Kathy thought it was going up her throat and out her mouth. His prick expanded even more, stretching her cunt to the limit. She felt the first spurt of his orgasm deep inside her which caused her own orgasm to hit. She went out of her mind.

They were both sweaty and panting. Kathy noticed that somehow she had wrapped both her legs around Murray’s waist as he pressed her back against the wall. His prick softened and slipped out of her with a plop, and she lowered her legs to the floor. She could barely stand and stood sprawl-legged, leaning against the wall. She was not sure if she would ever be able to put her legs together again. Cum poured out of her cunt like a waterfall.

"Oh, good show, good show," Janine said. Kathy had no idea how long she had been standing there watching. Janine grabbed Murray’s hand and led him over to the couch in the living room. Sitting him down she dropped to her knees and began resuscitating his cock with her mouth.

Kathy picked up her dress and put it back on. There were gobs of cum down the front of it where it had dripped out of her cunt. She scooped up a bit with her finger and tasted it; she was surprised it did not taste exactly like Paul’s.

She walked back into the games room and poured herself another drink. The scene in the room was unbelievable. Pat had Nailene on her back on the pool table with her long legs over his shoulders. He was busy licking her cunt. Frank was still screwing Wendy who was also sucking on Neville’s cock. From the noises she was making, she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Mary and Judy were both naked. They stood near the couch watching the three on the couch. Kathy realized with a shock the two women were fingering each other’s slits.

Noticing someone had come into the room, Mary turned her head and looked at Kathy. She removed her hand from Judy’s pussy and turned to face the newcomer. Judy turned, too. They put their arms around each other’s waist.

"Hello, Kathy," Mary said. "Judy and I were just about to start our own party. You want to join us?"

Kathy had heard rumors about Mary. They were obviously true. But Judy! At twenty four she was the youngest one there. She was also the prettiest with long blonde hair, natural, Kathy confirmed with a quick glance down, sea green eyes, perfect nose, pouty lips, large firm breasts … Kathy shook her head. What was she thinking?

"I think your spare bedroom is free," Mary continued. Linked arm in arm, the two walked to the door. "You coming with?" she asked Kathy again.

"I don’t think so," Kathy said, but with no real conviction.

"Come on, Kathy," Judy said, "it’ll be fun."

Kathy hesitated. Finally she said, “Ok. But just to watch.”

"That’s what they all say," Mary commented.


Kathy followed them out the door. Glancing at the couch in the living room she saw that Janine had managed to get Murray’s cock stiff and, straddling his legs, was busy trying to stuff it into her cunt.
Kathy followed Mary and Judy up the stairs. She found she could not keep her eyes off of Judy’s perfect ass. Once in the bedroom the two embraced and kissed each other. It was a long, tongue kiss. Kathy felt slightly embarrassed. Breaking their kiss they turned to her. While Judy rubbed Kathy’s tits through the material of her dress, Mary unzipped the dress from behind and pulled it down. Kathy then felt Mary’s hand reach between her legs from behind and stroke her cunt with her fingers. At the same time Judy kissed her on the lips.

Kathy found the kiss very different from a man’s. It was much softer. She found herself kissing the young woman back, their tongues entwining, and rubbing Judy’s tits like Judy was rubbing hers. Mary’s fingers were working wonders on her and she felt herself getting hot again, not that she had ever cooled down.

They moved Kathy over to the bed and laid her down. Mary lay down next to her and started kissing her while continuing to work her cunt with her fingers. Judy had taken one of Kathy’s nipples in her mouth and was
gently sucking and biting on it.

Mary removed her fingers from Kathy’s cunt and rubbed them around Kathy’s lips. Involuntarily, Kathy opened her mouth and Mary put the fingers in, letting Kathy suck on them. In the meantime Judy had made her way between Kathy’s legs and, spreading them, proceeded to lick her slit. Kathy jumped when she felt the woman’s tongue invade her most private part but soon settled down, enjoying the exquisite feeling. Mary kissed Kathy and rubbed her tits.

"We women are much better at licking pussy than men are, aren’t we?" Mary stated. Kathy could only agree.

Judy licked up and down Kathy’s slit and fluttered her tongue over her clit. Kathy could feel another orgasm building. Long deep probes of Judy’s tongue in her hole almost sent her over the top. Suddenly Mary straddling her face. She looked up and found herself staring right into Mary’s cunt. Kathy had never taken a real close-up look at a cunt before, not even her own. Mary’s slit was over four inches long and the red inner lips protruded quite a bit. Kathy noticed she had a large clitoris and, more surprisingly, that Mary shaved the area around her slit. With its wrinkles, lumps, folds and deep pink insides it looked quite ugly, but strangely beautiful in its own way. She watched as one of Mary’s fingers rubbed her slit. Stray drops of cunt juice dripped onto her face.

"Eat me, Kathy, eat me," Mary begged.

Mary’s cunt descended closer to Kathy’s face. Kathy found the smell if it to be strong but not unpleasant. What Judy was doing felt so good that Kathy could see no reason not to give Mary the same pleasure. She stuck her tongue out as Mary’s cunt pressed against her mouth.

Kathy worked her tongue into Mary’s hole. She licked around the folds of her cunt and flicked at the large clit with her tongue. Mary helped by spreading her cunt lips with her fingers. Kathy’s own orgasm was building and, as it flowed over her, she found herself moaning into Mary’s crotch.

Mary remained sitting on Kathy’s face but Judy got up and straddled her stomach. Kathy could not see anything but could hear the two women kissing as they rubbed her tits. Mary moaned and rubbed her cunt back and forth on Kathy’s face. The pace of the movement picked up until Mary cried out with her orgasm.

"Fuck!" she said, climbing off Kathy’s face. "For a first timer you certainly did well." Kathy smiled, her face covered in cunt juice.

"Do me! Do me!" Judy insisted. Mary laid the younger woman on her right side and pushed her left leg up. Kathy was instructed to lick Judy’s moist slit. Judy’s cunt smelled and tasted differently to Mary’s, not quite as strong. This time she could see what she was doing. Like Judy did to her, she concentrated most of her tongue action to the woman’s clit. Mary got on the other side of Judy and spread her ass cheeks. Kathy could hardly believe it when Mary started tonguing Judy’s puckered little ass hole.

"Oh, fuck, that feels good," Judy cried with enthusiasm. "Both holes at once. Stick your tongue in deeper. Oh, I love it."
Judy was really enjoying the double licking. All of a sudden Kathy felt Judy’s fingers on her own slit, rubbing her swollen clit. She raised her leg to give the woman better access. In no time Judy came, Kathy following shortly after.

"I see, there already is a party going on in here," a male voice said. Kathy looked up. It was Neville. Frank was with him and they held Wendy between them. All three were stark naked.

"Yes," Frank said. "I see my naughty wife just can’t keep her tongue out of other women’s boxes."

"You can’t seem to keep you prick out of other women’s boxes either," Mary said, indicating at Wendy.

"This is a great party," Wendy hiccuped, her words coming out with a slur.

"It’s turning out that way," Kathy agreed, a bit sardonically.

"Well, I don’t know about you, Neville," Frank said, "but I haven’t fucked the hostess yet."

"No," Neville replied, "nor have I."

Before she knew what was happening, Kathy found herself on her back on the bed with Neville by her head holding her legs up by the ankles and spreading them widely. At the foot of the bed Frank positioning himself between her legs. As Frank entered her she heard Wendy ask, “What were you and Kathy and Judy

"Here, we’ll show you," Mary replied from somewhere beside the bed..

Technically, I’m being raped here, Kathy thought to herself. But instead of screaming or struggling, she sucked the limp prick she found hanging by her face into her mouth. Neville was more than happy to let her do so and responded by growing hard again. Kathy had never had a cock grow big in her mouth and she liked the experience.

Frank banged away at her cunt hard and fast. Since he had only recently come, he lasted a long time and Kathy had three more orgasms. While he fucked her, she ministered to Neville’s now hard cock. She sucked on it, licked around its head and tongued the entire length of its underside. She pulled him up into a kneeling position over her head and licked his balls, at one point taking the entire hairy bag into her mouth. The entire time Neville played with her tits and pulled on her nipples.

Frank finally came with a grunt, depositing his sperm deep in Kathy’s cunt. When he had decunted, Neville got up and walked around to the foot of the bed. He flipped Kathy onto her hands and knees and entered her effortlessly, fucking her doggy style. Kathy pushed back at his thrusts, her tits bouncing with each jolt.

