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And the Camera Clicked - 2
by James Johnstone


A teenager continues blackmailing his mother, first for
naked pictures and then becoming more confident in his
demands. (Fm-teen, nc, inc, mast, oral, blkmail)


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John stepped back down the garden path and into the
house. His eyes took a few moments to adjust to the
darkness, it being so blisteringly sunny outside.
Clutching his camera, he looked out of the kitchen
window. Kate was pulling her bathing suit bottoms back
on. Her legs were buckling after such an intense
orgasm. John laughed at her stumbling around. She
searched the ground by the rosebush for her top. John
filled a glass with water from the sink and downed it
in one go. He watched his mother pick up the top and
begin walking up the pathway. Her head darted like a
startled animal toward the neighbour’s house, and after
a split second she dashed for the house. John watched
her crash through the side door with wide open eyes.

"What’s wrong?" He asked.

"Mr. Reed was watching!" gasped Kate, one arm covering
both her nipples, the other flying madly.

"Really?" grinned John. "I wouldn’t worry. He’s so old
and can hardly see”

"What if he saw? What have you done to me, John!?"

"He’s blind as a bat!" exclaimed John. Kate used her
free hand to make a fist, clenching her hair above her
head while she peered down the garden.

"Fine," John continued, "We won’t do any pictures in
the garden next time.”

"Next time?" Kate brought her fist down to her mouth,
"No John. There’s no next time." John was flicking
through the photographs he’d just captured on the LCD

"John, did you hear me?" she demanded.

"Make me a sandwich, Mom." He commanded. Kate sighed
and turned away, crossing her arms. She was still shaky
from her intense orgasm. John stroked his hand down her
bare back.

"Stop that!" Kate jumped back. John smiled at her, eyes
hovering over her shoulders. She gave a disgruntled
huff, pushed past him and ran upstairs. John followed
to see her disappear into her room and hear the lock
click. John tried the handle but the door was firm.

"Mom, come out. I’m gonna start emailing these out you
know” He spoke through the door.

"Fuck you," came her response.

John retreated to his own room, noting once again what
a good job Kate had done on cleaning it. After firing
up his computer he transferred all the new photos to
the special ‘Some bitch’ folder, each in their own
subfolder. He was building an archive now. He had the
original hardcore set of that fateful night, then her
getting dirty washing the car, and soaked in her
underwear in the bedroom after he attacked her with the
soapy water, and finally this new explicit set in the
garden. The total number must have been approaching two
hundred or so.

As John scanned through the images he was reminded of
how horny ordering about his mother had made him. His
cock had gotten ridged out in the garden, and thinking
about the situation even now made him hot. He opened up
a porno message board which he sometimes posted on, to
look at some random pictures of hotties. Most were the
same, generic porn stars. All fake tits and smiles.
Everything shot in those houses with white walls and
tile floors. He’d see the occasional set shot in an
amateur style with a slightly older woman with real
tits, those were the ones he liked. There wasn’t much
he took a fancy to today.

Sitting back on his chair, he folded his arms and
glanced across posters and shelves on his wall while
biting his lip. He sat rocking gently, thinking to
himself. There was a slight change in the light where a
cloud brushed into front of the sun, cooling the room
for just a moment. As it passed and room was again
bleached by light, John leant forward hit the ‘New
Topic’ button on the message board. Deciding on the car
wash pictures of his mother, he began uploading the
files. He questioned how ethical this was after telling
Kate no one would see these photos, but ‘fuck it’ he
thought. No one would recognise her.

The status bar zoomed up until they were all uploaded
to the forum. He sat thinking of a topic title by which
people would recognise the thread. He could not really
state it was his blackmailed mother. Finally he settled
on ‘Busty unknown Milf washing the car.’ I was not the
most original title but it was to the point. After
double checking all the pictures were on the server he
posted his thread. He watched it pop up at the top of
the message board, and then leant back in his chair.

He lay on his bed, hands behind his head and staring at
the ceiling. He tried to listen for any noises from his
mother’s room, but there were none. All that could be
heard was the whirling of the computer fan. It gave a
strange hypnotic and repetitive noise. He closed his
eyes and fell asleep.

A couple of hours passed. John was awoken at the sounds
of his mother climbing out the shower, the glass in the
door rattling. He started stirring, sitting up and
rubbing his face. It was now considerably cooler in the
house, now some cloud cover had come in to block the
sun. During a large yawn John lent an eye to his
computer screen and remembered the pictures he’d send
out into the world. He sat at his chair and hit refresh
to see if anyone had replied to his thread. They had.
Scrolling down, he trawled through a few responses,
each growing with obscenity;

'Nice, thanks.'

'Wow, she's hot. Such a pretty face. Anyone know who
she is?’

'Fantastic body. Love those tits and ass. Any full
nudity shoots?’

'I'd fuck the shit out of that bitch. Please post

'Holy fuck look at those curves. Hope she does nudity.
I love the wet look. Dirty whore.’

John smiled at the fact all these anonymous internet
guys liked his mom’s body, even if it was the most mild
soft core he could imagine. At best her nipples pushed
through the wet material and the soaked clothes showed
her curves. He knew they’d love the more exposing
stuff. He scratched his leg and stared at the keyboard,
pondering. It didn’t take long for him to decide. He
posted at the bottom of the thread;

'Hey guys. I found out this bitch's name. She's called
Kate Andrews.’

John didn’t even hesitate as he hit the reply button.
He had given away his mother’s real name to strangers,
strangers who were perverting over her body. He knew
these people were groping her body with their eyes,
imagining her in filthy and humiliating situations for
their own pleasure, and now John had given away her
anonymity. Placing his hands behind his head, John felt
a huge rush of power through his body. It felt like
stepping into the sun from the cold. His skin tingled.

John decided he owned these pictures, and his mother.
He genuinely felt like he was the legal owner of her
and could use her as he pleased. Without further
hesitation he decided to make another thread. He titled
it ‘Kate Andrews – Wet in Underwear’, and began
uploading the photos he took after chasing her into her
room while soaking. Within a few minutes the thread was
posted, and John was eagerly awaiting responses. There
was the familiar creaking of his mother going
downstairs which reminded him he had not eaten today.
He would put Kate to use.

Kate was in the kitchen preparing herself a sandwich.
She wore those baggy track bottoms and t-shirt again.
It all looked a couple of sizes too big but very
comfortable and hid her body from unwanted gaze. She
noticed John enter but did not acknowledge him. John
peered over her shoulder to see what she was making.

"That looks good. Make me one will you?" He spoke. Kate
continued spreading butter and cutting. Opening the
fridge, John pulled out a bottle of coke and poured it
into a glass.

"You want one?" he enquired, trying to show some kind
of good will. His mother still acted as though no one
else was in the room. John took a big gulp from the
glass and gave a hearty sigh.

"I’ll be watching TV. Bring it in." John made his way
to the living room. He put his feet up and flicked
through different TV channels. He settled on a
monotonous fly-on-the-wall program about airports.
After a few minutes Kate entered the room by banging
the door open. She threw the plate with sandwich down
on his lap with distain and turned to leave.

"Mom," John voiced, "I really want a cake."

"Go and buy one then." Kate had her hand on the door
handle ready to retreat to the kitchen.

"No, I want you to make one." He finished. Kate turned
to face him, making stern eye contact with one hand on
her waist.

"How much more bullshit are you going to do before you
get bored?”

"I’m no where near bored yet." John answered. "Go and
get all the ingredients out, I’ll be there in a

His mother left the room and John soon heard her
banging cupboards and clanking pans as she found her
baking materials. Noticing what little care had gone
into making the sandwich turned John off eating it. The
butter was all sporadic on the bread and cheese too
thick and just appearing to have been thrown in. He
placed it down on the coffee table in the centre of the
room and went to find his mother. Upon entering he saw
her placing the last of the ingredients on the
sideboard. There were eggs, sugar, flower, chocolate,
icing, and lemons.

"Where are those icing decoration things?" He asked,
"Put some effort in, Mom." Kate stretched above her
head to a cupboard and pulled out the edible stars and
shapes. She slammed the door shut.

"Is this ok now?" She stated sarcastically. Her cheeks
were red with frustration. “Shall I start?”

"Not quite." John smiled. Kate huffed in annoyance. He
opened the cupboard at the end of the sideboard and
pulled out a rolled up red chequered kitchen apron. He
handed it to his mother.

"What? You want me to wear this?" She asked puzzled.

"Yeah," replied John, "But only the apron." Kate let it
unroll to the floor. It was clean but crumpled. It
covered the middle of the wearer’s chest with straps to
go round the neck, widening slightly from the waist
down with ties that did up at the back. She chuckled.

"You really are a sad little boy aren’t you."

"And you’re a filthy slut." He retorted. "Get out of
your clothes.” Kate was still seething, but took the
apron through to the living room. John felt himself
getting excited, his cock started to press against his
jeans. He hastily ran upstairs to fetch his camera. He
got back to the kitchen and sat down on a stool just in
time to see his mother walk through the door. His cock
hardened further at the sight of her. He couldn’t stand
up, she had turned his dick into a rock.

She stood with a straight back making her breasts
prominent on her figure. The square of material on the
chest of the apron only just covered her nipples, the
sides of her boobs exposed. The bottom of it covered
down to her thigh. John instructed her to spin around.
The apron covered little of her ass, but she had left
her black cotton underwear on anyway. The straps tied
at the back playfully swung side to side and against
her bottom as she turned. The straps were the only
thing to cover her otherwise bare back. John had taken
quite a liking to his mother’s slender back, maybe
because it was the part of her body he was most used to
seeing in conversation before all this started. As she
came about to face him John clicked and took the first
picture, a full length body shot.

"I thought you might be taking pictures again." She
sneered. The camera clicked again, and another few

"Are you proud of yourself?" She asked with a tone of
cynicism. John got up off the stool in spite of his
hard on. Moving slowly towards his mom he continued
capturing images of her top half.

"Put your hands on your waist." He ordered. Kate
complied, and even titled her face in that teasing
manner toward the camera lens. Click click the camera

"Now put your hand by your mouth." John continued. Kate
did as she was told.

"Well? Are you proud of yourself?" She repeated mid-

"Very." John said to be matter-of-fact. Kate noticed
his erection as it strained against his jeans.

"Urgh, that’s disgusting." She motioned. "Don’t you
feel like a little freak getting stiff over your own

"You have a great body," He complimented, "but you’re a
fucking whore. I don’t have respect for you, you’re
just meat. Like some bitch in porn.” Kate swallowed a
lump in her throat. She turned her back to him again so
she could get a moment with her own thoughts. John
noticed her stop posing and told her to put her hands
on the wall and stick her ass out. Kate did as she was
told, hoping John did not notice her wiping her eye.

"Ok," John lowered the camera from his eye line, "You
can start cooking now.” Kate moved to the counter while
keeping her back to him. Grabbing a scrunchie from the
table she tied her hair behind her head. She began
cracking eggs and mixing different stuffs into a bowl.
The camera kept on flashing and clicking, with John
occasionally checking the images and smiling at his
growing collection. It was very quiet in the kitchen
now, after the sarcastic tones and arguments all that
could be heard was the spoon banging the side of the
mixing bowl and the mixture thickening.

Kate heard John approach her, but remained concentrated
on the cake. She saw John place the camera next to
where she was working. He placed his hands on the sides
of her waist and positioned his crotch against her
black panties. He pushed hard against her ass, and Kate
felt his bulging erection creeping against her cotton.

"Stop it, what are you doing?" She yelped. Kate moved
forward, her pelvis hard against the work surface. John
moved with her, grinding his crotch against her bottom,
keeping her pressed against the counter.