Mary, Judy and Wendy were lying on the floor in a daisy chain. Kathy watched as Mary licked Wendy, Wendy licked Judy and Judy licked Mary. Mary noticed her looking and broke the chain. She and Judy picked Wendy up, positioned her on the bed in front of Kathy and spread her legs. Without hesitation, Kathy lapped at the woman’s cunt while Mary and Judy sucked on Kathy’s hard nipples and played with themselves.

Neville’s pile driving into her cunt caused Kathy to come again. Wendy came at the same time, thrashing about on the bed. Neville shot his wad into Kathy and drew his cock out of her. It was time for a rest.
Frank had gone and brought back two six packs of beer which he distributed to the orgyists. Kathy gladly accepted the can proffered to her and drank it down even though she did not normally like beer. It was refreshing.

Kathy had to go to the bathroom and got up off the bed. As she walked out of the room the orgy started to show signs of life again. Frank had pushed Judy on her back and was licking her cunt and Wendy and Mary alternated sucking on Neville’s prick. Kathy left anyway.

Cum streamed down her legs as Kathy walked to her bedroom but she paid it no mind. Her bladder was full and she had to go. Entering the bedroom she saw Sue on the bed sucking on Ben’s big, black cock. Paul was on the bed licking Sue’s cunt and stroking his limp prick at the same time.

Sue took the black cock from her mouth. “Come join us,” she said.

"I have to pee, first," Kathy replied. "Maybe after."

Kathy staggered into the bathroom and noticed with some surprise she was still wearing her high heels. She sat on the toilet and took a much needed piss. The toilet paper she used to wipe herself had more cum
on it than urine.
Glancing up she saw she had forgot to close the door. Ben and Sue were looking at her, his hard cock back in Sue’s mouth. Kathy walked back into the bedroom and watched Sue suck on it for a few moments until Ben pushed Sue’s head away and pulled Kathy down on top of him. She straddled his stomach and moved back, allowing him to ease his prick into her. She had always fantasized about screwing a black man. Now she was doing it.

They set a slow pace. Kathy’s nipples rubbed and stiffened against Ben’s muscular, black chest. She closed her eyes and let the sensations flow through her. Unexpectedly, a wet finger touched her ass hole. With a dreamy look, she glanced behind her. Sue had her hand on Kathy’s butt, stroking her anus.

"You like that?" Sue asked.

"Yes," Kathy replied. "it’s lovely."

"How about this?" Sue asked, forcing a finger up Kathy’s ass. The finger in her ass felt even better.


"Yes Kathy?"

"Would you lick it for me?"

"What? You want me to lick your ass hole?"

"Yes, please. If you would."


Sue moved behind her. Kathy felt her butt cheeks being pulled apart and Sue’s tongue touch her ass hole. Kathy stopped moving, letting Ben work at slipping his cock in and out of her. She kissed Ben, forcing her tongue into his mouth and mewing with delight.

Sue licked all around Kathy’s wrinkled little hole, her darting tongue giving Kathy great pleasure. It was too much; Kathy felt herself tipping over the edge.

"Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, I’m coming agaaaaaaaain!"

By the time she recovered, Sue had moved back up the bed with her face just inches from Kathy’s.

"Did you enjoy that?" Sue asked.

"Oh, you wouldn’t believe. You can do that to me anytime you want."

Sue stuck her tongue out. As Kathy sucked on it she felt Sue working her finger up her ass again. One finger became two and Kathy felt another orgasm coming. Two fingers became something larger. Sue’s thumb? No. When Kathy looked back she saw Paul ready to push his cock up her ass.

Kathy braced herself but still was not ready for the pain. She grunted, then cried out.

"Have you never been fucked up the ass before?" Sue asked.

"No," said Kathy. "It hurts."

"Just relax," Sue advised. "It’ll feel much better when it’s all the way in. I love being ass-fucked. Ben and Paul have both already screwed me in the ass tonight. I’d rather have it in the ass than in the cunt. And one in the ass and one in the cunt at the same time is the best."

One in the ass and one in the cunt, the thought made Kathy’s head swim. It also made her hotter which made her relax more. The prick assaulting her rectum started to slip in more easily, stretching her anus to the limit.. Soon Ben and Paul set up a good rhythm as they both fucked her.

Kathy’s next two orgasms came in rapid succession. They were the best she had had with the possible exception of Murray screwing her against the wall in the living room. It was not much longer before Ben grunted and squirted his cum deep in Kathy’s cunt. Sue began sucking on Ben’s prick as soon as it plopped out of Kathy’s dripping hole. Paul continued fucking her, relishing the tightness of Kathy’s ass hole around his cock. Finally he grunted and filled her bowels with his cum.

Kathy was exhausted. She rolled off Ben and lay on her back on the bed. She was slightly aware of Sue climbing on top of her, head to foot, and begin licking the cum from her slit. She opened her eyes slightly and saw Sue’s dark haired cunt staring back at her. I always knew she wasn’t a real blonde, Kathy vaguely thought as she slipped into unconsciousness.

It was the early morning sun streaming through the window that woke Kathy. That and something heavy lying on her. She was in her bed and on her back. The sleeping Sue was lying on Kathy’s right with her face pressed against Kathy’s right tit, arm over Kathy’s chest and her hand on Kathy’s left tit. Ben was on Kathy’s left and had an arm across her stomach and his left leg thrown over both her legs. He was gently snoring. Paul lay asleep on the other side of Sue with his arm around her waist.

Kathy slowly disentangled herself and quietly got out of the bed so as not to disturb the other three. She walked over to her closet and got the short, colorful silk robe Pat had bought her for her birthday two years before. Looking down she noticed she was still wearing those shoes. Her garter belt was twisted and her stockings had runs in them. Her cunt hair was encrusted with dried cum. After straightening the garter belt, she put on the robe and left the room.

She paused at the doorway of the spare room and looked inside. Mary and Judy were on the floor asleep in each other’s arms. On the bed, between the sleeping forms of Frank and Neville, were Murray and Wendy. They were screwing in the missionary position. They did not notice Kathy who watched them for a few minutes, still wondering how he got that monster cock of his all the way into her.

Leaving the two lovers to their privacy, Kathy made her way down the stairs. Seeing Harry sitting on the couch she walked over to him. A quick glance into the pool room as she passed revealed Pat asleep on the pool table with Janine on one side of him and Nailene on the other. They were all naked.

Harry was wearing his underpants and leaning back on the couch. She sat down next to him.

"Great party, Kathy."

"Father O’Dowd is going to shit himself when I go to my next confession."

"That’s right, I forgot you were Catholic. Well, sometimes you have to go with the flow."

"It flowed all right."

They were silent for a few moments until Harry said, “I enjoyed being with you in the laundry.”

"Yes," Kathy replied, "I enjoyed that, too." Reaching down into the opening of Harry’s boxer shorts, she took hold of his soft cock and squeezed it.

"I have serious doubts you’ll be able to get that thing working in a hurry. Pat and Murray and I took turns fucking Nailene and Janine all night. Have you seen the size of Murray’s schlong?"

"Yes. I’ve - more than seen it," Kathy responded.

"I see. Well, I’m afraid my poor prick is truly down for the count."

"We’ll see," Kathy said.

She bent over and took the soft cock into her mouth. Harry was amazed when, after a few minutes of Kathy’s sucking and licking, it started to respond and more than a bit amazed when, after a few minutes more, it was fully erect.

"You are certainly a woman of hidden talents," Harry remarked.

Without a word, Kathy straddled Harry’s lap and slipped his penis into her sore hole. It felt good. Harry pushed the short robe from her shoulders onto the floor and played with her full tits. He let Kathy do all the work as she slowly ground away at his cock with her cunt. They french kissed and she tongued the inside of his ear. After her second orgasm, Harry felt his own arrive. It was not much of one but it felt good.

They sat hugging and kissing for a few moments until Kathy suddenly got up. “I suppose I should make breakfast for this crowd,” she said. Harry reached down and picked up her robe to hand it to her but Kathy was already on her way to the kitchen. Harry watched her walk, her swaying ass framed by her garter belt. A small trickle of his cum ran down her left leg and pooled at the top of her stocking.

Fuck it, I’m hungry, he thought. He threw the robe onto the couch, stood up and followed Kathy into the kitchen.