"Keep mixing." He whispered. John bent his knees to
push his bulge against her pussy. One hand found its
way under the apron and cupped her breast. He explored
the fleshy mound, feeling with his fingers its
wonderful smooth texture. He began gently massaging it
in circles and squeezing. Kate was static, only very
slowly moving the spoon around the bowl. John kept this
up for a few moments before putting both hands back on
her sides and sliding them slowly down her body. His
fingers hooked into the rim of her underwear.

"John…" Kate murmured.

"Keep mixing." He repeated. His hands glided over her
ass and smooth legs taking the panties with them. They
slid down to her knees and fell without resistance.
Kate stepped out of them and John kicked them away.

"John…" Kate had stopped with the mixture, turning
her head trying to see him over her shoulder. John
stepped back and looked at her bare ass, licking his
lips. His mother had now put the mixing bowl down,
resting on her hands. John pulled her hips backwards
making her bend over the counter. Kate went down to her
elbows for support, her forearms falling into a thick
mess of flower and chocolate and milk on the surface.
She felt a breeze run through the house and the cold
air kiss her labia. John looked at her vagina from a
foot or two back, camera now back in hand.

Impulsively John knelt down between her legs and gave
her pussy a light kiss. He could not explain himself.
He stood up instantly, almost to see if she did not
notice. For some reason she did not feel the want to
protest. She hated that John had been able to blackmail
her like this, and turn her into a naked bimbo. She
felt more a chill of terror at his new confidence with
their bodily contact than anything.

John coughed, shaking off what he’d just done. A moment
of composure later and he was taking more pictures. He
went for every angle; around him mom’s ass, the side,
near the front. Kate had succumbed to his will, she was
his to use. John picked a small pair of scissors out of
a draw and cut the neck snap on the apron. The top half
drooped to the floor exposing her luscious ripe tits
fully. John noted her nipples erect. Kate turned her
head away from the camera, but he was quick to instruct
his mother to look into the lens.

After a few pictures like this John decided to
reposition his mom so her tits pushed into the mess on
the surface. Her ample bust pushed all the paste and
cake mix around her cleavage as her tits flattened and
spread against the surface. John made sure she arched
her back presented her ass as though she would be
fucked from behind. A few snaps like this and he untied
the apron fully and tossed it to the side. John had his
mother entirely naked once again, her shame open to the
world with help of his camera.

"Stand up and turn around," commanded John. His mother
did so, showing him her bust covered in mess.

"I want you to run your hands over your tits and lick
your fingers.” He continued. Kate was relieved she was
safely back to posing for the camera. She was truly
dreading that her son was about to fuck her as she bent
over the counter. Should that situation come how could
she get away? Get away without upsetting him so much
that he sends these photos to people she knew. She
could not live knowing her friends and family had seen
her humiliated like a whore.

She trod a thin line. John was becoming more and more
confident, and could see from the bulge in his jeans
that this was a sexual thing for him, not just about
getting her back for scorning him in the past. He did
not mind forcing her to masturbate so what would stop
him using her for more? Kate could only take it one
step at a time. For now, she stroked her breasts and
licked her chocolaty fingers at her son’s decree.

"Yeah that’s it you slut, eat it all up." John said as
he took more pictures. This continued until the
chocolate was nearly all gone. Kate was about to
finish, she had a little left by her nipple, and John
grabbed her hand to stop her. He lowered his mouth
himself and licked the last sweet bits off. He licked
around her erect nipple collecting up the chocolate,
and flicked it with his wet tongue until Kate spoke.

"I think you got it all."

John pulled his head back and looked at the shiny
residue all that mixture had left. Flicking through the
newly taken pictures, Kate wondered if he wanted more
like last time.

"Is that all?" She asked. John took a minute to respond
as he reviewed his work.

"Yeah," he finally replied. Kate sighed relief under
her breath. She crossed her arms and stared at John.

"I’m going to store these." John said. "Finish the
cake, we can eat it later.”

"Aren’t I allowed a shower? His mother demanded.

"Sure," He replied, "after you’re finished." John made
his way upstairs. Kate put her head in her hands,
finally able to express her pain. She stood motionless,
feeling the stickiness from her hands transfer to her
face. Kate jumped as she heard John shout from the top
of the stairs;

"And don’t take too long!" Kate tried to settle herself
quickly. She didn’t want her son to think he had gotten
to her. After retrieving her underwear from the floor
she pulled an old shirt from the laundry and put it on,
ready to finish John’s cake.

John was well into storing the new photos on his
computer. He checked the message board thread he’d made
earlier, with his mom’s real name, although still only
in her underwear. Responses were good, people using
derogatory and offensive terms to compliment his
mother’s body;

'So hot. More Kate plz!'

'That bitch has a smoking body. And those tits omg.'

'I wanna blow my load in that bitch. So good looking.
Any nudity?’

'One of my new favs. I'd fuck her so hard she'd go
through the wall.’

Some of the replies made him laugh, but they all
claimed loved for her pretty face, shapely curves and
gorgeous tits. John saw many posts requesting nude
shots of her. So far he had only put up ones of her
soaked and clothed or in her underwear. He was so
pleased with all the internet perverts’ love for her
that he did not even think before uploading more sets.
It did not take long to put up the photos of her naked
in the apron, and masturbating in her bikini. There was
not much going back now. John had exposed his mother at
her most intimate to the mass perverseness of the
internet. He was making a name for her. He would get
her a following of nerds and geeks who wanted to see
her do more and more. To be put in filthier and more
compromising situations. Within a minute or two the new
threads had replies. Someone had commented on her
masturbation photos in the garden;

'Man she's so horny. She do hardcore?'

John knew something like that might get asked but
decided not to answer. In any case, he was supposedly
just the guy posting the images. No one knew he was the
blackmailing son. Another reply soon appeared;

'I wanna bury my dick in that pussy.'

John felt that same tingle of power as he read these
comments. Knowing he was breaking taboo, degrading his
own mom in such a way, whoring her out to faceless guys
around the world. He loved it.

Kate could be heard creaking up the stairs and entering
the bathroom. Looking through the crack of his door
John just caught a flash of her leg as she disappeared
inside. John was amazingly horny, he had not relieved
himself since gaining control of his mom.

He waited a few moments until he heard the water
running and the rattle of the shower door, knowing she
was inside. Creeping down the hallway, he nudged the
door open and entered. The room was filled with steam,
it was hard to see anything more than a foot in front
of him. There was a spotlight above the shower, so John
could make out the outlines and shadows of his mother’s

Even in silhouette she made his dick hurt. He watched
her shadow as she sponged and soaped herself. John was
drawn to her like a hungry wolf to a gazelle. He pulled
his shirt off over his head, and slipped his jeans off
his legs. His cock pushed far out the fly hole in his
boxer shorts, but John also removed those. He stood
completely naked with a thick and raging hard on, just
feet from his showering mother who had no idea of his

Kate continued to soap her chest in effort to be rid of
the stickiness. She scrubbed with a sponge charged with
soap creating a rich lava all over her body. The shower
was a large one with a sliding door, easily big enough
for two people. Kate did not notice the door opening,
John taking extra care to be quiet. The steam was so
thick she could not even see everything inside the
cubicle, such as John stepping inside. He took less
care to shut the door once he was in, sliding it across
with force so it made the rattling noise his mom knew
well. Kate turned suddenly.

"John!?" She yelped. As she turned she saw him standing
there, entirely naked, sporting a raging hard on. Her
eyes widened like a rabbit in headlights.

"Do you want me to pose again?" She asked timidly,
"Where’s your camera?"

"No photos his time." He stated. Moving toward her he
put his hands on her chest and rubbed the soap around
her body, around her breasts and down her back,
grabbing full handfuls of her fleshy ass. John moved
his body closer and Kate felt his erection against her
thigh. His dick was so hot, it felt warmer than the
shower against her leg. John continued to grab and
grope and massage his mom’s curves.

"This is too fucking far, John." She protested. Hands
found their way over her body. He ran his fingers down
her stomach and hips to squeeze her thigh and ran them
back up over her bottom and up her back.

"I don’t care if you send those pictures out. This is
too much.” She reiterated. Trying to push him away, she
made for the shower door. John held her hand and pulled
her back.

"Let go you bastard!" She yelled. She beat her fist on
his chest, but it made no difference. John pulled her
tightly towards him, hip to hip. His hard on pushed
down between her slippery thighs. Kate still felt the
intense heat of it. With one hand firmly on the small
of her back he used to other to pick a bottle of soap
and squirt it over his mom’s bust. He rubbed the gel
into her skin as before. Kate let out the occasional
vent of anger, such as a small scream or shout and
kicked her legs.

John’s hands were once again charged with this thick
lava of soap. Moving his hand down her stomach and
pelvis he began exploring her public hair. Kate became
more frantic in her protest, yelling and screaming and
kicking a fighting. John used greater force, pushing
his hand down further until he felt the swollen lips of
her pussy. He dragged his fingers along them, enjoying
the texture of her intimate skin made slippery by the

"No John, no!" Kate shouted, "Don’t go any further!"
Keeping one hand tightly around her back, John began
moving his fingers back and forth over Kate’s vagina.
The gel allowed him to do this smoothly, like she was
an oiled machine.

"Stop! Stop!" His mother yelled at the top of her
lungs. John applied greater pressure while rubbing her
pussy. The tips of his fingers began to enter her
warmness. Kate arched forward, breathing frantically.
He moved his hand in circular motions, sliding his
fingers along her vaginal lips, and teasingly playing
with her clit. John found he had to use less force to
keep his mother still now. With his free hand he
slapped her butt, just to affirm his authority.

"Get your hands off of me." Kate spoke more quietly
now. John forced two slippery fingers into her pussy.
He pushed them in up to the knuckle and pulled out
within a second. His fingers went back to tease her
clit, the soap still lubricating her well. Kate fell
onto his body, giving a low moan as she did so. She had
one hand on his chest, digging her nails slightly into
his skin. Her other armed wrapped itself around his.
John pushed his fingers back inside her, wiggling them
a little when they were all the way in, then pulling
them out again. He divided his time finger fucking her
pussy and rubbing her clit. Kate moved her arms around
his neck and hugged on tightly. She pushed her open
mouth against his shoulder, and parted her legs a
little more.

"You like this, you bitch?" He asked. Kate bit into his
shoulder. He gained speed as he shoved his fingers up
her snatch, pushing them in with force until he heard
his mother panting next to his ear. His cock remained
solid, knowing his mother no longer resisted.

"Yeah?" John spoke, "You love this don’t you, you

"Fuck you." Kate whispered. John continued pumping his
fingers into her with ferocity. Kate whimpered harder,
her breathing getting faster.

"That’s it. Love it. Melt over my fingers, cunt." He
coaxed her on.

"Agh!" She let out. "Fuck you!" Kate shut her eyes and
bit her lip. She made loud grunts and gasps which
echoed around the bathroom. Beads of sweat ran down her
forehead and back, enticed on by the thick steam.
Kate’s knees bent and she threw her head back, mouth
wide open letting out a long agonising moan. She
drowned out the sound of the shower splashing the tile
floor. John’s fingers were in a flurry going in and out
of her sopping pussy, pulling out for brief seconds to
rub her clit and shoving them back in.

Kate rocked her body on her son’s hand. Her legs gave
way from the intensity of the feeling. John stopped her
falling and slowly helped lower her, fingers still deep
and working the walls of her vagina. He felt warm
juices running down his hand, hotter than the soapy
lava from the gel. Her pussy contracted and released
around his fingers as she dug her fingers into him.
John lowered her with himself to the floor of the

"I knew it, you slut." John smirked as he pulled his
fingers from her excited cunt. Kate sat leaning against
the wall of the shower with legs bent in front of her,
water cascading down her body and sultry eyes. She took
deep breaths trying to recover. John sat opposite, legs
bent. Kate saw his erection still throbbing, standing
proud in the steam.

"Now it’s your turn." He said. Kate moved her arms in
front of her, slumping and inhaling.

"No John, that didn’t mean a thing."

"Come here." He ordered, stretching his hand toward

"That was rape." She insisted.

"Don’t act like you didn’t love it." John pushed
himself forward and grabbed Kate by the arm. Kate
turned her head, despising herself. Leaning back, he
pulled her back with him, and rested his back against
the wall again. Kate was positioned kneeling between
his open legs, erection pointing up at her. She stared
at his penis hard and throbbing, then up into his eyes.

"Please John." She whimpered, "Please don’t do this."
John put a hand on each of her shoulders, pushing her
down. She didn’t lose eye contact with him.

"Don’t do this." She pleaded. John continued to slowly
push her head between his legs. Kate barely resisted,
just desperately trying to appeal to his conscience.
His cock was right in front of her face now.

"You don’t want this, John." Her final plea sounded.

"Open your mouth." He ordered.

"No!" She defied him. John looked at her trembling face
for a few moments.

"Mom," He started, "You’re going to do this. I already
told you I’ve lost all respect for you, and think of
the things you’ve already done in front of me. You’re
nothing but a whore in my eyes now.” Kate began to cry,
single tears falling from each of her eyes. “Plus I’m
the only one who’s seen you do these things, and it can
stay that way if you want it to. You know I won’t think
twice about showing the pictures to everyone you know.”
Kate’s face was red, angry and upset, eyes puffy with

"Open your fucking mouth." John once again commanded.
His mother exhaled loudly, only just having caught her
breath back. She swallowed a lump in her throat, then
opened her mouth as her son has asked her to. John kept
one hand on her shoulder, putting the other on the back
of her head, and guided her mouth down over his cock
and watched it disappear.

"Relax your mouth." He told her. Kate’s lips and mouth
closed around his ridged dick. John pinched her
shoulder, expressing his pleasure as he felt the soft
moistness of her mouth. He voiced a soft groan as her
warm tongue settled against the bottom of his shaft.
John pulled her head tighter towards him, burying his
entire length inside her mouth. Kate pulled back,
murmuring. Letting go of her head, John watched as she
pulled away from him and choked a little.

"No so rough." She coughed. John laughed. Placing his
hand back on her head he shoved his cock back into her
wet mouth, all the way to the hilt. Kate pulled back
again, but John would only allow her to withdraw to his
head before shoving himself deep inside again. He moved
his hips up and down as well as pulling his mother’s
head back and forth. He gripped her head tightly while
her fucked her face, making sure he was in control of
the rhythm. Slumping down the wall a little, he laid
slightly flatter in the shower. Kate moved back, the
still running shower fell down over her back and

John spent the next few minutes thrusting up into her
mouth. Kate felt his cock twitching against her tongue
and cheeks as he became more excited. Placing both
hands on the back of her head, John pushed her head
down with greater force than before, and shoved his
hips faster. Kate looked up at his face. His head was
tilted back, grunting and huffing. Suddenly he slowed
down. His hips bucked less and he made one long, slow,
powerful tug on his mother’s head making sure he
crammed his whole member into her up to the balls. Kate
prepared herself, knowing what she was about to

"Arrgghhh!" John groaned. He looked down at his mom’s
face, who kept eye contact with him. The sight of his
penis disappearing into her mouth spurred him on as he
unleashed his cum.

"Yeah that’s it you fucking cunt!" He howled, spurting
streams of cum into her mouth. He felt her tongue
quivering as it became layered his spunk.

"Such a whore! A fucking whore!" He yelled. Kate tried
murmuring something, muted by his dick. John shot
powerful loads deep against the back of her throat

"Swallow it. Swallow the lot!" John commanded,
beginning to move her head back and forth again. Kate
gulped it down. There was so much, she felt like she
was chugging it. Her mouth tightened as she did so,
sending John into further levels of pleasure. She was
milking his cock of its semen.

"Argh, uurgh!" He yelped, staring down into her eyes.
"You know all the tricks, you fucking filthy cunt."
Kate made loud murmurs still, unable to speak, taking
the heavy load. Eventually the feelings of pleasure
faded away, and John released the grip on his mother.
She immediately pulled away, his dick flopping out
covered in saliva.

"You fucking bastard!" Kate screamed. She used her
hands to slap his chest and face. “You absolute shit! I
Hate you! I Hate you!” John just sat there, a confident
smile on his face as he watched his naked mother storm
out of the shower and slam the door. He could not want
this to be going any better.

To be continued?

I hope you enjoyed this part of the story. Please send
feedback to jimmyjohnstone@ymail.com . Part 3 will be
up in the near future.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Slim & Lift Caresse Jeans - latest in relaxed tights category. Btw, I like them!

Slim & Lift Caresse Jeans - latest in relaxed tights category. Btw, I like them!

19 10 / 2014


This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2008. Please
don’t remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

And the Camera Clicked
by James Johnstone


A teenage son takes hidden photos of his mother’s
drunken one night stand and uses them to blackmail her.
(MF, m-teen/F, reluc, inc, voy, blkmail)


Kate took the photos from John, flicking through them
in cold horror as it struck her these were taken by her
own son. She glanced over the photographic record of
her drunken night last night, when she bought home the
random guy from the bar to satisfy her urges. Ones with
his hands all over her chest, ones with her kneeling in
front of him with his hands on the back of her head as
she gave him oral, and ones of her on all fours being
shafted like an animal.

"What the bloody hell are these?" She demanded. John
was smiling as he answered; “When you brought that
bloke back last night you were so smashed you didn’t
know what was going on.” He paused, “You even tried it
on with me.” Suddenly Kate had murky flashbacks of her
stumbling into the house she shared only with her son
while being held up by this mystery man. Remembering
seeing her son on that night she shook her head as she
realised how she’d said hello to him by walking
straight up to him and kissing him on the lips before
pulling away and grinning.

After that she lead the stranger upstairs to her room,
on the way up he lifted the short but loose red skirt
she wore and placed a full open palm on her ass cheek
giving it a good squeeze. John had stood in mild shock
for a few moments before following them upstairs. He
was just in time to see them disappear into his mom’s
room and to hear her giggling like a child. He stood
with ears by the door listening to the airy silence of
the hallway being broken every so often by an excited
yelp from his mother, full of energy.

A gust of wind blew through the house which pushed the
old door to Kate’s bedroom off of its loose latch. John
stepped back in alarm, worried he would be seen as he
listened in. Tuning his ears back into the giggling of
his excited mother he found it was now replaced by slow
breathing with less occasional bursts of delight.
Taking a deep breath to find some bravery within
himself, he took a step forward and peered through the
gap in the door. John’s eyes widened, unable to blink.
He watched his mother straddling this man, his shirt
already off. She smiled as she licked her red lipstick
covered lips.

The man started moving his hands over her thighs,
riding up her dress pushing it toward her waist. Kate
dragged her nails across his bare chest as she felt the
warm air of the room stroke the tops of her legs. John
felt himself becoming more and more interested the
further Kate’s dress rode up her body. Finally he
caught a glimpse of her black lace panties and the
subtle grinding motion she was performing against the
bulge in the jeans of the man.

John looked at the floor for a moment while a thought
crept into his mind. Rubbing his sweaty hands on his t-
shirt, he stepped carefully down the hallway to his own
room and hastily rummaged under his bed. He searched
frantically, imagining what he might be missing in the
other room. He stretched his arm as far as it could go
and finally his fingers brushed a piece of smooth and
heavy plastic.

John felt a round barrel protruding from the object and
knew it was what he as looking for. After pulling it
out he looked over the expensive digital camera he’d
kept unused in his room for over a year. The thin wall
between his and his mother’s room allowed him to hear
the giggles. A little more rummaging in his draws and
he found four double-A batteries to put in the camera
and he was ready to go.

Carefully creeping back to his mother’s room, John
adjusted one or two of the settings on the camera so
that the meagre light of the lamp would be enough to
illuminate the affair. As he peered back around the
doorframe he spotted his mom’s red dress and top on the
floor, crumpled as though they had been tossed off
without care. Following the line of clothes he saw his
mother still straddling the man now only wearing her
lacy black underwear. Even though she faced away from
him he studied her firm and voluptuous breasts, close
to spilling out of the bra.

He could tell even though he could only see them from
the rear. The man had no jeans on either now, and was
boldly sporting a huge erection, tent-poling in his
underwear. Kate was grinding against the shaft through
the material of his boxers as he reached and put his
hands over her slender torso, helping control the
rhythm of her movements. She brushed her hands over her
neck and cheeks and ran her fingers through her dark
brown silk hair which she lift above her head,
whimpering and breathing heavily.

John swallowed a nervous lump in his throat and decided
now was the time to take advantage. He raised the
camera and looked through the viewfinder. He remembered
thinking how this looked like an actual porno the way
it was framed through the camera’s view. The camera
clicked as the first photo was stored. He got the
outline against the single light of the lamp of his
mother’s body and breasts, arching her back a little as
her excitement grew. The lampshade gave the image a
nice warm glow. It could almost be romantic if John
didn’t know he was photographing his mother in a
drunken mess acting like a whore.

John clicked again, this time she was in the middle of
unclasping her bar, the man’s hands still exploring her
curvy sides. Looking again at them with his own eyes he
watch as the bra was unhooked from the back and it fell
off her shoulders. The man cupped her breasts firmly,
massaging them with his hands. John quickly switched
back to the camera. He clicked again trying to find the
curves and soft lines of her bare back in the amber
glow of the lamp. He took another picture noticing his
mother’s hand now fondling with the man’s dick. He
could not see what was going on between her thighs as
she straddled him but could see on the man’s face that
she was pleasuring him.

By now John didn’t bother looking outside of the
viewfinder, he was getting the whole story recorded of
his mother’s sultriness through static images. After
more pictures of rubbing and grinding she was suddenly
off the bed, and in the next photo the man sat on the
edge of the mattress facing her. Another photo and his
boxers were off. Kate was kneeling in front of him with
his now hard penis in her hand. A few images with
nothing happening, maybe she was talking to him, John
had stopped listening. All he saw were the still images
of her looking up at him smiling showing white teeth
and full red lips.

The next image showed her with the head of his cock in
her mouth, then engulfing the whole thing, buried in
her mouth balls deep. Another of her tongue
outstretched tasting his shaft, then the next few at
different lengths of his dick in her mouth again. In a
few pictures John noticed his mother’s cheeks closing
in on themselves where she was sucking on the penis.

The drunk pair jumped from one photo to the next, from
the guy getting head to her lying on the bed and him
being in the middle of pulling down her underwear. They
must have been really horny because within another few
clicks of the camera Kate was on her front with her ass
in the air and breasts pushed against the mattress, and
next saw her with legs pushed apart by the guy who was
positioning behind her.

The moment he pushed the capture button again he heard
a yelp of excitement from his mother. He raised his
eyes from the viewfinder to watch the man give the
first hard thrust. He was briefly reminded that he
really was spying on his voluptuous mother, not just a
series of image he could distance himself from. He was
again aware of the sounds of the moment, mainly her
heavy erotic breaths and the dry slaps of the man’s
hips against her ass. He assessed the situation again
before returning to the viewfinder.

Kate gave long moans as she took each thrust, now on
all fours. John remained snap happy, so many photo
clicks happening. It was hard to appreciate the
aggression and energy in the room simply through the
still images, except for the expressions on their
faces. Sweat was making Kate’s eye liner run, and her
mouth was constantly open taking in the hot air. Each
time she inhaled it was almost like a squeal.