* * *
It’s okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with others outside a monogamous relationship. But it isn’t okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime, so take good care of it!
* * *

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This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

Max Extender - Most Popular Enlargement System

House Guest
by T. Frottage

I moved into my friend’s apartment only two weeks into
my senior year of high school. Problems at home with
my mother, father and younger brother were simply too
much for me to handle. I was struggling to redeem
myself and get into something other than the local city
college. I knew I wasn’t headed to Harvard or any-
thing, but some four-year institute of higher learning
had to see what a turn-around I made and let me in.
And if that didn’t work, well, Martinez isn’t such a
bad last name!

I had met Marissa when I was about twelve. She was
like a big sister to me; a big sister that I had an
enormous crush on. How could I not? She was like a
walking goddess. Her ample C-cups jetted out of tight
fitting sweaters that she seemed to always wear. And
those incredibly muscular and toned legs she beautiful-
ly covered with tight cotton/Lycra stretch pants did a
number on my eyes trying to see what if anything she
had underneath.

Marissa did little to help quash my crush. No matter
how old I was she always flirted with me, sometimes to
the point I wasn’t sure it was just flirting. Needless
to say, I spent many lonely nights remembering her
flirting and those incredible tits as I pleasured my
adolescent self to gushing orgasms. So when she and
her boyfriend offered to let me use their extra room
until I finished school, I jumped at the chance. Not
only was I glad to get out of my bad household situa-
tion, but also I was sure at some point I’d be able to
sneak a peak at Marissa with nothing on. Maybe even
turn some of that flirting into action. I was almost
18 - stranger things had happened.

The first week in my new digs was a little bit of an
adjustment for me. It was very strange not to have
someone telling me how to do things all the time. As
much as I liked the new living arrangements I really
didn’t spend that much time at home that first week.
As with anything new, I basically abused the fact I
didn’t have to be home at any certain time. Besides
I was studying most of the time with a small study
group. Not to mention I desperately wanted to get in
the pants of one of my classmates.

One night when I came home late after studying I
noticed all the lights off in the house and assumed
Marissa and her boyfriend had already gone to bed. I
quietly let myself in and let my eyes adjust to the
darkness before I moved through the living room to my
room. I was feeling pretty horny (the girl I wanted
to fuck in my study group had been teasing me all
night) and I was looking forward to stroking my cock
for some relief.

As I moved toward my room I noticed Marissa’s door
slightly ajar with a dull blue light flickering off
the white walls. Not wanting to be too much of a
voyeur I only stole a quick glance through the open
door not really expecting to see anything. I expected
that the two of them must’ve fallen asleep and left
the television on.

My eye caught a sudden movement from about the middle
of the bed. I froze in my tracks. Could this be what
I thought it was? A low throaty moan filled the silent
house and instantly I knew I was right. I instinctive-
ly moved forward toward the door hoping I could get an
unobstructed view of Marissa.

The light from the television was enough for me to see
that she was on top of her boyfriend riding him with
slow rhythmic hip motions. Her tan back arched as her
hands reached back behind her supporting herself on his
muscular thighs.

His cock jetted up into her as he tried to match her
hip motions. I had never actually seen someone having
sex live before. I’d seen lots of porno, but this was
absolutely amazing. I could hear her wetness as her
boyfriend’s cock moved in and out of her. I could
smell the thick pungent aroma of her musk. The scent
was so alluring I actually felt my rock-hard cock
twitch every time I inhaled. It was going to be great
living here.

Marissa increased her hip motion and I could see her
boyfriends hard cock penetrate her deeper and deeper
as he raised his hips off the bed and started humping
forward with all his might. I could see Marissa’s
tight ass bounce back against his hard thighs as his
assault continued. Her moans became louder and louder
and her breathing had suddenly become deeper and much

My cock strained painfully against the fabric of my
jeans begging for freedom. I didn’t want to move from
my prime spot, but I had to get out of my clothes. I
was ten times hornier now than I was just five minutes
before. Stroking my cock was now no longer a simple
pleasure; it was a necessity.

Marissa’s moans grew louder and louder and I could hear
the two of them slapping their tight bodies together as
she sped up and he obviously matched her speed. I could
hear his breathing getting louder and louder and I knew
he wasn’t going to be able to handle it much longer. I
was surprised he had lasted as long as he had. I know
I would’ve shot off as soon as Marissa’s top came off.

I quickly, but as quietly as I could, raced into my
room and stripped off my jeans and boxers. I could
feel the pre-cum wetting the side of my leg as my cock
rested against my thigh. I don’t think I had ever had
so much pre-cum before. My cock was as hard as it had
ever been. The swollen purple head was glistening with
pre-cum and I was afraid if I touched it right now I
was going to explode. I could feel my balls tighten
up, cum boiling up ready to blast-off when I stroked

Marissa had moved forward now and was resting her tits
on her boyfriend’s chest as her hips and ass bucked
wildly on his erection. I took up my position just
outside the door again and slowly pinched my pierced
nipple. I had found out by accident that I got really
turned on when I played with my nipple-ring while jerk-
ing off.

My gaze was glued on Marissa’s soaked pussy stuffed
with hard cock. Her boyfriend had bent his knees and
was thrusting upward with his hips as Marissa was
bucking down. Even with the bad light from the TV I
could see droplets of moisture on Marissa’s swollen
pussy lips as she enveloped her boyfriend. As she
moved upward I could see her pink lips stretched to
their limits and wrapped so tightly around his cock
that part of her seemed to be stuck to him. I couldn’t
imagine how wonderful a feeling that must be. I had
had sex twice, but it was nothing like what I was
watching now.

My hand slowly wrapped around my swollen dick, I
couldn’t take it any more. I was starting to feel
pain deep down in my balls that told me I needed to
cum. I started at the tip taking some of the pre-cum
and massaging it over the very swollen rim feeling a
sudden rush shoot through my entire body. I was
standing up and I swore my knees almost buckled. I
worked the head of my cock and the rim with pre-cum
for a few seconds as I watch Marissa begin to buck
harder and harder.

I knew she was going to explode at any minute. The
underside of my cock was really sensitive; I only
touched it once and knew if I did it again I was
finished. Consciously I avoided direct contact with
the most sensitive part of my erection and began
stroking my smooth shaft. God it felt good! Almost
as good as the first time I discovered what stroking
my cock could do.

I slowly rubbed up and down the length of my pre-cum-
lubricated rod stopping at the rim and returning down
to the base. I had to do it slowly as any speed
would’ve sent me over the edge. I wasn’t ready to
shoot off just yet.

Marissa’s head was now buried against her boyfriend’s
shoulder. Her blond hair was hanging down over her
face and her hips moved at a top speed. Her powerful
ass was smacking so hard against her boyfriend that
it sounded like someone was getting slapped. The sound
was so erotic that I started stroking my cock faster
and faster. I had never heard anything like it before.

Suddenly I heard a loud crack and I saw her boyfriend
reach out and smack Marissa’s hard ass with his hand.
He did it again and again while Marissa started bucking
wildly spasmodically on top of him. He sat bolt up
right and her low moans became so loud I was sure
people down the block could hear her.

"I’m cuming!" she shouted and arched her back pointing
her huge tits toward the ceiling. I was mesmerized as
her body convulsed on top of her boyfriend’s cock and
without even knowing it I began stroking the underside
of my cock at warp speed. My knees buckled and I had
to hold my breath or I would’ve surely shouted out in
ecstasy as I exploded all over the rug. I shot out
like a cannon, hitting the floor about ten feet away.
My cock twitched and twitched as it pumped out more
cum then I thought I could hold. The feeling that
overcame me was so overwhelming I thought I might pass
out. I could feel my thighs screaming; my whole body
was one tense mass of muscles.

I steady myself against the wall peering back into the
room. I wasn’t sure if they had heard me and frankly
at that point I didn’t care. I had just experienced
the best orgasm of my young life. When I looked back
into the room I noticed that Marissa had slid off her
boyfriend’s chest and was now bobbing her head up and
down on his huge erection.

I had not realized how big he actually was until I saw
his full length not buried inside Marissa. Her hand
worked up and down his shaft as her full lips concen-
trated on just the tip. I knew he must like that; his
head was thrown back against the pillow and it was
obvious he was about to explode. Marissa kept up her
pace and I could hear her powerful mouth sucking hard
on his wet cock. He was groaning and moaning loudly;
his body suddenly went as stiff as his cock and he
exploded with a loud grunt.