He noticed the man for the first time gave a few
grunts. John knew he didn’t have much time. One photo
showed the man with his hands just above her ass around
her waist, along with a loud slap where he had done it
so aggressively. John realised what was happening when
the next few photos all appeared the same, the guy
buried balls deep in his mom’s pussy, all the noises of
slaps and breathing now silent. John raised his head to
look with his own eyes again.

"No, not yet!" Kate pleaded. The man gave a long slow
grunt while pulling her hips hard towards him. John got
one more photo in, close up on his mother’s angry and
frustrated face. He urgently tip toed back to his room
and shut the door, immediately firing up his computer.
He was just plugging in the digital camera with a cable
when he heard his mother in the next room; “Urgh!
Couldn’t you last any longer?”

"Shut up you dog," came an angry reply.

"Just leave," demanded Kate. John heard two heavy steps
then an ungodly smack, like hitting meat with something
flat. His mother screamed. He then heard the same heavy
steps going down the house’s creaky steps, and finally
the door open and close. John had always had a mild
contempt for women, even his own mother, so wasn’t too
concerned that she may have just been hit by some
asshole. In fact all the while he had been listening he
had been making a file to store his new pictures on his
hard drive. He dragged and dropped all of them, 58 in

He then heard a low sobbing through the wall from his
mother’s room. He questioned what he had done,
exploiting the situation, and letting his mom get taken
advantage of in her state. ‘Fuck it’ he thought. He was
too busy opening the first photo and clicking to the
next one in quick succession, proud of his new
pornographic flip-book.


John awoke to find himself already sweating. He pulled
himself out of bed and looked out the window into the
back garden. It was so bright he had to squint, the sun
bouncing off the whitening grass into his gaze. He
could hear the noise of a lawnmower maybe a few houses
away, and kids playing on the street at the front of
the house, this being the summer break from school.
John stretched and scratched his arms, noticing his
camera plugged into his computer and only then
remembering what he’d done last night. He turned on the
computer again and went through several directories to
the very well hidden folder he’d made.

He had a very quick glance over them but they didn’t
make him very aroused, or at least not as excited as
he’d been last night. He threw on a t-shirt and some
boxers and made his way downstairs, still rubbing his
face trying to wake up.

Meanwhile Kate was downstairs in the kitchen scrubbing
out the sink. She had been going over what had happened
last night, her thigh red from the parting slap her one
night stand had given her for questioning his manhood.
She was trying to take her mind off of it by cleaning,
take her mind off the soreness and the memory.

Ashamedly she knew that John must have heard most of
what had happened, and although she could not remember
arriving home she prayed that he didn’t see how drunk
she was, or the pig of a man who she took into her bed.
She expected breakfast to be awkward but hopefully
forgotten about. Kate had always put John in his place,
asserting the authority she had as a parent. Things
like telling him to tidy his room, do the dishes and
what time he should go to bed. Once he came home later
than he said he would so she made him clean the whole
house. John resented her for stunts like that. John was
growing older now though.

Her shame wasn’t helped by her throbbing headache from
whatever she had drunk last night. She was just loading
her dirty sheets into the washing machine when she
heard John coming down the stairs. Kate took a deep
breath knowing she was about to face her son, probably
with the knowledge of what she had done.

"Morning." John stated as he entered. Kate avoided eye
contact, pretending to be more busy with the washing
than she really was. John reached above the fridge for
a box of cereal, and took milk from inside before
sitting down at the breakfast bar facing his mother who
had her back to him. He surveyed the dressing gown
which hung loosely down her back and captured her
shapely round ass beautifully.

"How was your night?" He enquired. Kate took a few
moments before answering; “Alright I suppose.” John
took a couple of spoonfuls of cereal during the
silence, the occasional crunch of corn flakes the only
noise to break the atmosphere.

"What time did you get in?" John toyed with his mother.
She stopped handling the washing and looked down to the
bottom of the garden for what they both felt was a long
time, although John had a slightest smirk throughout.

"Look John," she began, still avoiding eye contact, "I
didn’t something really silly last night.”

"What Mom?" He interrupted. She took another long

"I’m sure you heard something last night."

"No, nothing. What happened?" His smugness ws a sign of
his enjoyment of this new found power.

"I didn’t wake you up when I got home?" she said trying
to give little away.

"No, I was out of it." He quickly replied. Kate finally
turned around to face her son. She sat opposite him
while tightening her gown for fear of it falling open.

"Well, I think I was a bit loud when I came in, so
thought I might have woken you up”

"Do you remember coming in?" John asked, still smiling.

"No, actually," Kate confessed.

John finished up his breakfast and placed his bowl on
the side counter. Kate, now feeling more confident she
managed to hide her one night stand from her son,
insisted, “Wash that up please John.” John sighed and
paused for a moment before approaching the sink to
clean to bowl. As he was doing it Kate suddenly felt a
feeling of normality again.

"I want to you tidy your room as well today," she
continued, “and if you wash my car you won’t have to
cook dinner tonight.” John was again resentful of the
demands made by his mother. He went back up to his
room, leaving her with a mild sense of relief and

As John entered his room he gave it a quick look over.
To be fair it was a total mess, but he wasn’t planning
on tidying it any time soon. He sat on his computer,
looking over the pornographic message board he
frequented for any new videos he might want to leech.
There wasn’t much new. He searched for archives of his
favourite porn stars. He liked older, busty women. It
was just his thing. Finally after half an hour or so he
opened the folder of photos he took last night. He
wasn’t so interested in the explicitness of the photos
at this moment, but more the looks on his mother’s face
as she was servicing this guy.

He loved the ones of her looking frustrated, and ones
of her sucking cock while he held her head tight. It
was a turn on the see her demeaned in such a way when
usually he only sees her as an authority figure putting
demands on him. He decided this submissive side may be
something to find out more about. He renamed the folder
'Some bitch'.

Soon Kate knocked on his door and entered. John barely
closed the folder in time. He turned to her without
getting up.

"What?" he asked angrily. Kate demanded to know why he
hadn’t started cleaning his room yet.

"I’ll do it later," he grunted. Kate informed him that
if it wasn’t done within the next hour he’d be
grounded. She left without giving him chance to reply.

John, now with ideas swimming around his head like
shadows in water, opened up the ‘Some bitch’ folder
once again and began selecting the more choice photos
from the 58. He printed off about 6 or 7, generally the
more humiliating ones like the guy’s hands on her body
and her make up running down her face. As soon as they
were done he went downstairs to find her.

John entered the kitchen, walking tall trying to make
himself imposing.

"Mom…" he began, "about last night, I did see you
come in with that guy.” Kate’s mouth parted a little
with shock, directing her eyes to the floor.

"All I want today is you to be nice to me, like I don’t
want to tidy my room and I don’t want to wash the car.”
Kate went through her own thoughts for a moment and
then decided to take a stand; “Look, just because you
saw me make that mistake doesn’t mean you don’t have
chores and responsibilities.” She stated sternly.

"I heard you have sex!" John retorted.

"That doesn’t matter!" Kate argued.

"I’m not cleaning my room or doing any of that shit!"
John became more frustrated.

"Don’t you dare swear at me young man! You’re doing
your chores!”

"Fine, look at these then!" John pulled out the printed
photos from the rim of his trousers and handed them to
his mother.

Kate took the photos from John, flicking through them
in cold horror as it struck her these were taken by her
own son. She glanced over the photographic record of
her drunken night.

"What the bloody hell are these?" She demanded. John
explained exactly what had happened in great detail.
After this he continued; “All I want you to do is be
nice to me, because you know, I have these. So I’m not
doing chores.” Kate began ripping up the photos, at
which point John told her he had them all on his
computer, an on a disc hidden somewhere in case she
took the computer away. Kate sat thinking for a while,
her head in her hands in frustration and still nursing
her hangover.

"Fine, don’t do any chores today. We’ll talk about this
later.” John simply grinned and ran back upstairs. He
could not believe how easy that was, to gain power over
his mother so quickly. He felt so proud of himself,
negotiating his day off like this, and having some
small power over his mother.

John decided it being such a nice day he would take in
the sun in the garden. He walked through the kitchen on
the way to the garden but Kate decided not to
acknowledge him. John sat out in the garden on the
lounger just in his boxers. He must have been out there
for about half an hour and decided he was getting
thirsty. He called out for him mom, who walked down the
garden to greet him. Kate had now changed into jeans
and a pink t-shirt which complimented her curves and
bust very well.

"Yes?" She asked.

"Can you get me a drink?" He asked.

"Get it yourself!" She said in a matter-of-fact way.

"Go on."

"No!" Kate stated.

"Mom," John said in a way to grab her attention, "I
still have all those photos of you last night. I have
hundreds.” Kate listened intently, “I think you’ve been
really mean to me the past year since Dad left, so now
I think you should do a few things for me.”

"Or what?" Kate didn’t have to ask, she knew what.

"I’ll send those photos out to everyone you know. Your
office, your friends, even humiliate you to Dad. Show
him what a whore you are now,” John explained in the
heat of the sun.

"John," Kate said, "Think about what you’re saying.
You’re blackmailing your own Mom.”

"I know. I just want you to listen to me from now on,
and this is the way I can do it.” Kate put her head in
her hands and sniffed as she began to cry.

"It’s ok," John continued. "So long as you do what I
say no one you know will ever see those pictures. No
one will ever know what a filthy whore you are” Kate
thought for a while before replying with a very simple,

John was over the moon, he had potentially gotten out
of chores and having to do anything ever again. His
first request was that his mother go inside and get him
a drink. Taking to her new role of maid straight away,
she asked what he’d like and went straight inside to
make it. John stretched out enjoying the heat and his
new found power. Kate quickly returned with a glass of
orange juice, placing it down beside him on the grass.

"Would you like anything else?" she asked, still teary

John thought for a moment before coming up with an
idea. He told his mother she would be the one to tidy
his room. He told her to go and do it at that instant.
Kate could do nothing to stop this yet, she could not
think of anything while he was making demands like
this. Tears fell from her eyes even more as she walked
away She felt so used as she entered the complete mess
of a room, dirty clothes and pieces of paper strewn all
over the place. Still, she gritted her teeth and got on
with it.

John laid out in the garden for another hour, gong over
possible plans in his head, before heading inside to
see how his mother was getting on. As he walked up the
stairs he heard his mother scrubbing the carpet. Upon
entering he witnessed her on her knees bending over
treating the carpet. He took a good look at that ass in
the tight jeans before letting her know he was there.

He gave a hearty cough, to which Kate jumped up to her
feet. John surveyed the room, it was spotless, the
cleanest it had been for months. He then surveyed his
mother. Her pink top was slightly dirty with black
marks, and there were lone hairs falling against sweat
on her forehead and sticking there. John felt a little
arousal in this control he had.

"Very nice." John remarked.

"I need to get in the shower." Kate motioned towards
the door. John would not let her pass.

"Didn’t you say the car needed washing, Mom? You might
as well go and do that too.” John commented. Kate
looked at him quizzically for a moment, before very
submissively heading for the garage. John grabbed his
camera from under the bed, his mind ticking over with
plans and ambitions he had for his mother. He waited a
few minutes then went to find her in the garage.

He poked his head into the garage which lead from a
door straight off the hall. Kate had a bucket of water
by her feet which she leant down to soak a sponge in
every so often. She was at the side of the car, a small
hatchback, at the moment concentrating on the doors and

John waited for her to bend to the side to soak the
sponge again before unleashing the click and flash of a
picture being taken, trying to get a line of curvature
going up her leg, across her ass, and up the curve in
her back. The flash startled Kate. She threw her
attention to the door where John stood.

"What’s this?" She demanded.

"I’m just taking a couple of photos," John stated.

"I think you have enough photos of me. Stop it or I
won’t carry on with this.”

"C’mon, these are nothing compared to what I took last
night. Look you’ve got all your clothes on and all
you’re doing is washing the car.” Kate looked up at the
ceiling, almost in search of help.

"Why do you want more photos then?" Kate asked.

"It’s just a hobby," John Coaxed.

Kate continued scrubbing the paintwork while John came
closer with the click click and flash of the camera
going off every few seconds. He aimed mainly at her
shoulders and back, then from the side, getting her
face in profile trying to show off her cheek bones.
Taking, a few steps back he went for a wider shot,
including her bust and midriff. He followed her,
circling her as she made her way around the car. Kate
tried not to look at the camera. He began getting more
adventurous with the viewfinder, ignoring her face and
taking pictures from the shoulders down to the legs,
getting the curves of her breasts and slender stomach
and full ass.

"Less of those sorts of photos, young man," she said.

"These are nothing mom. No one would be interested in
you washing the car even if I did send them to people
you know.” John continued snapping away until the car
was done. He instructed his Mom to turn around and face
the camera.

"Let me see that pretty face of yours." He told her.
Kate turned around still holding the sponge, both arms
straight down in front of her. She was even more
covered in dirt now. Noticing the sponge was still wet
John decided to be more bold.

"Squeeze that sponge over your chest, Mom."

"No. I’m not doing that," she argued.

"These pictures are absolutely nothing compared to what
I already have,” he pointed out, “and you don’t want
people seeing those do you? So come on, squeeze that
soapy water over your tits.”

Kate reluctantly bought it up to her chest but squeezed
it more over her arms and shoulders than her breasts.

"You’re not doing it right!" John objected.

"I am!" explained Kate.

"No, like this…" John said as he proceeded to pick up
the entire bucket of water and throw it over his buxom
mother. Kate screamed and threw her arms out either
side as the cold water hit her. It darkened her top and
her nipples pushed up through the cotton. Her hair was
drenched and fell over one side of her face. John was
busy taking as many photos as he could. The wet top
hugged every curve and bump of her upper body. It
almost looked like she was wearing body paint. Kate ran
past John and up to her room.

John followed right behind her. He pushed her bedroom
door open without knocking. There was no lock but he
knew he wasn’t allowed in there most days so it wasn’t
a problem. Kate had already stripped down to a pair of
white cotton panties and bra. She noticed him come in
due to the creak of the old door. She tried to cover
her body with her hands and arms.

"Get out! I’m not wearing anything!" She yelped. John
said nothing but just raised his camera and starting

"This is great!" he exclaimed. Kate began to cry again,
becoming less and less resistant to her son.

"Please go," she pleaded.

John made no response. He kept taking pictures for a
good few minutes of his abused mother in her wet
underwear with her hair all over the place. John was
loving the way her panties held her full ass like a
peach, and how in her panic she nearly spilled out of
her bra. By the time he was done she simply sat
motionless on the edge of the bed, eyes welled up and
looking at the walls.

"Right, that’ll do," he informed her. "You get in the
shower or whatever now.”

"John?" His mother asked quietly, "Where will this
end?” John looked around the room and left without
saying another word. John returned to his room and
uploaded the new photos to the folder.

John decided to leave his mother be for the rest of the
day. He stayed in his room and heard his mother moving
around the house, taking a shower and tidying. He met
her again downstairs for dinner, which she had his
favourite meal without him asking. Dinner was very
quiet. Kate only asked him if he liked the food, and
what he had done with the photos of that afternoon.
John told her he had put them on his hard drive with
the ones from last night. After dinner he went straight
back up to his room and didn’t see his mom for the rest
of the night.


The next morning John awoke to the familiar sounds of
his mother pottering about the house. As he went
downstairs to grab breakfast he passed he on the
stairs. She turned her head as they passed. John
reached the kitchen, poured his cereal, and looked down
into the garden. Noticing the browning flowers and
small trees which surrounded bleached grass under the
scorching heat John came up with another idea to try
out with his mother.

After waiting a few minutes for her to return from her
room he mentioned the garden needed tending to,
pointing out the dying flowers and wilting trees. With
a very patronising hand on her shoulder, John informed
her she should get on with it. Kate decided this was
much less humiliating that what had happened yesterday,
and may even give her time to think about this bazaar
situation she had found herself in.

As she turned to leave through the side door John
looked her up and down. She wore baggy training bottoms
and loose white t-shirt.

"Hang on a second, it’s really hot out. Are you sure
you want to wear that?” He questioned. Kate became very
suspicious, crossing her arms.

"I’ll be comfortable in these," she replied.

John took a step towards her and ran his hand over the
material by her waist.

"No, you’ll be too hot in that," suggested John. He put
his hand on his chin while staring at Kate’s body to
create the facade of what he was about to say coming to
him spontaneously, even though he had already thought
about it long enough as he was lying in bed last night.

"Remember when we went to the beach a little while
back?” He said beginning to unveil his plan, “You wore
that red bikini with the white poker dots.” Kate felt a
cold sweat come over her as she realised what was
really going on.

"I don’t know if I still have it," she uttered

"Of course you do," he retorted. "it’s in your dresser,
second drawer down.”

"You’ve been going through my things?" Kate enquired,
voice breaking.

"I really think you should wear that. It will save you
from the heat,” John finished. He stepped away from the
door leading to the hallway, motioning her to go
through and upstairs to change. Kate looked straight
into his eyes, a mild look a horror on her face,
sickened by the patronising fact her son was
blackmailing her again. After a few moments she walked
past him to retrieve the bathing suit.

John waited patiently in the kitchen. He held his
camera in front of him, fiddling with the settings to
turn it into its outdoor mode. He listened to the
floorboards above him creaking and imagined his mother
sliding the bottoms up her legs and hugging her ass,
and clasping the top delicately confining her ample

Kate soon returned downstairs and presented herself to
her son. John’s eyes widened, more taken back than he
thought he would be. The bathing suit must have shrunk
at some point because it held her boobs tightly against
the cloth, the bit of material connecting the cups
stretched and looked like it was ready to burst open.
Showing her waist and legs from the tops of her thighs
down to her ankles, she wore a pair of old white
trainers with no socks.

"Wow!" John voiced. Kate screwed her face at him.

"I hope this makes you happy," she swore.

John stood up, camera in hand, and told her it was time
to tend the garden.

Kate found some pruning shears and hose from the shed
while John lay back on the lounger with a tall glass of
juice. Kate re-entered the garden and began by snipping
old rose heads off the bush, laying the hose down on
the grass.

"Don’t you feel more comfortable in that, Mom?" He
asked, poking fun. Kate ignored him. John chuckled to
himself while sipping his drink. He swirled the ice
around the glass before picking up his camera and
taking aim at his mother in her bikini. The first click
went off. Kate heard it but didn’t look round. John
reviewed the shot on the LCD screen. It showed her in a
full body shot, light striking down her smooth back and
a good outline of the flowing curves of her ample
physique, her round ass playfully contained by the swim
suit bottoms.

John decided this was a good photo, and his dick
twitched the longer he looked at it. A feeling of
success fell over him as he realised he was into the
next step of control over her. He stood up and walked
towards her while taking another photo, much the same
as the first. Kate heard the second click and shut her
eyes, stopping tending to the rose bush.

John took the next photo close up from behind her,
slightly to the side showing off his mom’s ass in the
foreground and her arching back. John noticed what
perfect skin she had, from her thighs all the way up to
her neck, barely a single imperfection, only broken by
the occasional beauty spot. John took a few more like
this, becoming more interested in her smooth slender
back. Kate’s eyes remained tightly shut, head down as
she listened to the dozen or so camera clicks, knowing
images of her considerably unclad body were being
stored for reasons she didn’t know. John noticed she
had stopped the gardening.

"They’re not going to tend themselves, Mom." Kate
slowly opened her eyes and lifted her head to look back
at the tall bush.

"Get those ones at the back," instructed John. Kate had
to place one hand on the fence joining the neighbour’s
garden so she would fall over, and leant right forward
to reach the back rose heads. She could hear another
burst of camera clicks.

John now stood to the side of Kate, capturing pictures
of her bent over, making her ass pushed out to its
fullest, breasts still tightly constrained by the bra.
The heat had begun to make her sweat. Her shining hair
fell down over her shoulder and the light glistened
superbly off her body sweat in streaks, over the small
of her back and off the crest of her bottom.

"That’s it, keep pruning," he told her as she cut the
plant. He stepped behind her and pushed her legs apart
a little, revealing the strip of red nylon material
covering her pussy. Deciding to manipulate it further
he pulled the sides of her bikini bottoms up her waist,
making the material go up the crack of her ass more
like a thong. Kate whimpered. John stepped away and
took more photos, lavishing the sight of her two milky
ass cheeks and her barely covered pussy. He knelt down
for a variety of angles.

John stood, pressing his crotch against Kate’s ass.
Kate felt him poking her, rubbing his head against her
body through the material of his boxers. Running his
hand up her moist back, he fiddled with the clasp of
her bra until it popped open. Kate stood up suddenly,
shocked to the core. Placing her hands over the cups of
the bathing suit to keep herself covered, she turned to
face John.

"Please," she begged, "This has gone too far."

John slipped the shoulder straps so they fell down her
arms, only her holding the cups supporting the piece.
The swim piece barely covered anything, the full
natural shape of her ample chest in plain view for him.

"Let go," he told her.

"I won’t!" she defiantly said.

"You will!" commanded John, "If you don’t I’m sending
everything I have to everyone you know. I promise I’ll
do it.”

"Why is this any better?" Kate said trying desperately
to hide her nerves.

"Because this is just for me, Mom," John explained, "If
you don’t I’ll make sure every single person you know
sees these pictures. I’ll make sure they all know that
I took them and you loved it. I’ll say you’re a whore
turning tricks, not because you need the money, because
you’ve lost all self respect and want to be degraded.”
Kate swallowed a lump in her throat.

"And what about you?" She asked.

"I’ve already lost respect for you. So drop that bra
now you cunt.” He told her.

Looking directly at him, Kate let go of the swim piece.
It glided off of her tits and slide down her arms, past
her hands, and drifted to the floor. She ran her hands
once over each of her forearms before placing her arms
down by her sides. John licked his lips at the sight of
her perfectly round and plentiful breasts. They had the
same glint of the rest of her body, slightly moist
under the intense heat.

John put his camera down and put two fingers on the
sides of each boob and ran them round and under,
watching how her nipple moved perfectly. He enjoyed
these kinds of tits. Real tits. Not the sort he saw
every day on the internet on his porno message board.
These were the sort that would mould to your hand them
you squeezed them and returned to their firm looking
form afterwards, the kind that John wanted to bite into
like a ripe nectarine just to savour the taste.

More photos were taken by John, being hypnotised by his
busty topless mother standing in front of him. He
thought it reasonable to direct her in what to do.

"Put your hands behind you, together," he said. Kate
did so compliantly. The camera shutter clicked.

"Are you hands together?" He asked. Kate tightened her
grip, pushing her chest out. She looked top heavy like
this. He liked that.

"Yes," Kate answered neutrally. More clicks came from
the camera.

"Now move your hands to your waist." John carried on.
Again, Kate did so, totally submissive. John continued
to direct her as they stood there by the large rose
bushes. He drew from all the experience a teenage boy
would have from looking at pornographic pictures,
trying to remember the types of poses that made a woman
look sexy. He made her place her hands over her
breasts, sensually rub her neck, run fingers up through
her hair, and pull one side of the string of her swim
suit bottoms down her thigh to tease the camera.

John grabbed the hose and rushed to turn on the tap.
Handing it to Kate, he told her to play with the end.
She ran the hose over her skin, up her leg and stomach
until she ran it lightly around the crest of her
breasts. A thin stream of water left little beads all
over her skin. It was cold, but a welcome relief to the
scorching sun.