I expected Marissa to move off his erupting erection,
(the three girls who had blown me moved so fast I was
sure they had developed whiplash) but to my surprise
her head never moved and she never missed a beat. She
kept stroking his cock, milking all his cum from deep
inside his balls as she expertly sucked him all off.
She didn’t let a drop go to waste.

I was fully aroused again, but didn’t want to take a
chance on getting caught so I quickly crawled back to
my room to blow off another load. I was about to close
when I heard Marissa calling my name. Not sure if she
knew that I had just watch her in the most amazing
fuck-fest I had ever seen I decided to just stick my
head out from around the corner of the door. I
tentatively touched my cock as I looked at her.

"Next time why don’t you come in and give us a hand.
I’d like to see your hard cock explode all over these.”
She smiled an evil seductive smile and squeezed her
enormous jugs together, then disappeared back inside
her room. I came against the door jam without even
realizing I had started stroking my cock again. Was
she serious?

I knew living there was going to be great.

16 5 / 2014

This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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A Woman’s Best Friend


Rita poured herself a glass of wine, put a CD on repeat
play, lit the fire in the fireplace, threw some pillows
on the floor and stretched out to relax. She didn’t lay
there long before Tiger walked in and gave her a wet
kiss on the cheek.

Tiger was her dog. A two year old Labrador/Shepherd
that she raised from a puppy. She put her arm around
him and scratched his ears.

"Tiger you silly dog. You’re always here when I need
you, aren’t you.”

Rita was having second thoughts about her decision not
to go out bar hopping this evening with her girlfriend.
As much as she loved sex, at twenty-five she was
getting bored with the bar scene and the guys that she
was meeting. If only she didn’t enjoy her freedom and
independence so much, she might consider settling in
with one guy. That is, if she could find one guy that
was worth while.

"Damn it Tiger, why isn’t this like the fairy tales? I
kiss you and you turn into prince charming.”

Tiger sat down near her face and looked at her as if
he was actually listening.

"Whadda ya think, Tiger? Is this bod good enough for
prince charming?”

Rita stretched her five-foot frame out and admired
herself. Even though she was lying on her back, her
tits formed excellent mounds on her chest. Her nipples
formed distinct bumps showing through the silk pajama
top. She ran a hand over her taut stomach muscles then
slipped her hand down to the closely trimmed pubic
hair. She could feel it through the material. She
raised a leg and flexed her muscle. Many years of
dance class had assured that her legs were shapely and

She filled her glass again and drank the wine delibe-
rately. She had a warm buzz from the drinks. She
dropped her hand to her crotch and lay back thinking
lascivious thoughts. Rita was a woman who was always
horny, she didn’t need the wine to prompt her to begin
masturbating but it helped. Her nipples hardened as
her finger rubbed softly against her clit. She began
slowly pinching a hard nipple with one hand while she
massaged her button. She wasn’t about to get herself
off, just in the mood to feel good.

She stopped when she heard a thump thump noise next to
her. She turned her head and saw Tiger busily scratch-
ing himself. He was sitting facing her, one hind leg
splayed out at an angle while the other was busy
scratching at his chest.

"Oh shit Tiger, not fleas again. I just got rid of the
last batch.”

As she watched, she saw the red tip emerge from the
dogs prick sheath. For some reason this caught her
interest. As the dog scratched rapidly the emerging
cock hypnotized her. She watched the large fuzzy
sheath slap from side to side as the dog scratched.
She watched his big balls bounce up and down.

"Tiger, you’re just like a guy. You see me masturbating
and start jacking yourself off,” she laughed as she
resumed fingering herself. The emerging red cock still
held her attention and her pussy was beginning to get
very wet.

The red cock was about half way out of the sheath and
Rita could see the large knot outlined in the sheath.
She remembered someone telling her about dog cocks and
the wonderful knot. She had just never taken it
seriously before but now she was very interested. She
contemplated the cock. It didn’t have a flaring head
the way a guy’s cock does; rather it sort of came to
a point. It looked shiny; probably all slick and ready
to slip right into a waiting cunt she thought.

Rita was overcome with an urge to feel the cock. She
rolled over and delicately touched the scarlet shaft
that was half way out. It was very hard and very warm.
Not quite as slippery as it appeared. She moved her
hand down onto the sheath of furry skin that encased
the remainder of the shaft and the knot. She wanted
to feel the knot. Tiger’s skin was soft, covered in
silky fur. She lightly touched the hard knot, unsure
of what Tiger’s reaction might be. His scratching
slowed and she began to gently squeeze the bulge. It
wasn’t soft like the balls of the men she had fucked;
it was very firm and solid feeling.

Rita began stroking the cock within the shaft. Tiger
stopped scratching and stood up, but did not move away.

“Tiger you horny dog. You like that, don’t you? You
know what baby, I kinda like it too.” Rita’s pussy
tingled slightly as she said that, her nipples rubbed
against her pajama top. A feeling of wantonness crept
over her.

Rita positioned herself under Tiger and continued
stroking the hard cock. The red dick got longer as it
came out of the sheath. The hard knot moved toward the
end. Rita became very hot as she watched the cock and
knot respond to her hand job. She moved her hand to
the red cock and grasped it firmly and began jacking
it off. The dog started humping his ass in response
to her activity. The knot burst out of the shaft and
Rita marveled at the size of the cock and the knot.

"Damn baby, that’s as nice a cock as I’ve seen on any
guy I’ve had. Ummm and I’ve had my share.”

Rita wrapped both hands around the cock. She could get
both her hands around it and there was still an inch
or so of red dick sticking out. Her fingers barely
made it around the circumference.

"Shit, you must be a seven or eight incher baby. I bet
you make a lot of dogs happy.”

Tiger continued humping Rita’s hand. She removed one
hand from the cock and felt the hard knot as she
whipped the red shaft back and forth. Rita was getting
very excited by this hard cock and wanted to get the
dog to cum. She stroked his cock rapidly for what
seemed to be many minutes. Suddenly the dog shot his
cum all over her. He shot several times and she was
amazed at how much cum came out.

She got up to get a cloth to clean up the mess on her
and the floor. On an impulse she dabbed a finger in
the sticky cum on her face and then licked it. Not as
salty as a man, a slightly different taste that she
couldn’t place. A taste that was now registered in her
brain as dog cum. Tiger sat down and began to lick his
cock. The red shaft disappeared back into the furry

“You’re the first guy that I ever did who finished
himself off with his own tongue,” she laughed.

Rita cleaned up, sat down and poured herself some more

"God damn," she thought, "I can’t believe that I just
jacked off my dog. That I jacked him off and it was
fun. Damn, I wish I could remember who it was that
told me about dog cock. I’d love to talk to them now.”

Try as she might, no name came to her. She felt a need
to share her experience with someone who would under-
stand, who might tell her more. A few more glasses of
wine and Rita was drifting off to sleep.

The next morning she felt a little bit guilty. It was
just the wine she convinced herself. Tiger came in and
wagged his tail.

"Don’t get your hopes up pooch. That was a one time
thrill for us. You stick to fucking dogs and I’ll stick
to people.”

Tiger just wagged his tail and nuzzled Rita. She hugged
the dog.

"Oh well, at least I know you won’t kiss and tell.
That’s a big plus in your favor. And I gotta admit,
Tiger, that cock is as fine as any.”

The next few days were uneventful except that Rita
occasionally would have thoughts about the big cock
on her dog. She remembered the taste of his cum on
her finger. She had always been sexually adventurous.
She enjoyed sex with women as well as men and had
experimented with B&D and S&M. For all she had done
and all the fantasies that she had dreamed, sex with
a dog had never occurred to her. Now it seemed that
the door had been opened. Perhaps it was just the fact
that it was terribly taboo, perhaps it was just that
she had become bored with her sex life. Or, most
frightening of all, perhaps it was something that was
going to take her to new sexual pleasures.

She decided to venture into that world again. This
time she would not have her usual several glasses of
wine to blame. She came home from work with a definite
intention to feel Tigers big cock once again. To jack
him off and taste his slick cum. She wanted to know
why the memory was haunting her.