Kate smiled through none of this, but John enjoyed
that. He wanted to know that, as he looked over them
later, her expression told the story of her submission.
She did not do this willingly, she was under his power,
and John wanted he to look as though she did not want
to be there. It also gave the photos a certain
intensity he liked too, none of the false lustfulness
of the stuff he saw on the internet. This was about
Kate submitting herself to her son’s mercy.

After John was done taking photos of her standing by
the bushes he gave her orders to lay on the lounger.
John adjusted it so that it was nearly flat. She lay
looking like a peach, washed in spring water. He gave
her instructions as before, telling her to where to
move her hands on her body, all the while taking
pictures. She cupped and tits and played with the water
drops, from her shoulders to waist.

After a few dozen pictures of this John told her to put
a hand down her panties. Kate paused to stare at him,
but knew it was now only delaying it. John took her
hand and moved it slowly down her body. With his other
hand he pulled the top of the bikini down a little,
just enough that he could start to see her soft dark
public hair. He forced her hand under the rim and
stepped back. For a moment Kate just left it their
still, looking intently at her son. Click, click from
the camera.

"Put your other hand on your tits, mom," John told her.

Kate did so, squeezing lightly. More clicks.

"Now run it through your hair. Grab onto your hair and
squeeze it like you’re cumming.”

Kate moved her hand through her hair but her expression
did not change, still dulled and unimpassioned. Click,
click. John moved around her body, moving her legs
further and shorter apart always with the white polka
dot material covering her pussy lips, getting every
angle of her appearing to masturbate with her hand down
her bikini.

"You look wonderful, Mom," he complimented. "Now, I
want you to masturbate properly.”

"But you can’t tell in the pictures," she pointed out.

John smiled and put his camera on the ground.

"This is for me, not the camera."

Kate very slowly began moving her hand around her
panties, stroking her pussy with the tips of her
fingers. She was very sensitive, moving and coiling her
legs as she did so. John watched her fingers bulge and
move under the nylon covering her vagina. He stood
staring for a few minutes. Kate drew deeper breaths as
her eyelids dropped.

John saw the movement of her hand getting faster, his
cock poling in his boxers. Kate arched her back
further, other hand rubbing her tit. John could see the
nylon getting a big wet patch as he juices flowed. She
pushed two fingers into her pussy. They slid in, warm
and slimy, and Kate gave a startled moan of pleasure.

"Finger yourself!" commanded John.

Kate didn’t need to be told. She pushed them in up to
the knuckle and withdrew. She did it again and again,
slowly then readily speeding up. John watched her
fingers push out against her swim wear reach time she
withdrew before disappearing into her hole again. Kate
trembled and shuddered as she lay there, writhing about
on her back, chest pushed out proudly. Lowering his
head toward her, John could make out the squelching
noises she made shoving her fingers into her sopping

Kate suddenly stopped. Pushing her hips up with her
legs she used both hands to pull her panties down her
legs, tossing them on the grass. John now had his
mother completely naked, full view of her triangular
public hair and oozing pussy lips. Kate rocked her hips
as she fucked herself, legs bent at the knee and pushed
further apart than before.

"Aahhh, aaggghhhh!" Kate sped up rapidly. Suddenly she
pulled out and rubbed her clit. She went crazy rubbing
in circles, her mouth open and head pushing back.
Another couple of fingers into her contracting pussy,
then out rubbing her clit. With her other hand she dug
deep into her thigh with her nails, and bit her bottom
lip hard. Her eyes shut tight as she took the brunt of
her orgasm. She rubbed constantly making it as intense
as possible. Her hips buckled and her ass was back on
the plastic on the chair, legs still moving wildly as
the pleasure died.

As she came to her senses she heard the clicks and
shutters of John’s camera. She didn’t care, she was
euphoric, returning from the clouds. She lay here with
her eyes shut, head turned to the side. Closing her
legs and bending them to bring them closer, she folded
her arms and ran fingers over her skin. John decided
the first phase was over.

To be contiued?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Janet was feeling rather down. No, it wasn’t anything exceptional, but after a string of rejections-and that after her two last boyfriends had broke relations by an answering machine announcement, she was feeling really bad. And ‘as usually when feeling down, she consoled herself by guzzling bucketfuls of ice-cream, chocolate chips were her favorites.

And yes, she knew that she was overweight and that this had been one of the main reasons for her rejections, but, she contemplated, she wasn’t that fat! And she had a quite nice face-everybody had told her so! And men really like big soft tits and round heavy butts-or so claimed her favorite magazines!

Any-way, her shrink had recommended her to buy a dog and to keep a diet-in this order- before he takes her appointment again in one month time.

So, here she was at the PETA kennel, looking for a dog. She has told the guys who were running the kennel exactly what she wanted: a regular man-size dog, not such a lady’s toy like a Chihuahua or a Pekinese or something, but on the other hand not too big. Like a Retriever maybe or a Cocker? (she disregarded the guys’ smirks, what’s so funny about her preferences?) And of course he must be home broken-and she preferred a male or a spayed female-she couldn’t bother with the bitch being in heat. (well, let them smirk, the bastards) And, yes, most important, he must be friendly!

The guys have shown her several dogs, and one especially caught her eye. He was slightly higher then a cocker spaniel, and had shorter ears, and a big head, but he had cocker’s sad, friendly eyes, and he wagged his tail excitedly at her and licked her hand…It was love on first sight. The guys explained her with a leer that he was a mongrel-a mixture of a cocker spaniel with a mastiff and that he had inherited parts from both sides.

He certainly had a deep, manly bark, she thought, and it may be useful to deter would be burglars. “But is he friendly?” she asked anxiously.

"Oh, yes!" The guys assured her, smirking and leering "his former mistress had brought it in for being too friendly, if you understand what we mean."

Janet didn’t understand but didn’t let it on. His former owner had named him Max, and Janet liked the name. It suited him, somehow.

All the way home Janet kept turning in her mind the kennel-guys’ words: he was a mixture between a mastiff and a cocker spaniel. All embarrassed she thought” if his mother was the mastiff, how the hell did the cocker reach her? But if she was the cocker she must have suffer a lot, with the mastiff’s huge cock. ” Janet felt that she was blushing with the vivid pictures that appeared in her mind, and understood all of sudden, the leering smirks of the guys… And what did they mean “too friendly?” She had been too shy to ask.

Well, she soon found out. Max was an exemplary dog. He was quiet, house broken, always happy to meet Janet with his wagging tail, and even didn’t pull too hard on his leash on his walks in the park. Janet has got even used to his slight snoring-she found it reassuring, a sure sign that somebody is with her. Max’s one fault, and it was a huge one, was that always when he found Janet sitting he started humping her leg.

Whatever Janet has tried didn’t deter him: when she was cross with him –he would crawl ashamed to his corner, but as soon as she seated herself again he was there again, humping her leg. Some times even the crimson tip of his cock would show-which made Janet blush and, curiously was sending tingles in her pussy… And slapping his nose didn’t help either!

Luckily this awkward behavior was confined to her only- he had never humped her friends, just her and any dog, male or female, that he happened to meet in the park, as long as they let him, before getting annoyed and snapping at him.

Then, one day, about a couple of moths with her, the black and white cocker spaniel bitch from the park was in heat. She let Max lick her, and was obviously happy when he mounted her- but then she let out a hurt yelp and escaped. When that happened the third time in a row Janet and the bitch’s owner –a nice black lady- looked better to find the reason.

What they did see was an enormous cock! No wonder the bitch wouldn’t have it, it must have been ripping her apart! Somehow, the sight of the huge, red, erect missile made Jane’s pussy all wet-and she was SO embarrassed to get horny from a dog! But then the bitchs’ owner turned to her, all excited, sighing and saying: “What a shame to waste such a cock. A pity it’s only a dog, isn’t it?”

Well, Janet was pleased that she hadn’t been the only pervert-but sharing the guilt didn’t ease her conscience very much. The event did, however, change her attitude to Max’s weakness. “After all, the poor animal has inherited that enormous cock from his father-and he can’t find any use for it, the poor dumb thing.”

She mused. “He can’t reach the bigger bitches, and he is too big for the smaller ones, the poor animal”

That, anyway, was her attitude that Sunday morning, when she had sat down to “bring up” Max. Why she was wearing only her bath robe, with nothing underneath, she couldn’t later explain herself. She also had no answer to the question why she was using the pouffe chair-perhaps because it brought her was nearer to Max? Any way, so she did. She had called Max to her, and when he started to hump her leg, she bent down to him, scolding him in a would be harsh tones. Max, in response, did but lick her face and Janet, giggling, pulled away. “Gee, go away, you stink!” She exclaimed. Somehow, inadvertently, Max’s huge red cock came into her mind and made her wet…Max licked again, this time hitting her open mouth and she pulled even more back….

Max, losing his foothold, has slipped, and his claws scratched Janet’s thigh. Now, had she jerked in the other direction, all that wouldn’t have happened, but as chance had it, she jerked her thighs open…

Max slipped even further, scratching he inner thigh – which made her spread her thighs wide open and caused Max’s nozzle hit her exposed pussy. Max must have found the smell of the wet pussy inviting, because he licked it, and Janet, who had gasped from the sudden feeing of the wet cold nose on her cunt, has jerked and a slight moan escaped her lips. OH it felt good! Max’s next lick hit her clit. And Janet jerked, moaning and spreading her thighs.

Finding no opposition, Max licked fervently on and Janet was soon moaning, heaving against the caressing tongue. She never had imagined that cunt eating could feel that good! Max’s tongue was reaching the most secluded corner of her cunt, all the while hitting and sliding on her sensitive clit, and soon Janet was feeling that she was nearing an orgasm. With her dog, imagine that!

Somehow the thought about that perversion made her even hornier and she was now thrusting against Max’s head pulling it into her, while with her other hand she was squeezing her tits, pinching the puffed, erected nipples.. Whimpering and screaming she came, her ass dancing on the puff, flooding it with gushes of juice.

Now she lay back, panting heavily, gathering her wits. “Was she demented? Was she really that much depraved that she longed for a dog’s cock?” And the picture of the massive red organ came vividly in her mind… And Max was climbing her naked body… he climbed up, licking again her panting mouth, inserting his warm wet tongue deep in her open mouth.

With her inner mind amazed, she found that she was actually enjoying sucking on that warm soft tongue, now smelling from her own juices! Her reason was however strong enough to pull Max down, when he lapped at her exposed, puffed, sensitive tits… Janet screeched, whimpered and spread her thighs even more, and now she felt Max’s hairy body pressing against her crotch and the jabs of a hot rigid member around her cunt!

YES!!!, she knew now that this was what she had wanted all along! Max was humping wildly against her, jabbing his engorged cock all around Janet’s cunt and missing the port. Loosing all inhibition, Janet guided with her hand the hot rod into her dripping cunt, the feel of the wet velvety surface making her even more horny, if that’s possible. OH how it filled her up! Max’s shoves sent the hot dick into he expectant cunt and she was in heaven! Never before had she had such a big filling cock in her! Janet was moaning and whining with lust.

"What kind of perverted bitch are you?" said a tiny voice back in her mind. "Are you that desperate that you would fuck a dumb animal?"

"YES!" She screamed at her nagging conscience, "YES I WANT HIM!!" She directed her shoves and heaves towards the humping rod, seeking to feel it in her innermost recesses, but Max kept falling out, and she mused that she was evidently a very wrong kind of a bitch- that she couldn’t even satisfy a dog lover.