After supper she showered and slipped on a robe. She
kicked a few pillows into a pile on the floor and sat
down. She called Tiger and he gladly came over to her.
She put her arm around him, hugged him and petted him.
He licked her face and wagged his tail. She slid her
hand under his belly and began feeling his firm cock
inside it’s sheath. She ran her hand up and down the
length of it and then caressed his balls. They were
large and hard and moved in response to her gentle
squeezing. How different than a man they were. No big
sagging bag here, just taut skin holding two large

"Wadda ya think Tiger, d’ya like having your cock
scratched? Fucked any good bitches in the last few
days? No? Then I bet you’ve got a helluva load of
cum built up, huh?”

Rita grasped the cock more firmly and began to stroke
it. As she ran her hand to the end of the sheath she
could feel the cock coming out. It was slick feeling
and very warm. She lay down and moved her head under
Tiger. She wanted to watch as the big red meat emerged
from its protective sheath. She wanted to watch as the
knot traveled down the tunnel and burst out. Her loins
were getting hotter. Without her even touching it, her
pussy was starting to moisten. Her nipples grew hard
and sensitive.

She rubbed one hand over her hard nipples. She began
pinching her nipples as she saw the thick red dick
half way out. She pulled her nipples and squirmed with
excitement. This was better than the first time she
thought. She rubbed the knot in the sheath and tiger
began to hump. Rita began fingering her pussy rapidly.
She grabbed the half of the ruby rod that was exposed
and squeezed it, stroked it. The big cock came all the
way out of the sheath as Tiger humped happily. Then
the knot pushed it’s way into view.

Rita was rubbing her clit wildly with her thumb as she
rammed two fingers in and out of her cunt. She felt
the cunt juice begin to dribble out of her. She worked
her hips against her fingers. The hot dog cock in her
other hand felt enormous. Her body wrenched as she
brought herself off. She shot cum all over her fingers
as the charge went through her body. She stared at the
red boner in her hand, at the big knot at the end of
it, at the dog’s ass humping frantically for her.

"Ohhhhh, yaeeeeee, ohhhhh, godddd. Oh, that’s good."

Her outburst startled Tiger. She quickly pulled her
hand out of her crotch and wrapped it around the dog
and held him. The hand on the dog’s cock kept up the
steady stroking. The dog stayed, obviously enjoying
getting jacked off.

Without thinking, Rita moved her head closer to the
shaft and pulled it down to her lips. She stuck out
her tongue and licked the end. The strange taste was
there. She licked all around the pointed cock end as
she stroked it firmly. She moved up so that she could
get better access. She licked the length of the long
red shaft. When she got to the knot, she opened her
mouth and sucked at the knot, partially drawing it
into her mouth. The feel of the knot on her lips
drove her crazy; it was like no cock she had ever

She had fucked and sucked one guy who had a big round
knob for the head of his dick. This knot was something
like that but so much harder. To her surprise, when
she released her grip on Tiger’s hard shaft so that
she could lick it up and down, he continued to hump.
He liked getting his cock licked! Damn.

Rita resumed finger fucking her wet pussy as she curled
her tongue over the dog’s cock. Licking up and down,
always pausing to give that marvelous knot extra
attention. Her cunt throbbed as she rammed her fingers
in and out. She was now wishing she had thought to have
her dildo handy, still, she was not going to stop now
to get it.

Then as she worked her way away from the knot towards
the end of the crimson cock she felt the dribble of
warm liquid on her cheek. The precum she assumed
because she remembered the volume of cum that Tiger
was capable of shooting. This was just a dribble. When
her mouth got to the pointed end, she pulled the hard
cock into her mouth. Now she began sucking and licking
the hot cock. Tiger fucked her face now, humping hard
and fast as Rita’s mouth felt like a pussy to him.

She felt the hard meat bang against her throat. She
squeezed it with her lips as it slid in and out of her
mouth. She tasted the dog and loved it. She pushed her
tongue into the pee hole and could feel the tip of her
tongue spread it open. Rita’s cunt was raging as she
reveled in the wanton act of sucking her dog, finger
fucking herself.

Rita pinched at her clit and rolled it between her
thumb and forefinger. She pushed her tits up against
the soft fur of Tiger’s chest and rubbed her nipples
against him. The fur felt exquisite against her sen-
sitive nipples. Her pussy raged with fire. The hard
cock rammed in and out of her mouth. She felt the dog
stiffen and then felt the warm cum flood into her
mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could as wave
after wave of hot canine cum shot into her. The
feeling of the hot cum flooding her put her over the
edge and she had a magnificent orgasm. She fucked
herself wildly with her fingers as she sucked at the
cock. She banged her ass up and down on the floor,
fucking furiously as the orgasm tripped through her

She dropped Tiger’s cock from her mouth and relaxed.
Her mouth was sore from the intense sucking. She lay
beneath the dog and admired the hard red shaft above
her as he continued to hump slightly. The long cock
waved back and forth above her face. She reached up
and kissed it.

"Shit, I must be crazy. Tiger, that’s the best cock
I’ve ever sucked. You stupid dog, you don’t even know
what you have, do you? Ohhh, damn. This is insane.”

Rita lapsed into some serious soul searching. She was
sure that some woman had told her about fucking her
dog, but she couldn’t remember who it was. Or did she
dream it?

Well she hadn’t had any wine up to now, but she felt
she needed a drink. Rita got up as Tiger busied him-
self licking his cock. She looked at the long tongue
wrap around the disappearing red shaft.

"Hell Tiger, with a tongue like that, you don’t need
me do you?”

Rita poured a large glass of wine and flopped on the
couch. Pandora’s box appeared to be open. The first
time was an accident brought on by the wine - maybe.
This time she did it deliberately and liked it. Where
is this going to go, she thought. A little more wine
and some more mental arguing with herself until she
fell asleep on the couch, she was exhausted.

When Rita awoke the next day she thought about her
episode the night before. To her surprise, she didn’t
have any guilt feelings. She actually felt good; she
had enjoyed it, why should she feel guilt. The dog
wasn’t hurt; in fact, he seemed to enjoy it. The only
thing that bothered her was the annoying recollection
of some woman telling her something about sex with a

At work that morning Rita had a difficult time con-
centrating. If she wasn’t thinking about Tiger and
his big hard cock, she was thinking about the woman.
The woman.. it was a woman, she was certain…. A red
headed woman…..A rather plain looking red headed
woman at a party….. Sally’s Christmas party!….
That was it!….. The memory returned. She now re-
called the woman being a bit drunk and telling her in
confidence that she liked getting fucked by her dog.
Her husband had interrupted them and pulled the woman

"Hi Sally. It’s Rita. Good and yerself. … Look, the
reason I’m calling is that I’m trying to get in touch
with a lady I met at your Christmas party. I lost her
number….. She was a sort of mousy redhead about
thirty. She was with her husband…..Yeah that sounds
like her… Grace, huh… OK, thanks for the number.”

That evening Rita called Grace. She wasn’t sure why.
She just wanted some support or some clue as to what
she was feeling. She wasn’t sure what to say.


"Hello, is this Grace?


"My name’s Rita, we met at Sally Trent’s Christmas
party, I doubt if you remember me.”

"Oh dear, I’m afraid I drank a bit too much, I can’t
say that you sound familiar.”

"I guess we were all feeling pretty good that night.
But you were telling me about your dog.”

"Oh no! I hope I didn’t say anything embarrassing. Oh

"Not at all, not at all. He sounded very special to
you and I have a dog and I just wanted to talk to
another dog lover.”

"Oh my, that’s an interesting way of putting it. Is
your dog a big dog?”

"Yes, he’s like a German Shepherd."

"Hmmm, yes. That’s a very good size. I have a Doberman.
Is there anything in particular that you wanted to talk

"Ummmmm, wellll, I was just wondering what you do when
your dog gets frisky, I mean….”

"You mean when the dog gets horny. Have you been
noticing your dog getting aroused?”

"Well, yes. But what you said at the party…. I
thought that you…well….oh, maybe I was mistaken.”

"No, that’s all right dear. Look, why don’t you tell
me what I said to you. I just don’t remember a thing.”

"Well, you said that you liked doing it…. I mean,
you and your dog did….ahhm…oh, never mind.”

"Oh goodness, did I say something about sex and my

"Yes, yes, that’s it."

"And now you’ve tried it with your dog or you want to
try it?”

"Well yes. Sort of."

Grace laughed “Oh my darling, welcome to the club. What
can I tell you?

Rita was suddenly relieved, “Well I haven’t actually
done it yet. I was just sort of wondering how to go
about it.”

"Why don’t you tell me what you’ve accomplished so far
and we’ll take it from there. Believe me darling,
you’ll love what you have waiting for you.”

Rita filled Grace in on what had happened thus far.
Grace then gave Rita some instructions on how to teach
Tiger to fuck her. She also told her about the joy of
getting the knot into her, and about getting him to
eat her pussy. The knot and the tongue Grace had said.

That night, Rita sat on the edge of her bed, naked
with her legs spread wide. Tiger watched as Rita
finger fucked her pussy until she was pleasantly wet.
She called Tiger over and put her finger to his nose.
He licked her finger. She pulled his nose to her
crotch and as the dog sniffed her cunt juice, Rita
reached down and began to stroke his cock. As she felt
the furry dick and hard balls she became a little more
excited. The dog immediately began to lick at the
pussy spread before him.

Tiger was catching on very quickly. As he licked Rita’s
hot cunt, his cock began to come out. Rita felt the
shaft emerging as she stroked the cock. The tongue dug
into her pussy. Rita contorted herself to spread her
legs even more so that the dog could better lick her
hot opening. The faster she stroked his cock the more
her pussy pumped out juice, and the more juice, the
more the dog licked. Rita felt the big cock come all
the way out of the sheath. She felt the solid knot at
the end of the hard shaft.

She wrapped her hand around the hard meat and began
stroking it in a firm grip. The cock felt good in her
fist as she worked it back and forth. She rubbed her
thumb over the end, feeling the hole, feeling the
slick precum oozing out. Tiger dug his tongue into her
pussy as he sought the sweet pussy juice. No man or
woman had ever buried a tongue so deeply into her. She
could feel the rough tongue search around inside her.
The press of Tiger’s nose against her clit sent
shudders through her body. She wanted to get the dog
to fuck her, even though this pussy licking was so
good that she didn’t want it to stop.

Tiger arched his back and humped the air as Rita
yanked on his hot cock. The hard shaft slid in and out
of Rita’s hand. She grabbed the knob and squeezed it.
Grace had raved about the knot; Rita felt it with
anticipation. Tiger’s cock was long and thick and
seemed to get harder in Rita’s hand.

The tongue was having a delicious effect on Rita. She
felt herself approaching an orgasm. She pushed her
cunt into Tiger; his nose rubbed wildly against her
clit. She could feel his teeth rubbing against the
lips of her pussy. The tongue deep inside, lapped at
the walls of her cunt. She resisted screaming as her
orgasm came on. The dog went crazy at the taste of
this rush of hot cum. Rita’s ass ground into the bed
as she felt the hot flash of her sexual peak.

Rita was now desperate to have that hard dog cock in
her. She scooted her ass to the edge of the bed. She
pulled Tiger’s front legs up around her, drawing his
cock closer to her waiting pussy lips. She reached
down and grabbed the hot cock and rubbed the end of
it against her clit. The dog started to hump slightly
as she rubbed his dick around her pussy. He seemed
to be searching for her opening. Rita continued to
enjoy the hard cock rubbing against her clit. Then
she pushed it down to her waiting hole.

Her pussy was wet from the licking of the dog and the
secretions of her cunt. The big cock slipped in easily.
Once the cock was at the opening, Tiger pushed in.
Instinct told him what to do. He began humping his
cock into Rita. His paws dug into her sides as he
fucked her rapidly. The cock was long and thick and
filled Rita with hot motion. The dog fucked her harder
than she had ever been fucked before.

She felt the knot banging against her labia but unable
to penetrate. The knot was large enough that it rubbed
against her clit causing her wonderful sensations.
Tiger fucked furiously, without letup. Rita reached
down and felt the hard cock and knot that was banging
into her. She felt the cunt juice dripping out of her.
The cock felt hotter now than before. The knot felt
like a rock trapped in the shaft.

Rita put her legs around Tiger’s ass and pulled him
into her. She wanted that knot inside her. She was
insane with lust for this hard dog cock. She rammed
her pussy into Tiger’s cock as he drove into her. The
dog fucked with enormous energy. Rita put her fingers
around the knot and pushed it into her cunt as she
pulled the dog’s ass with her legs. She felt a rush
as the knot spread her cunt wide. She rammed her pussy
into the knot and held the dog tightly as he continued
trying to hump her. She allowed him only enough motion
to work the knot back and forth in her cunt. Rita
ground her cunt against the hard knot, the big cock
deep inside her. The dog continued to fuck furiously
even though she allowed his cock to move only a short
distance in and out of her.

The sensation of the knot was everything that Grace
had said it would be. Rita was burning with the hot
passion of a great orgasm. She felt Tiger begin to
shoot hot cum into her pussy. As before, his cum
gushed out. Enormous amounts it seemed. This flood of
dog cum into her cunt sent Rita into another glorious
orgasm. And the dog’s cock continued to stay hard as
steel in her pussy. The knot ground against the walls
of her pussy. Rita strained to have her pussy clamp
down on the hot animal cock inside her. She wanted
to drain every drop of cum from this magnificent tool.
She worked her ass madly in response to the animal
humping into her.

Rita lay back on the bed, her legs spread wide. Her
pussy still agape after the big knot and hard cock had
pulled out. She felt the rough tongue of Tiger licking
the cum and juice dripping from her cunt. She was
exhausted yet still the lightening bolts shot through
her as the tongue danced around her lips. She wanted
him to stop; yet it felt so good that she could only
lay there and enjoy it. The dog licked the cum from
her thighs. She looked down at him, she could see that
his crimson cock still hung from the sheath, still
hard. If only she had the energy, she was sure that
he would gladly fuck her some more.

She lay there for a while, enjoying the glow of a
good fuck. Finally she got up, showered, and rubbed
her aching pussy with soothing oil. Rita went to the
refrigerator and removed a large steak. She broiled
it rare.

"Here Tiger, come here boy. You deserve this baby. Eat
up now, I want you to have plenty of energy.” Rita
laughed to herself.

The next day she called Grace. She couldn’t wait to
share her success with her. Grace congratulated her,
told her that some women have to try several times
before the dog learns how to fuck a woman.

"Some women?" Rita asked. "How many women do you know
that are fucking their dogs?”

"Oh, quite a few" replied Grace. "A few of us meet
occasionally and compare notes…..or compare dogs.”
she laughed.

"Do you think I could….."

"Meet some others sometime? Probably, I’ll ask them
and let you know.”

Rita thought about it. This could turn out to be a
lot of fun.

The End

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Send the original… Regardless, this one looks good…

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Authors name: George M. Smith
Story title : Alternate Pleasures

Being a widower at the age of 67, Wilhelm Geiger, a wealthy retired stock broker, had only recently wedded a blonde Greek goddess, a trophy wife, Karen, aged 23. Wilhelm (or “Willy,” as Karen affectionately called him) had discovered her as a dancer in a topless and sometimes bottomless bar. Their brief, but whirlwind courtship had seemingly returned a great deal of life to Willy’s aging cock and shriveling balls, all of which responded regularly to Karen’s almost constant attention. His Jaguar, his mansion, his bank account, and his brokerage account, plus her expectancy of outliving him made Karen willing, really most anxious, to wed with Willy, even if he couldn’t get it up more than once or twice a week, and then after only a great deal of sucking on his limp cock.

While eager to possess her sweet pussy for his frequent dining at the “Y” sessions and having her continue to suck his cock, Willy, having endured two very expensive divorces, was most insistent on having an iron-clad pre-marital property settlement agreement, which would leave Karen only a nominal sum if they were ever to divorce. In return, Willy agreed to make a will leaving Karen $50,000,000.00, subject to stated conditions. Although the conditions were not numerous, the will provided that she would receive absolutely nothing if it could ever be proved that she had had any sexual
relations whatsoever with any other man following the date of their marriage. Instead of Karen, anyone who could prove a violation of her vow of faithfulness would be the actual recipient of the $50,000,000.00. Considering their respective life expectancies and that Willy had only recently suffered a mild heart attack, Karen gambled on her being able to be satisfied with only the occasional boring suck and fuck sessions with Willy and her frequent fingering of her pussy. If anything, she figured that she might be able actually to fuck him to an early death, perhaps even the infamous “death in the saddle.”

Karen managed well with their infrequent naked sessions for about a year after the wedding. She intentionally wore herself out at the gym at least three times a week, did some jogging, and played tennis with only women partners and women opponents on weekends. Nude before her full-length mirror she was proud of her still youthful figure, her tight ass, and firm breasts. Almost constantly in need of sexual release, she would masturbate before the mirror, occasionally making use of her battery-powered 10” dildo. She was damned if she was going to risk losing $50,000,000.00 just to get a much needed cock fuck. Willy’s eating of her snatch and his limp cock would have to do for now at least.