Frustrated she pulled the hot wet rod out, and turning around she answering Max’s whining : “Come now. I’ll be your bitch, this will suit you better”. She lay on the Pouffe, raising her behind to accept Max, and he didn’t miss. Max mounted her, his claws scratching her sides and with a gusto shoved his huge cock all the way in. Janet gasped, then yelled then screamed, as the hot, thick rod was filling her and hitting her cervices. And now she began to be stretched! The cock in her seemed to be inflating!! Vaguely Janet recalled something about dogs’ knot? And now it stretched her to bursting.

The bloated ballooned tool was now firmly lodged in her cunt Lustfully she attempted unsuccessfully to hump against the cock, to rub her G spot on it. It filled her so tight that it couldn’t move inside her, but her attempts did make her clit hit the knot and this sent her yelling and screaming.

Her mind was now filled only with her desire to rub against the blissful cudgel that was filling her. Max’s staccato movements increased their pace, rubbing the knot on her clit, and when she felt the hot gushes of his semen hitting her uterus, it sent her screaming and yelling over the edge of the precipice, and all world went black.

When she came to, moments later, Max was attempting to pull away from her. “Good dog, good, dog” she exclaimed “No please don’t take it out yet!” She begged whining, and her cunt was clamping around the big bloated dick, fearing to loose it, She needn’t fear. The bloated knot was now lodged so tight that it couldn’t get out. Max’s attempt to withdraw had caused his knot to rub against her clit again, making her again climb another orgasm. Soon Max was again humping her with all his might and she humping and shoving against him was again screaming and yelling in the throes of another orgasm.

The coupling took about forty minutes, and Janet came, oh so many times, that she lost count…Finally Max succeeded pulling out his now deflating knot, and has retreated to his bed. A gush of dog’s come, mixed with her own juices, stained the pouffe bellow her. Only after a few futile attempts she had succeeded to rise on her shaky knees. She now felt that she had to thank Max for the joy that he had given her. Weakly she scrambled on her fours after him to his corner, finding him there, licking his red, now flaccid cock.

Seeing her, Max had feebly wagged his tail, in a doggish way of greeting and thanking and Janet bent down to him kissing him fully on his mouth. His wet tongue, smelling now with a mixture of her own juices, and a pungent, undeniable smell of dog’s come entered deep into her mouth. Sucking on it hungrily she now felt that she actually liked the taste! And she went directly to the hot source. She dove to Max’s crimson cock, licked it, sucked it into her mouth, sucking on it as if it was a teat and she was a hungry pup.

Max whimpered feebly, his cock growing again and started to hump against her mouth. Soon he jumped on his feet, all the time humping and shoving his now huge cock down Janet’s throat. Janet gagged, and her neck nearly snapped under the mighty shoves, but she wouldn’t have missed it for the world. OH!! It felt SO GOOD! It felt somehow… like she was now really Max’s slave bitch, and that was all she wanted now to be. Please, please come in my mouth she was thinking to her self, unable to utter more than mumbled noises. Suddenly Max pulled out his cock and while she was whining for him to return, he ran around her and mounted her behind.

"OH YES!" She yelled when Max’s cock hit again her willing, dripping cunt. "Yes, please fuck me! OH MY LORD!"

And fuck her he did. His knot lodged itself again in her cunt although this time it wasn’t so tight, and Janet heaved and rotated her ass, attempting to catch again that wonderful feeling when Max’s cock hit both her G spot and her clit, and here it came!

Janet was again, rubbing heavily against the hard, hot pole whimpering in her lust, longing only to feel that rub again and again and OH! When the gush of the hot doggy cum hit her womb again she came, screaming, yelling, howling together with Max like a pack of wolfs.

Utterly exhausted she dropped on Max, who was now also shakily licking his dick. She didn’t have the strength to rise and go to her own bed, so she just cuddled to Max, hugging him, burying her face in his warm, fury belly. Before her mind went all numb with a releasing sleep, she just murmured, “Oh my wonderful, sweet, lover dog! How could that stupid bitch say that you were TOO friendly?!”


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Anonymous said: Can u post more dog fucking girls please?

Yes, will do. Are you a girl, and did you try it with your dog? Share some pics or vids with us :)

19 10 / 2014

shellm48 said: Is it wrong I realy thought stories was real so I had sex wit real own son

How could it be wrong? As long as you both enjoyed, and nobody’s getting abused or hurt, go for it. Even better, he could bring couple of his trusted friends and three of them could fuck you hard, and make you cum like crazy. Send us some pics of two of you :) Your body looks great, and I like your pics very much!

18 10 / 2014

willzy05-stuff said: Could you share a secret about yourself? Ps I love your blog... I imagine that the stories are of you and me what ever form. I'm weird! ☺️

There’s no secret, and thank you for liking a blog. The material I select is from other places… A joy of erotic fantasy is to accompany it with imagination of your own, which probably leads to a good cum :) Hope you do it at least 3x a day :)

18 10 / 2014

Anonymous said: I love mother/son ;) is that weird for a woman who has no kids yet? Lol

Nothing’s weird! It’s just that 90% of people never share what vivid imagination is in their heads, so the rest of us, who speak loud look “weird” ;) These are fantasy stories, so enjoy any thoughts you want…  

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		material. If you do not wish to read this
		type of literature, or you are under age,

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don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story.  All rights reserved. Thank you for your 

My First Button Fly
By Anonymous (address withheld)


The reason one shouldn't wear underwear. (M/m-teen, 
1st-gay-expr, inc)


Uncle Marc was an athletic man. He would come over to 
the house and make my brothers and Dad go outside play 
football, basketball, run or play baseball. I would 
join in, gladly, and loved having fun with him and my 

But the summer I really began to take a sexual interest 
in him was when Marc stayed with us. He helped Dad on 
the little bit of farmland we had and spent most of the 
day doing that while Dad was at the factory. I loved to 
see him come into the house shirtless and sweaty. He 
rarely wore a shirt in the daytime and that was ok with 
me. When I or the others would help him, we'd all strip 
down just like him and try to keep up with his pace.

I remember wrestling with him and the brothers in the 
field and enjoying the feeling of someone strong 
grabbing me, lifting me, holding me down and so on.

That summer was the first time I ever saw a grown man 
naked too. Marc stayed in the basement where we kept 
some of our stuff like weights, balls, bikes and so on.

I went down there to lift weights and heard the shower 
going. Marc emerged totally naked and wet of course. I 
almost dropped the barbell when I saw him.

He stayed exposed like that and talked to me about 
lifting weights. Then he came over and had me lay on 
the bench while he spotted me. Above my head he stood 
with his man dick hanging down pointed at my face. My 
own crotch was already hard, and I think he knew it and 
smiled at me a lot.


But it wasn't until that winter when he visited several 
times that I noticed how hot he looked in his jeans. 
After dinner we'd all sit in the living room to talk or 
watch television. I recall seeing him unbutton his fly, 
or at least a couple of buttons and his top button to 
relax. More then once I'd look to see his pink skin 
underneath and became aware he didn't wear underwear 
like we did.

After that I stopped wearing any, too, and felt real 
sexy in my own jeans even though they had a zipper fly.

One night there was only him, me and a couple of 
brothers there. I asked him why he wore them and as he 
looked at me, I looked at his pink skin showing thru 
his unbutton fly. He moved his legs and his dick 
started to poke out.

"That's why," he said and laughed.

I laughed too not knowing exactly why.

The night I found out was when I drove over to his 
house to drop off some paperwork he and my Dad had been 

Uncle Marc was shirtless and wore his jeans when I 
answered the door. He urged me to stay for dinner and 
called my Dad to tell him.

We had thick steaks, and talked about sex, girls, 
growing up, and even told a couple of dirty jokes, the 
kind of stuff we never did at home around the family. 
It felt real good, kind of like having a sudden freedom 
I never had.

We watched a television show and glanced at his 
unbuttoned fly.

When I reminded Marc I once asked him about doing that 
and admitted I didn't understand his answer.

He stared at first then unbuttoned the rest of his fly.

His man dick plopped out and was moving around getting 
hard. He pulled out his nuts too so they could hang.

"It feels better. Go on, feel it."

I didn't know if he meant for me to pull my meat out of 
my fly or to reach up and feel his. I opted for the 
later and soon his man meat was in my hand.

"Go ahead and lick it."

Without even asking if I wanted to, he told me to do 

I did.

"Now put my dick in your mouth and I'll show you 
something else." I did and his hands on my head showed 
me how to move it so I could suck him off.

His cum eventually shot all over my face and shirt. I 
was a mess. He reached down and pulled off my shirt and 
told me we'd have to wash it.

As the shirts soaked, I felt like a new man, me 
shirtless along with Uncle Marc. Both of our flys open 
and our dicks poking out, although my dick rubbed 
against the zipper a bit and hurt.

He came back from making a phone call and told me that 
Dad said I should stay with Marc and come home in the 

We stripped totally and lay on the couch together 
watching television. Uncle Marc told me that later we 
would try other things he knew I'd like but for now to 
just relax.

His arms around me, made me horny as hell, but the 
warmth of his body against mine, the freedom of being 
naked like that, and knowing I was learning things that 
only a grown up knew made it feel wonderful.

Indeed I learned a lot that night. And Uncle Marc 
bought me a pair of button fly jeans the next morning 
which I showed my brothers the advantage of, too.

And I kept going over to see my Uncle that winter and 
stayed with him all the following summer.

I still go home to visit the folks, and drive over to 
his house. He's older now, hell he was in his twenties 
then. And we still get naked, and share our warmth. And 
he still wears button fly jeans.

So do I.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Horsey Business

More Erotic Stories

My name is Marie. I’m writing this while I can still remember everything that’s happened so far, in case I’m made to forget. And while I still have control to.

This all started just a few days ago. I’ve been with my boyfriend Lee for about 3 years now. We’d known each other since we were kids (but didn’t really like each other then) and reconnected over a social networking site. Things had been rough with my past few relationships and he seemed really sweet. Not the type to screw me over like so many other guys before. He was a little less attractive and not quite as dominant as I was used to, but I really was ready for something different. Or so I thought.

Things were always good between us; he had always been very sweet but I was the one who always had to initiate sex. He would say he didn’t like to start things because he didn’t want to pressure me. All because the few times he did come onto me first I had been dead tired from working a long shift or he wanted a nut because he’d had a bad day.

Eventually it slowed down to where we just stopped being intimate a few months ago. I knew we still loved each other, but I was starting to think he was getting his sex from someone else. I certainly didn’t feel satisfied. So I decided if he was doing something behind my back, why shouldn’t I do the same?

I reconnected with an old sex buddy, John from my college years, pretty much the same way I reconnected with Lee. It started simple enough, with some harmless flirting online. That gradually got more explicit and before I realized it I was at his apartment being fucked harder and more passionately than I could remember Lee ever doing it. I picked boys like John in my college days for this specific reason. Nice smile, tanned, athletic body and a very thick, smooth cock that took my pussy a bit of coaxing and teasing to fit in me. We’d see each other once a week, after my shift at the hospital ended. I lead Lee to believe it was my day to catch up on work I’d fallen behind on. My behind was falling on something, it just happened to be on John’s work! If only I’d known, Lee wasn’t as clueless as I thought.

I’d just came home after an “extended” work day (which would be my last) and stepped in Lee’s work area, where he was busy fixing someone’s computer.

“Hey baby!” I strolled up to his chair and pecked him on the cheek.

“Hey…” he kept his eyes locked on the monitor barely acknowledging me. Typical. I spun around to leave.

“Why don’t you go take a shower? You stink!” Lee said, jokingly? Considering what was about to happen, I don’t think he was, even though I always showered and perfumed myself before leaving John’s. “Seriously though,” he looked up at me, with what looked like an evil grin. “I have a surprise for you. There are some clothes for you on the bed afterwards.”

“I’m tired Lee. It’s been a long day. How about tomorrow?” I promised him.