It was only then that she happened to read an article about a woman having had sex with an animal. Karen, of course, was familiar with stories about sheepherders fucking their furry ewes, but the reversal of roles with animals actually mounting and cock fucking women was a revelation to her. The woman writer of the magazine article related apparently satisfying experiences with her mastiff dog and set forth a telephone number for any inquiries. Willy had often mentioned that, for security purposes, they should have one or more guard dogs in the fenced estate. If her lawyer now advised her that having sex with a dog would not jeopardize her inheritance, this could be the solution to her yearning for a more vibrant and frequent cock fucking of her cunt, which was slowly gathering cobwebs from inactivity with old, but loveable Willy.

Still full of great doubt, plus the weirdness of it all, Karen hesitatingly called the listed number and spoke at great length with the woman at the other end. The woman identified herself only as “Helen,” and freely talked with Karen about her having satisfactory and frequent sex with her huge dog, “King.” Helen said that she was now 67, but still liked to be doggy cock fucked regularly and often, and that King was actually her third stud dog that had been providing her fucking needs regularly since the death of her husband some 15 years ago.

It seems that she had stumbled on her good fortune quite by accident when she noticed that her first stud dog, a male collie, untrained for the task but animated by nature, had a great interest in sniffing her crotch. Even through her panties, his cold nose had excited her so much that she had taken to doing her daily housework in the nude, at least from the waist down, just to let him sniff her pussy even closer. Poking around in her crotch with his wet nose and lapping her snatch with his rough tongue, he was able to bring her off with successive orgasms. Pussy licking sessions, with Helen sitting on the sofa with her legs spread out wide, then became a regular, almost a daily, happening, so much so that Helen had even shaved her mound smooth for better licking by the eager dog. As he was not particular which woman’s crotch he sniffed, for fear of embarrassment, and not wishing to discourage the dog from sniffing and licking her snatch, Helen could no longer permit the dog to be around any of her female guests.

While sniffing and licking her shaven snatch seemed to satisfy the dog, Helen had noticed that this caused the dog’s prick to poke out from its furry shield, somewhat thinner, perhaps, but almost to the length of a man’s average length cock. Helen, of course, was familiar with the mating habits of dogs and how they mounted their bitch from behind for fucking. Her curiosity became an obsession, and she actually had night-time dreams about being in the nude on her hands and knees, butt cheeks spread, with the dog sniffing her asshole and licking her cunt from behind, then mounting and fucking her pussy doggie fashion. In her mind she queried: Why not give it a try? What was there to lose? Certainly not her virginity. No need for a condom. She lived alone, so who would ever know? How could it harm anyone? Certainly the dog wouldn’t complain. She said, “By God, I’m going to try it and soon, … tonight! It certainly would be nice to have a cock in my cunt after years of widowhood, even it is a dog’s cock.”

Helen then told Karen that she had stripped naked and then brought the original stud dog, the collie, into her bedroom. While sitting on the edge of the bed the dog had obligingly licked her pussy, giving her fantastic orgasm after orgasm. In the early stages, the dog wasn’t much on licking her breasts, but, with great patience, encouragement, and some peanut butter rubbed on her tits, this came later.

Then with hesitation and trepidation, the shame of it all, even thinking of being fucked by a dog, certainly no man would ever want to put his manly cock in her again, Helen went to the carpet and got down on her hands and knees sidewise to her full-length mirror, spreading her butt cheeks getting in the exact position she had seen neighborhood dogs in heat, waiting for the joinder of the stud’s cock in her pussy. As could have been expected, the collie approached her waiting naked ass and started sniffing about her butt cheeks and bung with his cold wet nose and tongue. Even if nothing further were to happen, the dog’s licking of her asshole made the experiment a resounding success, which she could repeat often. But Helen’s wildest dreams were yet to come. She then felt the dog’s paws on her back, inching up on her tender skin toward her shoulders, reminding her to have his toenails clipped if they were ever to do this shameful and shocking thing again. The chagrin of it all, and her with grandchildren, a grandmother about to be fucked by a dog! The dog’s cock was now fully extended from its furry shield and looked to be at least 6” long. The view in the mirror, with the collie about to plunge her pussy, was awesome.

It was only then that she felt the rhythmic bucking back and forth of the dog’s hindquarters and the tickling of his man-sized cock between her ass cheeks rubbing her bung. Before her full-length mirror she could see the dog’s giant cock about to enter her cunt. There was no turning back now, and the animal’s cock fully entered her juicy pussy. With thrust after thrust, the collie’s fucking energy produced an immense ejaculate of dog jism, which slowly oozed out of her pussy, and then panic hit! The dog couldn’t pull its cock out of her cunt and appeared to be stuck in her love hole. While enjoyable and the dog’s orgasms thrilling, the question now became: How do we get separated? Certainly calling 911 was out of the question. However, after a few minutes the dog’s cock relaxed and slipped out of her pussy. With discrete inquiry, Helen learned from her veterinarian that, after fucking a bitch dog, the head of a dog’s cock becomes like a mini balloon preventing premature withdrawal and the loss of any of his sperm that he has just deposited in the bitch. This, no doubt, is one of Mother Nature’s ways of preserving the species! Helen had just willingly — actually enthusiastically — become her collie dog’s personal bitch.

Helen told her that this was her initial discovery of animals-to-women sex. Although she too had heard of sheepherders fucking their sheep, it was beyond her imagination that a dog could give her so much sexual satisfaction. After frequent, sometimes twice daily, fucking her for five years, the collie died, of course, with a smile on his face, only to be succeeded by a somewhat larger sheep dog with a slightly longer, more satisfying cock, which she had herself patiently trained to fuck her, and now King, that she had purchased from a kennel which specialized in training dogs to be women’s intimate bed time and any dull-afternoon companions.

Karen was surprised to know of such specialized dog training schools. Helen said that King had the longest and stoutest cock of the three, one larger than that of her late and lamented husband, and was the ultimate in pussy licking and cunt fucking. Helen said that King was now in the habit of having bedroom privileges, sleeping on her bed almost every night, and that he pouted like a baby if he didn’t get to fuck her frequently. If too exhausted to be fucked by King at her age of 67, Helen said that she often jacked him off and that lately she had even been sucking his man-sized cock for the taste of his delicious doggy cum. King, with his fucking sessions, hand jobs, and now blow jobs, was certainly one happy canine, in his version of doggie heaven.

By this time, the crotch of Karen’s panties was sopping wet with her cunt juices, and she was anxious to learn of the availability of the type of dogs that Helen was telling her about. This couldn’t be just your average dog, that was for sure; and Karen, in need of some vigorous cock fucking, didn’t have the patience to work with an untrained dog, which might only sniff and lick her snatch. Helen gave her the name of the Abercrombie Dog Training School which had trained Helen’s mastiff, King, and which was located only about an hour’s drive from Willy’s mansion. Willy was to be out of town for a weekend’s business trip and didn’t mind that Karen was going guard dog shopping for the security of his otherwise unguarded property.

Karen’s inquiries at the dog school about dogs having sex with women were totally and even rudely rebuffed — how could she even suggest such a thing? — Until she mentioned that she had been referred by Helen, and that Helen was the owner of King, a dog that had been trained at their kennels for just such fucking of women. The topic was then opened for full and frank discussion. Max, the director of the kennel apologized to Karen and explained the necessity of their being very discrete, as their business, if not illegal, was, at least, most private and could be embarrassing to their many wealthy women clients, who would sometimes bring their stud dogs back for refreshers or even advanced training in the art of female satisfaction. Also, it was explained that matching the proper dog to his future mistress and Karen’s proper training prior to the delivery of the dog was absolutely essential for a satisfactory long-term dog-mistress fucking relationship.

Prices were discussed and the director told Karen that the cost could be from $5,000.00 to $10,000.00, depending upon the age of the stud, the girth and length of his cock, and his estimated remaining lifetime of sexual services to his mistress. In no event would any dog be delivered to her until there had been a satisfactory introduction and a sufficient number of trial matings of the dog with her. At the moment Max said that they just happened to have five fully trained stud dogs which she could have try out fuckings with on their premises to determine compatibility and her personal preference of the dog’s unique mating style and the size of its cock. A non-refundable deposit of $1,000.00 and $200.00 for each of the five trial dog fuckings would be required. As Karen wanted to try out all five of the canines for their individual cock fits in her cunt and their fucking style but couldn’t write a check that Willy might discover, she gave Max $2,000.00 in hundred dollar bills. She wanted no evidence of the transaction or the trial doggy fucks to be found around the mansion, and told him that no receipt would be required.

A private room would be provided for the initial confrontation and the remaining trial dog mating sessions. Karen’s first trial stud dog was said to have been in training with the kennel master’s wife and their teenage daughter, having been the objects of his sexual drive for the past few weeks. Max said that such training was customary in their business, as rarely but sometimes, they came across a queer dog who had no interest whatsoever in fucking the cunts of bitches — either dogs or women, for that matter. Such dogs were then diverted to their guard dog program. It was also necessary to train the dog in gentleness in mounting a woman’s bare back before plunging his man-sized cock into her snatch. Karen was told that any dog that she might purchase from their kennel would have to have frequent toe nail clippings on his front paws — or, perhaps, be fitted with little booties — to prevent the scratching of the flesh on her back and that it might be necessary for a few days at least after she takes the dog home to muzzle the dog before having him screw her, as a young stud dog can get very excitable during its first few matings with a fresh pussy in new surroundings…

Karen then met Hilda, the kennel master’s wife, and their teenage daughter, Katrina, who had lost her cherry while training one of their dogs. Her doting father and mother were at least thankful that Katrina didn’t have to be on the pill to be fucked by the dogs and didn’t have to give in to the neighborhood boys for satisfaction, risking disease and pregnancy. The three of them invited Karen to view a videotaped session with the wife and daughter and various of the five stud dogs that were available for purchase at that time.

Karen was greatly impressed with the way that each of the women greeted their dog while fully dressed, petting the animals and hand feeding it with doggie treats. Only then was the dog permitted to nose around and up their skirts that had no panties under them. Both Hilda and Katrina agreed, rather than having hairy mounds, that their smoothly shaven pussies permitted greater satisfaction from the dogs’ rough tongues. The women in the video then removed their dresses, slipping them over their heads, and sat on the edge of the bed naked with their legs spread and their smoothly shaven pussies inviting the dogs’ attention. A viewer of the video could certainly tell that their orgasms, although numerous, were never faked. Only when the dogs seemed to have had enough pussy licking and went to lie down on the carpet did Hilda and Katrina go to the floor and drop to their hands and knees for the fucking by the dogs that they knew was about to come.

Of great interest to Karen was the close-up video shots showing the length and girth of the dogs’ cocks, which were at least the size of most of the cocks of men she had known before marrying Willy. All of them were certainly longer than Willy’s limp prick. The video concluded with the dogs having mounted the women’s bare backs and having had what surely seemed to be satisfying fucks, that is, satisfying to the women and to the now limp-cocked dogs. Both of the dogs spread out on the carpet and licked the other’s cock and balls clean before falling asleep, a friendly canine gesture.

Karen was then told to go to the private room down the hall, strip down naked, and wait for Max and one of the trained dogs to enter the room for her very first training dog fuck. Now naked, Karen was shocked to see the kennel master lead a two-year-old Great Dane of probably 100+ pounds into the room. She was immediately impressed with its monstrous tongue, which was drooling on the carpet. Max said the dog’s name was “Bosco” and that she should call it by name, tell him that he is a good boy, pet him and pat him on the head. Bosco came across the room up to her wide spread legs and her still hairy mound, exposing her eager pussy and, while she petted his head and scratched his ears, the dog familiarized itself with the taste of her moist snatch. In the midst of her first doggie orgasm from pussy licking, Karen feigned embarrassment with her being bare naked with Max, a relative stranger, in the room, but he explained that it was her, not the dog that needed training, and that only in this way could she be a thoroughly satisfied client.

Max said, “Our business survives only on discrete referrals from wealthy women, for we obviously can’t advertise in newspapers or on the radio” (This was before internet where one can probably shop for such dogs today at some dot.com). Max continued, “Therefore, we want only satisfied customers. If one of our dogs is ever in need of retraining or of being taught advanced fucking techniques, you can bring it back for a refresher course and for supervised private couplings with your dog on our premises at any time, there being no charge whatsoever.”

Only then was she permitted to assume the hands and knees bitch dog posture for the approval of both Max and, more importantly, the dog! Max carefully spread Karen’s butt cheeks, fingered some peanut butter over her asshole and led Bosco to mount her back and begin licking and probing her ass and cunt with his man-size cock. When Bosco continued errantly to poke Karen’s asshole with his prick, missing her moist pussy, Max took a gob of peanut butter and rubbed it on the lips of her vagina, then manually guided the dog’s 7” cock to the entrance of Karen’s cunt.

Karen gasped when Bosco rammed the full length of his prick into her pussy and humped her vigorously in and out for what seemed to be at least ten minutes before finally climaxing and filling her swollen vagina with his doggie jism. As Helen had warned her on the telephone, the head of Bosco’s prick then ballooned stretching her vagina and he was unable to withdraw for another two or three minutes after cumming deep inside her love hole, all in all a very satisfactory mating of Bosco with his to-be new mistress. Max explained that the peanut butter would not be required with any of the dogs after their initial fuck with an unfamiliar pussy, but would be helpful on her nipples if she wanted her breasts licked.

After a few more in-house training sessions, the recommended shaving of her pussy by Max, and the trial matings with each of the other four available studs, which episodes were all closely and personally supervised by Max, Hilda, or Katrina watching her being fucked, Bosco was the clear-cut favorite of Karen, his purchase was finalized at $10,000.00, and he went home with Karen and her well-doggy-fucked cunt, of course to Willy as only a guard dog for security purposes. When he wrote the check for his guard dog, Willy thought the price to be outrageous, but, after all, their need for the security of his estate was considerable.

Unfortunately, Willy shortly thereafter had to be hospitalized on account of a relapse of his previous heart attack. Between her frequent fucking sessions in her bedroom with Bosco, who was already sleeping on the carpet at the foot of her bed, but not yet on the bed or under the covers. Karen lovingly visited Willy in the hospital twice daily, between matings with their new guard dog, until things suddenly took a turn for the worse and poor Willy died, leaving Karen her $50,000,000.00 and, of course, her canine lover, Willy’s supposed guard dog, Bosco.

Karen is now in a quandary as to whether to rejoin the dating crowd with her immense wealth for conventional fucking or to remain with Bosco as a grieving widow, for she and the dog are inseparable, and Karen, as Bosco’s bitch, has a number of things yet undone that she is anxious to try out with peanut butter and her wonderful fucking dog mate. Although Bosco seems willing, she has yet to give him either his first jack off or his first blowjob for a drink of his cum, which she has only been able to taste samples of from fingering her fucked cunt. Alone at the mansion, Karen has even been considering another visit to the Abercrombie Dog Training School, naturally for the purchase of another guard dog for more “security.”

She fondly remembered a German Shepherd, “Bismarck,” one of the four other trial dogs, who, during one of the trial sessions had fucked her missionary fashion, licking her tits, while she lay back on an ottoman in the middle of the room. She was told that this was most unusual for a dog and made him very valuable. Hopefully, he hadn’t been sold to someone else. Her telephone call to Max confirmed Bismarck’s availability for a mere $15,000.00. You can appreciate that her security and the need for another guard dog obviously are essential and money, of course, is now no problem. As yet she has not decided where to honeymoon, so to speak, with Bismarck without causing Bosco to become jealous.

Her maid has secretly watched matings with Karen and Bosco and has herself,in fact, frequently made out with Bosco in her own room on occasions while Karen shopped in town. She has indicated to Karen a willingness to keep Bosco happily sucked off, run off, and fucked while Karen sojourns with her new lover dog, Bismarck. So much for the SPCA, cruelty to dumb animals, and the saying that a dog is a man’s best friend!

You ladies, who may be in need of a good fuck and have no ready man around, or some coward who hesitates to eat your pussy will be happy to know that there is no recorded instance of a trained fucking dog either being “too tired” or “having a headache!” May I recommend the Abercrombie Dog Training School? I understand that they now, for a reasonable price, offer hourly sessions, which permits women customers to have a variety of dog matings without even having to purchase a dog.

Max is now in discussion with venture capitalists with the thought of franchising such operations nation, if not worldwide.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life in
anyway shape or form.

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