“Nope! That won’t work this time! Today’s the only day we can do it. It’s not a marathon. It’s a surprise! Come on, after all the long hours you’ve been working, you deserve it.”

It was hard to argue with that. I figured this was just going to be another “nice” dinner at a diner with him popping the question on me again. I’d say ‘no’ again, he’d pout then we’d go home and to bed. I’d worked up an appetite so I was hungry. Why not. I showered quickly and went to the bedroom where a long hippy skirt and tank top lay on the bed. Before I could turn around to the closet to grab some jeans Lee popped his head in the door.

“Nope! Wear the skirt! You’ll need it. It’s warm out.” I snapped it off the bed and slid it on. “Ok you ready?”

As I would soon find out, I was not ready at all for what was coming.

CHAPTER 2: In the Car

I sat in the passenger seat, Lee driving us down some back roads. He had my curiosity peaked. I was mainly hungry though.

“We are eating right?” I posed as a question that sounded more like a statement. The small cooler in the back seat caught my eye. My hand reached back and got caught firmly by Lee’s.

“Hands off of my pick-a-nick basket!” He gave my hand back and poked my side playfully. “We’re almost there.” He grabbed a CD from the sun visor. “Hey I wanted you to check out this CD I made.” It slid into player and the play symbol popped up. A blast of white noise came through the speakers. Then everything went black…


When I came to, I was sitting on our plush blanket in a small patch of woods. Lee sat across from me, studying my face with a large smile. My head was fuzzy and confused.

I tried to ask what had happened but my vocal cords felt paralyzed.

“We’re here! Are you ready to eat?” Lee pulled the cooler from beside him and set it in between us. My appetite was gone now. My body felt totally and calm and relaxed but my mind was still searching for words and starting to panic. He must’ve seen it in my eyes.

“You’re ok baby. The program is still rewriting your response patterns. It’ll take a few minutes before you can talk. So I’ll talk until then. Ok?” he gave me another smile, warm and an attempt to comfort me.

“I really didn’t want to have to do all this. I was hoping things would just somehow magically go back to normal, and you’d finally marry me. But then I stumbled on your chats with John…” My heart jumped and then sank. I never wanted him to know about that. But it was only because I knew he was seeing someone! I tried to speak out to tell him, but just stammered again. “Then I kinda snuck a program that lets me turn your cell on remotely.”

“I’m not upset or angry. It’s my fault. I’ve been so obsessed over figuring out how to keep you I pushed you away. Go ahead and pull your skirt up.”

I felt my face flush with anger. No way in hell I’m doing that right now! I wanted to know what was happening to me. I wanted to know who he’d been screwing that started all this in the first place. I wanted to get up and storm off to the car. I wanted to do that, but instead I looked down to see myself slowly inching my skirt up past my knees that were sitting Indian style. My stomach clinched as I realized I no longer had control over my body. My hands kept pulling up until my skirt was at my waist, my panties exposed to the world.

“Ok,” Lee continued. “I’m going to answer the questions you probably have now.” “Remember my cousin in the military? Turns out he works on some serious high level stuff. The CD I played for you in the car is actually some kind of brainwave descrambler or something. I don’t know how it works I just know what it does It basically rewires your brain’s physical response to whatever control set you choose. I chose my voice as the only thing your body will respond to… Why don’t you pull off those panties…?” I felt my ass lift off the ground so I could do as he said, my hands sliding them down my smooth, tanned thighs. “Long story short, you have to do whatever I say even if-especially if-you don’t want to.” I freed my panties from my ankles and sat there bow-legged. Lee gave a lustful look to my exposed crotch. “I can’t believe your pussy is so wet already!” it actually wasn’t until he had said that. Just hearing him speaking the words somehow made the blood rush down to it, making me aroused so suddenly it made me weak-headed. “I wasn’t cheating on you… I had actually been trying to figure out how to use the disc on you without you knowing because I thought you’d lost all interest in sex!” He took my panties, still clutched in my hand and stuck them in his pocket. “But then I found out what you’d been doing, and decided that if you did want to stay with me, you needed to be punished for having secrets from me.” He leaned over and started caressing my thigh, sending a jolt straight to my now soaking wet slit. “You feel hot! You should take that top off.” A second later I was sitting completely nude except for the skirt I was wearing as a belt.

“It’s just nature. I wasn’t giving you what your body needed, so you got it where you could.” “You’d do anything to fill your pussy up at that point wouldn’t you?” I would’ve slapped him if I could’ve. But when he opened the cooler, I realized he’d only said that to tease me with what he was about to make me do. The cooler had food in it. Vegetables to be more specific. Phallic shaped ones to be even more specific. He pulled it toward me and stood up.

There was a variety of different shaped and sized cucumbers, squash and even a huge eggplant.

“Pick up the one that’s closest to John’s Dick.” My hand immediately reached in and grabbed one of the larger cucumbers before my mind could object or try to fight. It was an inch or two longer than my (no longer) secret lover’s but the thickness was almost perfect. Lee’s eyes widened. “Wow! I can see what you saw on him!” I searched his face for hurt but he looked intrigued. “Lay back and spread your legs”. Once again my body followed his words. All I could do was brace my mind for what was coming. “Show me what you did with John’s Dick before you came home.” As soon as my body understood the command I had the tip of the cucumber at my tender pussy lips, teasing myself like John had with his plump head just hours earlier. My hands were using it replaying all of the actions of his earlier assault on me. The ridges of it rubbed against my g-spot as. I slowly slid it deep in and out of me for a few strokes. I then had to shove it inside me so hard it lifted my ass up and made my knees lock. Heat started to grow in me as a lay there, fucking myself as hard and fast as my arm could move. My arm started burning but nothing would stop it until my body had played out the whole session with John. I felt the heat at its boiling point, my whole body tense, hips squirming. I could feel myself almost exploding right when Lee spoke up.

“You can stop now. You don’t get to cum until your punishment is over.” The sensation immediately went away. I pulled the vegetable out, opening my eyes and trying to regain awareness. Lee had been standing back watching my show. I could see the outline of his erection through his jeans. “Stand up and turn around. After I had my back to him he wrapped my panties around my eyes, blind folding me. He took my hand in his and started leading me forward.

“I’m surprised Marie! You always insisted that size wasn’t THAT important. But it looked like that made a pretty “big” difference to me! So now that you have to answer truthfully, is bigger better?” My mind had just started into an explanation about how personality was what mattered most. .etc…etc but my head already nodded for him.

“I thought so!” he laughed. “Well I still have your real surprise. You knew you were going to have food so that’s not a surprise! Well, maybe the way you GOT the food was…”

As we kept walking, a wild, earthy smell crept into my nose. When he finally removed my blindfold, I immediately realized two things: I had made a huge mistake not clearing my computer history AND Lee wasn’t turning out to be such the sweet guy I knew him as. It seemed if Lee had read my mind because he said, “You really have to learn how to hide things you don’t want people to see.” We were standing inside an old barn in front of a stable He pulled out an apple and handed it to me with one hand while petting the pretty horse’s nose with the other…


Everyone watches porn. Guys of course, but women do too more often than we admit. I just happened to watch for curiosity and to see crazy shit though. Like watching a train wreck or something. I can’t believe Lee would think I would watch bestiality stuff to get off though. But yet here I was in front of a large horse, like the one from Whorses.com, where I’d watched some hilarious videos of some drugged out looking skank give herself up. I wasn’t laughing at all now though.

‘He’s just trying to scare me’ I thought to myself.

“Step up here and pet him! Give him that apple.” Once again my body would only follow my man’s directions. I stepped up to the stable, reaching up to pet his brown fur, tussling his mane with my fingers. After just a few seconds he bucked up a bit and shot his head out toward me, trying to bite at me and push through his gate. He was not interested in the apple, which he knocked from my hand.

“Ok, he’s really friendly! And he really likes you! Look it!” Lee pointed down under the horse, which was very obviously aroused by me. His “horsehood” looked fully erect, protruding out at least 2 feet. “This should be about enough for you shouldn’t it? It’s certainly bigger than me and John together!” he laughed at me, still pointing. “Go ahead in there on your knees, under him. I’ll even show you some mercy. All you have to do is give him the best blow job that you’ve ever given John. If it’s anything like the ones you give me it’ll be quick won’t it?”

“NO!” I tried to scream out, “Please” No words. He said I’d be able to talk in a few minutes! Why is he doing this? I fought with every ounce of my mind. But my body just calmly climbed through the gate and my body’s memory started playing out again as I dropped to my knees. Lee was about to find out John had gotten much more than him..

I slowly and tenderly started caressing the beast’s wet shaft. My best head to John was after he’d made me cum very hard and I was feeling very generous, to the point of phallic worship. Now a horse was getting its cock showered with kisses, its salty taste stinging my lips, the foreign smell making me want to gag. “I just love your big Dick so much!” I exclaimed lustfully to it. So there was my voice. Saying what I’d said to my fuck buddy with all the same passion for Lee to hear. I could only repeat what I’d said to John. Whatever this “program” was Lee had objected me to in the car, I really hated it. I started running my tongue up in down his pink shaft, moaning in pleasure. All my mind wanted to do was vomit, but my body was no longer mine.

“The pheromones I put in your body wash worked well! He’s in love.” I had both hands stroking half the length of him, my mouth lovingly slurping and sucking the head. “Lose the skirt.” He was crouched down outside the metal stable gate, watching us. I freed a hand to push it down, guiding it off while still on my knees.

“Cum for me baby!” I said with my mouth full, still repeating everything from memory of John’s “best” blow job. My hands were working at full speed, my tongue darting around the tip. The beast started shuffling its hooves.

“I don’t think that’s going to work on him.” Lee had put a lead on the horse and was opening the gate. “You’ll have to come lay over these hay bales here on your stomach.” As soon as he pointed my naked body led me up on the stacks. The dry straw pricked my knees and stomach as lay over it, sticking my ass up in the air.

“I know this has to be the horniest you’ve ever been, playing with something this big!” My mind was almost numb at this point, and I was not mentally aroused, but my body suddenly felt on fire with lust. I could feel my own lubrication dripping from my swollen pussy. I heard them approaching behind me and then saw Lee stepping on the bails one stack above, carefully positioning my new 4-legged friend over me. Its shaft poked my ass before it sprung up flopped down on my back.

“Reach back and guide him inside of you. Start slow. Put as much as you can fit inside of you. Then you can have your voice back.”

I pulled my hands behind me, grabbing the sticky rod with both hands. My whole body quivered as I started feeding it to my hungry slit. Dull jolts of pain mixed with sharp tingles of pleasure hit my walls as I slowly crammed inch after inch into me. My mind tried in vain to stop my body, which was actively trying to split itself in half.

When I felt it hit my stomach I thought I would stop, but to my surprise I kept backing up.

“Stop! Make me stop! God it hurts! Please!” I finally cried out. My whole torso was stiff. I looked back to see I had at least a foot inside me.

“I won’t let you hurt yourself. It looks like you can start moving back and forth on it now.” He was sitting next to me on the haystacks. He’d somehow rigged the horse up where he was immobile. “His name’s Buck by the way.”

“Why are you doing this?” I pleaded as I started rocking back and forth.

“I’m not doing anything! You’re body is just giving itself what it wants. It’s not doing anything it doesn’t want to do. It’s the way the disc was programmed.” He started playing with my hair as I found myself moving faster.

“Once you cum, you should get control back.” with that said, I was suddenly rocking back and forth as fast as I could, feeling the heat building through the pain in my abdomen. Within seconds I was screaming at the top of my lungs and squirting everywhere. I had enough energy to shuffle forward to empty my pussy before I collapsed to the ground. I rolled on my back, holding my stomach.

“You’re a sick bastard.” I spat the words out at him weakly.